SW: add stress to GRML_FULL
[grml-live.git] / etc / grml / fai / config / package_config / GRML_XL
2014-08-12 Michael ProkopSW: drop gptsync (orphaned and broken)
2014-05-23 Michael ProkopSW: move syslinux into GRMLBASE class, add pxelinux...
2014-03-25 Michael ProkopSW: replace lynx with lynx-cur
2014-03-21 Michael ProkopSW: drop recover, abandoned upstream
2014-03-13 Michael ProkopSW: remove ufsutils from GRML_{SMALL,MEDIUM,FULL,XL}
2014-02-10 Michael ProkopSW: replace transitional package ifenslave-2.6 with...
2013-05-29 Michael ProkopSW: Drop makedev from all GRML_* classes
2013-01-14 Alexander WirtSW: Move firmware packages to GRMLBASE
2012-07-30 Michael ProkopSW: replace fuse-utils with fuse
2012-06-22 Michael ProkopSW: drop arrayprobe from GRML_FULL + GRML_XL
2012-06-04 Michael ProkopSW: drop smbfs from GRML_FULL + GRML_XL (provided by...
2012-05-07 Michael ProkopSW: replace all references to kernel specific versions...
2012-04-16 Michael ProkopSW: remove grml-feedback from GRML_{SMALL,MEDIUM,FULL,XL}
2012-04-10 Michael ProkopSW: add mosh to GRML_FULL and GRML_XL
2012-03-18 Michael ProkopSW: add rfkill to GRML_SMALL, GRML_FULL + GRML_XL
2012-02-24 Michael ProkopSW: Move vlock to GRMLBASE
2012-01-19 Ulrich DangelSW: Remove grml-rescueboot from GRML_XL as it is not...
2012-01-16 Brad CableSW: Package removal for cleanup and stability in GRML_XL
2011-12-27 Ulrich DangelSW: Remove apt-listchanges and apt-listbugs from GRML_XL
2011-12-16 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: remove explicit install of squashfs-lzma-tools
2011-12-06 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: i386 kernels have been switched to 486 flavour
2011-12-05 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: Update linux kernel version to 3.1.0-2
2011-12-05 Christian HofstaedtlerGRML_XL SW: switch to linux-tools-3.1 and move around
2011-11-27 Michael ProkopSW: replace dhcp3-client with isc-dhcp-client
2011-11-14 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: move GRML_FULL out of the way