2008-12-18 Michael ProkopDrop GitHub from Git-Hosting section master
2008-12-04 Michael ProkopMention chmod 2755 /home/git/repositories
2008-12-04 Michael Prokopwget to git-daemon file
2008-10-27 Michael ProkopAdd git-cola
2008-10-06 Frank TerbeckAdd note about tailing slashes in remote repo URLs
2008-10-02 Michael ProkopReplace config file with URL to repos
2008-10-01 Michael ProkopAdd further branch commands, improve 'Move current...
2008-09-30 Michael ProkopAdd further todos
2008-09-30 Michael ProkopFix and update usage of ssh://
2008-09-29 Michael ProkopConsequently replace all git-XXX with "git XXX", update...
2008-09-29 Michael ProkopAdd home_text
2008-09-29 Michael ProkopAdd header to gitconfig-sample.txt
2008-09-29 Michael ProkopAdd gitconfig-sample.txt
2008-09-29 Michael ProkopDocument 'git serve', add section "limitations of git"
2008-09-29 Michael ProkopMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-09-29 Michael ProkopAdd Frank to list of contributors
2008-09-29 Frank Terbeck(no commit message)
2008-09-25 Michael Gebetsroitherstyle fix
2008-09-25 Michael ProkopAdd tig to aptitude list, mention git push --tags
2008-09-25 Michael ProkopMerge with gebi
2008-09-25 Michael ProkopExtend table and gitosis configuration
2008-09-25 Michael Gebetsroitheradding note about hg addremove in git
2008-09-25 Michael ProkopAdd initial 'Migration from other VCS' table
2008-09-25 Michael ProkopFix typo [it's tig of course] (thanks, Rhonda)
2008-09-23 Michael Prokopmention mr(1) and git clone in docs
2008-09-16 Michael ProkopUpdate TODO in setup.txt
2008-09-16 Michael ProkopSmall update of setup.txt
2008-09-16 Michael ProkopMerge use-of-git.txt to setup.txt
2008-09-16 Michael ProkopUpdate setup.txt and add Makefile
2008-09-16 Michael ProkopInitial commit