Update sources suite
[grml-infrastructure.git] / repo-cookbook
2009-10-22 Alexander WirtMerge branch 'master' of git://git.grml.org/grml-infras...
2009-05-26 Alexander WirtUpdate repocookbook for releases
2007-09-13 grml UserUpdate path of authorized_keys
2007-05-18 Michael ProkopMerge branches
2007-05-18 Alexander WirtRemove old reportdir before starting a report
2007-05-17 Alexander WirtAdd another tipp to the repo-cookbook
2007-05-02 Alexander WirtBranch merge
2007-02-25 Michael Prokopmention ~/grml-repo/archive in repo-cookbook
2007-02-17 Alexander WirtAdd new user setup to cookbook
2007-01-31 Alexander WirtAdd grml repository cookbook