Add a dhcphostname option to grml which will set the hostname of the booted system...
[grml-autoconfig.git] / sbin /
2009-09-21 Michael ProkopMerge debian/changelog
2009-09-12 Ulrich DangelAdd support for overriding values via autoconfig.local
2009-02-20 Michael Prokopdrop check for /etc/grml/autoconfig.small
2008-01-19 Michael ProkopCheck for auto device in /etc/network/interfaces 0.8.2
2007-03-29 Michael Prokopgrml-autoconfig script: make sure CONFIG_FSTAB matches... 0.6.27
2006-11-16 Michael Prokop * grml-autoconfig script: deprecate CONFIG_KERNEL... 0.5-25
2006-10-22 Michael Prokop* initial checkin 0.5-15