Introduce the baseurl parameter and adjust existings configs
[grml-infrastructure.git] / source-report / get_sources
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtIntroduce the baseurl parameter and adjust existings...
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtWrites Sources.gz
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtWrite statusfiles
2007-05-06 Alexander Wirt*narf* fix errorhandling again ;)
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtReduce sudo calls
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtRefactor the md5 code into a subroutine
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtAdd sourceslist parameter
2007-05-05 Alexander WirtImplement the hardlink feature (yai)
2007-05-05 Alexander WirtBetter error statistics
2007-05-05 Alexander WirtUpdate timestamp
2007-05-05 Alexander WirtFix error statistics
2007-05-05 Alexander WirtAdd md5sum and uri support
2007-05-02 Alexander WirtBranch merge
2007-05-02 Alexander WirtInitial import of the source report tool (it won't...