2011-07-27 Christian HofstaedtlerUpdate debian/control headers Homepage, Vcs-*, Origin... master
2010-10-20 Michael Gebetsroitheroutput all packages in non-interactive use
2010-10-20 Michael Gebetsroitherupgrade to new API of python-apt
2010-10-20 Michael Gebetsroitherchange output to sorted and only show the 15 most bloat...
2008-09-28 Michael GebetsroitherAdded tag 0.16 for changeset ae3c362e13e1
2008-09-28 Michael Gebetsroitherchangelog tuning for release 0.16
2008-09-28 Michael Gebetsroitherbump standards version to 3.7.3
2008-09-28 Michael Gebetsroithermoved all documents to doc/
2008-09-28 Michael Gebetsroitherbuild fixes
2008-09-28 Michael Gebetsroitherrenamed grml-kernelconfig.1.txt to grml-kdiff.1.txt
2008-09-28 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-kerneltest.8.txt: asciidoc does not want < or...
2008-09-28 Michael GebetsroitherMakefile: build with manpages with a2x
2008-09-27 Michael Gebetsroitherprocess.cpp: compile fix for g++ 4.3
2008-08-29 Michael Gebetsroitherremoved grml-chroot, now in grml-scripts
2008-08-29 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-kerneltest.8.txt: typo fix
2008-08-28 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-chroot: small fixes
2008-08-28 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-chroot: removed unused function
2008-08-28 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-chroot: function name clarification
2008-07-30 Michael Gebetsroitherrenamed grml-kernelconfig -> grml-kdiff
2008-07-30 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-kernelconfig: usability handling
2008-07-22 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-chroot: removed unused functions
2008-07-22 Michael Gebetsroitheradded grml-chroot
2008-07-22 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-kerneltest: removed latest change line in header
2008-03-29 Michael GebetsroitherMakefile: posix compat fix
2008-03-09 Michael GebetsroitherAdded tag 0.15 for changeset ccd235101d9f
2008-03-09 Michael Gebetsroitheradjust debian/changelog for release 0.15
2008-03-09 Michael Gebetsroithermoved manpage of grml-kernelconfig to section 1
2008-03-09 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-kernelconfig: added manpage
2008-03-09 Michael Gebetsroitheradding changelog entry about grml-kernelconfig
2008-03-09 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-kernelconfig: added a few source docs
2008-03-09 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-kerneltest: moved udiff logic to own function
2008-03-09 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-kernelconfig: adding docstrings and -h/--help
2007-12-06 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.14 for changeset 4ba3c14190a2f41abeaa49eb28...
2007-12-06 Michael ProkopFix manpage handling of xsltproc 0.14
2007-11-04 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.13 for changeset de8e50f0a99ffa218ece6a648d...
2007-11-04 Michael Gebetsroitherbench: forward commandline arguments 0.13
2007-10-31 Michael Gebetsroitherupgrade-bloatscanner: added -h/--help + usage example
2007-10-31 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-kernelconfig: added short description of commands
2007-09-30 Michael Gebetsroitherupdated changelog
2007-09-30 Michael Gebetsroitherrequire python-apt >= for upgrade-bloatscanner
2007-09-23 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-kernelconfig: added udiff command
2007-09-16 Michael ProkopFix typo in upgrade-bloatscanner.1.txt
2007-09-12 Michael ProkopApply patch-bomb by ft, thanks a lot
2007-09-05 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.12 for changeset c3c75025a042b909b68b17cab2...
2007-09-05 Michael ProkopBumb version number and adjust changelog 0.12
2007-09-05 Michael GebetsroitherAdded tag 0.11 for changeset d2f5a5c4a6a3
2007-09-05 Michael Gebetsroitherfixed lintian/linda warnings 0.11
2007-09-05 Michael Gebetsroitheradjust debian/
2007-09-04 Michael Gebetsroitheradded manpage for upgrade-bloatscanner
2007-09-04 Michael Gebetsroitherevent-viewer: compile fixes
2007-09-04 Michael GebetsroitherMakefile: simplifications
2007-09-04 Michael Gebetsroitherupgrade-bloatscanner: get infos directly from cache...
2007-09-01 Michael Gebetsroitherupgrade-bloatscanner: simplifications
2007-09-01 Michael Gebetsroitheradded upgrade-bloatscanner
2007-08-01 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-kernelconfig: fix typo
2007-08-01 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-kernelconfig: parse disabled options also
2007-08-01 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-kernelconfig: adding diff command
2007-08-01 Michael Gebetsroitheradding grml-kernelconfig
2007-03-25 Michael GebetsroitherFix compile error on amd64 [Closes: issue173]
2007-03-25 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.10 for changeset 96072b508fa9
2007-03-25 Michael ProkopAdd g++ to Build-Depends. 0.10
2007-03-25 Michael ProkopUse libstdc++6-dev
2007-01-05 Michael GebetsroitherAdded tag 0.09 for changeset 44255b8f8b0f92ae796ed56a72...
2007-01-05 Michael Gebetsroitherchanged depeds from libgebi-dev to version >=0.10 to... 0.09
2007-01-05 Michael Gebetsroitherimproved rule to build manpages from asciidoc in Makefile
2006-12-12 Michael Gebetsroitherimproved bench.cpp
2006-12-07 Michael ProkopAdded tag grml0.9 for changeset cd7d224a44a6cd2862d8b9f...
2006-11-11 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.08 for changeset 1670ca538ed697ef6740818fb0... grml0.9
2006-11-11 Michael Prokopremove bench in clean target of debian/rules as well 0.08
2006-11-11 Michael Prokop- Updated long description
2006-11-11 Michael Prokopremove binaries in clean target of debian/rules
2006-11-11 Michael Prokop * NMU:
2006-07-18 Michael Gebetsroitherreadded grml-kerneltest manpage
2006-07-18 Michael Gebetsroitherfix to install the kernel image also
2006-05-22 Michael Gebetsroitherremoved some unnecessary includes
2006-04-29 Michael Gebetsroitheradded example section to event-viewer manpage
2006-04-29 Michael GebetsroitherAdded tag 0.06 for changeset 837d6c1080389fe55bf7373f1c...
2006-04-29 Michael Gebetsroithertypo correction 0.06
2006-04-28 Michael Gebetsroitherclead up signal handler mess
2006-04-28 Michael Gebetsroitheroptimization for process::getArgs()
2006-04-27 Michael Gebetsroitherchange process::print() to const
2006-04-27 Michael Gebetsroitherrefactored functions, exceptions
2006-04-27 Michael Gebetsroitherconverted event-viewer to use boost::shared_ptr instead...
2006-04-06 Michael GebetsroitherAdded tag 0.04 for changeset 8030fc8aa2cbc931a832bfd26a...
2006-04-06 Michael Gebetsroitherhelptext corrections 0.04
2006-04-06 Michael GebetsroitherMakefile fixes
2006-04-06 Michael Gebetsroitheradded grml-kerneltest
2006-04-06 Michael ProkopFixed a few typos
2006-04-02 Michael Gebetsroitheradded build dependency, makefile optimizations
2006-02-12 Michael GebetsroitherAdded tag 0.03 for changeset fba6e4684afe119ec4576343ef...
2006-02-12 Michael Gebetsroitherbuild fixes 0.03
2006-02-12 Michael Gebetsroitheradded a simple bench programm (bench)
2006-02-11 Michael Gebetsroitheradded licence statements, gplv2 or any later version
2006-02-11 Michael GebetsroitherAdded tag 0.02 for changeset 7099425857681b6f911b37fd5b...
2006-02-11 Michael Gebetsroitheradded manpages 0.02
2006-02-11 Michael Gebetsroitheradded dh_strip to debian/rules
2006-02-11 Michael Gebetsroitherdebian packaging fixes
2006-02-11 Michael Gebetsroithermoved process into own file
2006-02-10 Michael Gebetsroitheranother fix for header problem
2006-02-10 Michael Gebetsroithercorrected header problem