descriptionpatches, configuration and files for the Grml kernel
ownerMichael Prokop <>
last changeTue, 24 Apr 2018 22:10:58 +0000 (00:10 +0200)
2018-04-24 Michael ProkopRelease new linux-meta-grml package version 4.15.18... master
2018-04-24 Michael Prokopdebian/README.Grml: clarify signature check + recent...
2018-04-24 Michael ProkopRelease 4.15.18-1+grml.1 v4.15.18-1+grml.1
2018-04-24 Michael ProkopSync with Debian's debian/4.15.17-1 as of commit 0b520d...
2018-04-24 Michael ProkopRefresh linux/debian/patches/grml/ext4-readonly.patch...
2018-04-24 Michael ProkopRefresh linux/debian/patches/features/all/lockdown...
2018-04-24 Michael disable Rules-Requires-Root, unsuppo...
2018-04-20 Michael ProkopDisable bugfix/all/crypto-ecc-fix-null-pointer-deref...
2018-04-20 Michael remove config/arm64ilp32
2018-04-20 Michael ProkopSync with Debian debian/4.15.4-1 (commit a8a0de4aba476)
2017-05-24 Michael ProkopRelease new version 4.9.29-1+grml.1 v4.9.29-1+grml.1
2017-05-24 Michael ProkopDisable patches that are included in 4.9.29 upstream...
2017-05-24 Michael ProkopSync with Debian debian/4.9.25-1_bpo8+1 (commit 1456081...
2017-03-23 Michael ProkopRelease new linux-meta-grml version 4.9.0-1+grml.1 v4.9.17-1+grml.1
2017-03-23 Michael Prokoplinux-meta-grml: use https version for Vcs-Browser
2017-03-23 Michael ProkopRelease new version 4.9.17-1+grml.1
4 weeks ago v4.15.18-1+grml.1 release 4.15.18-1+grml.1
11 months ago v4.9.29-1+grml.1 release 4.9.29-1+grml.1
13 months ago v4.9.17-1+grml.1 release 4.9.17-1+grml.1
16 months ago v4.8.15-1+grml.1 release 4.8.15-1+grml.1
2 years ago v4.1.7-1+grml.1 release 4.1.7-1+grml.1
3 years ago v3.19-1+grml.1 release 3.19-1+grml.1
3 years ago v3.16.7-1+grml.1 release 3.16.7-1+grml.1
3 years ago v3.16.6-1+grml.1 release 3.16.6-1+grml.1
3 years ago v3.16.2-3+grml.1 release 3.16.2-3+grml.1
4 years ago v3.13.6-1+grml.1 release 3.13.6-1+grml.1
4 years ago v3.11.6-1+grml.1 release 3.11.6-1+grml.1
4 years ago v3.10.10-1+grml.1 release 3.10.10-1+grml.1
4 years ago v3.10.6-1+grml.1 release 3.10.6-1+grml.1
4 years ago v3.9.4-1+grml.1 release 3.9.4-1+grml.1
5 years ago v3.8.5-1+grml.1 release 3.8.5-1+grml.1
5 years ago v3.7.9-1+grml.1 release 3.7.9-1+grml.1
4 weeks ago master
5 years ago mika/3.7
6 years ago mru/64bit_for_i386