2007-05-20 Alexander WirtFix pod
2007-05-20 Alexander WirtAdd executable flag
2007-05-20 Alexander WirtAdd get_version tool
2007-05-18 Alexander WirtAnother update
2007-05-18 Alexander WirtBranch merge
2007-05-18 Alexander WirtUpdate sources.list for amd64
2007-05-18 Michael ProkopMerge branches
2007-05-18 Michael ProkopFinal stable update of grep-status for grml 1.0, grml64...
2007-05-18 Alexander WirtAnother update for the sourceslist
2007-05-18 Alexander WirtRemove old reportdir before starting a report
2007-05-17 Alexander WirtAdd another tipp to the repo-cookbook
2007-05-17 Michael ProkopUpdate grep-status.grml64 according to debianutils...
2007-05-17 Alexander WirtUpdate sources list
2007-05-17 Alexander WirtUpdate sources list for grml64
2007-05-17 Alexander WirtFix sources.list for zlib1g
2007-05-17 Alexander Wirtbranch merge
2007-05-17 Alexander WirtUpdated sourceslist
2007-05-17 Michael ProkopUpdate grep-status files for release pretty close to...
2007-05-08 Alexander WirtTrack directory namechange
2007-05-08 Michael Prokopmerge branches
2007-05-08 Michael ProkopUpdate grep-status for rc candidates, rename grml-64...
2007-05-07 Alexander WirtGet rid of the chroot! :)
2007-05-06 Alexander Wirtbranch merge
2007-05-06 Alexander Wirtalso link uri and md5 files
2007-05-06 Michael Prokopmerge branches
2007-05-06 Michael ProkopUpdate grep-status for grml-small
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtFix alternative url
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtAdd external link for the kernel
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtAdd snapshot entries for apt and pppoeconf
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtAdd grml-small 0.4
2007-05-06 Michael ProkopFix grep-status of grml-small (really use grep-status...
2007-05-06 Michael ProkopAdd grep-status for grml-small
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtAdd grml header, fix typo
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtMake gen_index executable
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtAdd gen_index script
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtSupport baseurl
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtIntroduce the baseurl parameter and adjust existings...
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtWrites Sources.gz
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtFix chroot path for grml64-1.0
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtWrite statusfiles
2007-05-06 Alexander Wirt*narf* fix errorhandling again ;)
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtAdd grml64
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtRemove my proxy from sources.list :)
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtReduce sudo calls
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtUpdate grml-1.0 stuff
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtRefactor the md5 code into a subroutine
2007-05-06 Alexander WirtAdd sourceslist parameter
2007-05-05 Alexander WirtImplement the hardlink feature (yai)
2007-05-05 Alexander WirtBetter error statistics
2007-05-05 Alexander WirtUpdate timestamp
2007-05-05 Alexander WirtFix error statistics
2007-05-05 Alexander WirtAdd md5sum and uri support
2007-05-02 Alexander WirtBranch merge
2007-05-02 Alexander WirtInitial import of the source report tool (it won't...
2007-02-25 Michael Prokopmention ~/grml-repo/archive in repo-cookbook
2007-02-17 Alexander WirtAdd new user setup to cookbook
2007-01-31 Alexander WirtAdd grml repository cookbook
2006-12-07 Michael ProkopAdded tag grml0.9 for changeset 2c6bcb7d810c00bead2a09d...
2006-11-21 Michael Prokopinitial checkin grml0.9