Clean up fallback prompt code
[grml-etc-core.git] / etc / zsh / zshrc
2016-05-06 Frank TerbeckClean up fallback prompt code master
2016-05-06 Daniel Hahlerzshrc: dirstack: skip for ZSH_SUBSHELL
2016-04-30 Thilo Sixzshrc: check_com() fixed and zshified
2016-01-23 Frank Terbeckzshrc: Add a setting to avoid the persistent dirstack...
2016-01-23 Frank Terbeckzshrc: Make the default of 'filter-on-load' match docs
2015-10-09 Frank Terbeckzshrc: Remove unused parameter $ZSHDIR
2015-10-09 Frank Terbeckzshrc: Add more robustness to completion caching setup...
2015-09-28 Dmitri Vereshchaginzshrc: fix screen alias
2015-09-27 Frank Terbeckzshrc: Leave all limits alone
2015-09-27 Frank Terbeckzshrc: Remove "allulimit" function
2015-08-11 Frank Terbeckzshrc,dirstack: Remove useless test
2015-08-11 Frank Terbeckzshrc, dirstack: Avoid chpwd() upon the very first...
2015-06-26 Michael Prokopzshrc: drop 'setopt nonomatch' configuration
2015-06-26 Frank TerbeckRewrite large parts of persistent dirstack handling
2015-06-26 Frank TerbeckMarking an array for export serves no purpose
2015-06-26 Frank TerbeckWeed out non-existing directories when loading DIRSTACKFILE
2015-06-24 Michael Prokopzshrc: Start/Restart/Stop/... functions: use `service...
2015-06-16 Michael Prokopzshrc: no longer explicitly set SHELL
2015-06-06 Thilo Sixsll() updated
2015-06-05 Frank TerbeckAdd static version of add-zsh-hook
2015-06-03 Moviurozshrc: simplify cdt()
2015-06-02 Moviurozshrc: add support for `fetch' in simple-extract()
2015-05-27 Christian Hessefix ssh remote host name completion with more than...
2015-05-15 Thilo SixAvoid cluttering enviroment [Closes: issue1350]
2015-05-07 Michael Prokopzshrc: drop insecure options from curl/wget cmdlines...
2015-05-04 Michael Vetterzshrc: Correct comment sentences
2015-04-22 Moviurozshrc: `cat' is not needed in the `cat <<' syntax
2015-04-14 Moviurozshrc: unify cat<< syntax
2015-04-14 Moviurozshrc: bk(): don't use while but for
2015-04-14 Moviurozshrc: bk(): better usage/help handling
2015-04-14 Moviurozshrc: we use getopts on salias()
2015-04-13 Michael Prokopzshrc/grmlzshrc.t2t: update docs related to '-F' remova...
2015-04-13 Michael Prokopzshrc: drop '-F' from ls alias 'l' also when running...
2015-04-13 Moviurozshrc: simplify ls alias setup; remove -F from ls aliases
2015-04-13 Moviurozshrc: don't overwrite {ls,grep}_options set in .zshrc.pre
2015-04-13 Moviurozshrc: new bk() option '-ra' to removal all (even hidde...
2015-04-09 Csillag Tamasadd issolaris()
2015-03-31 Frank TerbeckFix broken variable assignment [Closes: issue1347]
2015-03-17 Frank TerbeckRemove ‘tail’ from list of _gnu_generic commands
2015-02-08 Moviurozshrc: remove weird whitespace
2015-02-07 Moviurozshrc: Fix indentation
2015-02-07 Moviurozshrc: removed extra `;'
2015-02-07 Moviurozshrc: using `<' instead of `cat'
2015-02-07 Christian Sturmzshrc: read host for ssh command completion from config
2015-01-04 Moviurozshrc: bk gets a remove option that cleans backups
2015-01-04 Moviurozshrc: bk() now works on directories with trailing /
2015-01-04 Moviurozshrc: bk() update
2014-12-27 Moviurozshrc: Fixed OpenBSD battery function
2014-12-27 Moviurozshrc: removed duplicate line
2014-12-19 Michael Prokopzshrc: drop j alias (used for 'jobs -l') [Closes: issue...
2014-12-15 Moviurozshrc: updating bk()
2014-12-13 Moviurozshrc: bk() gets FreeBSD support
2014-12-13 Moviurozshrc: bk() gets support for multiple files/folders
2014-12-13 Moviurozshrc: began rewriting bk()
2014-10-03 Moviurozshrc: fixed the FreeBSD battery function
2014-09-25 Michael Prokopzshrc: drop templ/tt hash definitions
2014-09-23 Moviurozshrc: little fixes
2014-09-23 Moviurozshrc: Added a missing test on OSX battery function
2014-09-18 Michael Prokopzshrc: make sure to not alias already aliased ls commands
2014-09-18 Moviurozshrc: added Darwin support for battery info
2014-09-16 Moviurozshrc: moved the unsupported OSes for the battery info...
2014-09-16 Moviurozshrc: added FreeBSD support for battery info
2014-09-15 Moviurozshrc: added OpenBSD support for battery info
2014-09-15 Frank Terbeckzshrc: Send error output to devnull in grep-option...
2014-09-15 Frank Terbeckzshrc: Add fallback to $BATTERY for backwards compatibility
2014-09-15 Moviurozshrc: converted to UTF-8
2014-09-15 Moviurozshrc: renamed allcaps variable
2014-09-15 Moviurozshrc: rewrite battery function
2014-09-15 Moviurozshrc: updated OS recognition functions
2014-09-11 MoviuroActually check that grep options exist before adding...
2014-09-11 MoviuroActually check that ls options exist before adding...
2014-08-18 Frank Terbeckzshrc: Remove ‘-C’ from the ‘ls’ alias's options
2014-06-23 Frank Terbeckzshrc: Add function to toggle colour codes in vcs_info...
2014-06-23 Frank Terbeckzshrc: Use modern colour codes with modern zsh versions
2014-06-13 Frank Terbeckzshrc: Adjustments for abbreviation expansion
2014-06-13 Frank Terbeckzshrc: Move generation marker to right position
2014-05-22 Michael Prokopzshrc: export SHELL only if unset, don't hardcode path...
2014-05-20 Michael Prokopzshrc: drop duplicated bk() function [Closes: issue1307]
2014-05-12 Michael Prokopzshrc: use "local" file variable in sll()
2014-05-12 Michael Prokopzshrc: extend dchange() to support apt-get and multiple...
2014-04-09 Frank Terbeckzshrc: Make options of gpasswd complete via _gnu_generic
2014-03-27 Frank TerbeckMake ‘egrep’ use the same options as ‘grep’ [Closes...
2014-03-20 Erik Bernsteinzshrc: introduce variable for the compdump file [Closes...
2014-02-03 Michael Prokopzshrc: check for DIRSTACK{SIZE,FILE} in chpwd()
2014-02-03 Michael Prokopzshrc: do not source /etc/sysconfig/keyboard
2014-02-03 Michael Prokopzshrc: drop setting TZ via /etc/timezone
2014-01-21 Michael Prokopzshrc: drop -b option from `ls' alias, unsupported...
2013-09-02 Michael Prokopzshrc: use "ctrl-x ." instead ",." to enable power...
2013-08-28 Frank TerbeckAdd `grml_theme_has_token' guard function
2013-04-10 Jan Hrubanzshrc: Fix style lookup of `post' styles in prompt...
2013-04-08 Michael Prokopzshrc: drop duplicated "Complete word from GNU screen...
2013-04-08 Bernhard Tittelbachmake help-zle work with new bind2maps
2013-04-08 Christian Hesseprint error code in bold
2013-04-03 Frank Terbeckzshrc: Make root-user name bold in prompt again
2013-04-01 Frank Terbeckzshrc: Make zle-smkx() and zle-rmkx() more robust wrt...
2013-03-18 Frank Terbeckzshrc, keys: Move all bindings over to bind2maps
2013-03-18 Frank Terbeckzshrc: unfunction less utilities
2013-03-18 Frank Terbeckzshrc: Fix `salias' wrt parameter scope
2013-03-18 Frank Terbeckzshrc: Remove old reverse-menu-complete binding
2013-03-18 Frank Terbeckzshrc: Use zrcgotwidget in appropriate places