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[grml-live.git] / templates / boot /
2013-09-13 Michael ProkopDrop trailing dot in 'Boot from next boot device'
2013-06-10 Michael Prokoptemplates: Use lowercase 'timeout' command in syslinux...
2013-02-26 Michael Prokopisolinux boot splashes: adjust path to grml-cheatcodes.txt
2012-09-13 Michael Prokoppersistency boot option: mention full-ov + custom-ov...
2012-09-13 Michael ProkopNew persistency mode is used via boot option "persisten...
2012-05-28 Michael Prokoptemplates/boot/grub/addons.cfg: insmod linux16 before...
2012-05-27 Michael ProkopAdd whitespace chars to ssh docs on boot splash f5
2012-05-26 Markus UlrichExtend the infotext about the ssh feature for bootmenu...
2012-05-21 Michael ProkopUse syslinux's mboot.c32 for booting Grub2
2012-05-02 Michael ProkopAdd a few kB of lines made of # charaters to the end...
2012-03-05 Michael ProkopGenerate static loopback.cfg configuration without...
2012-01-13 Michael Prokopboot templates: add whitespace to end of line of kernel...
2012-01-13 Michael Prokoppersistency feature: do not use persistent=nofiles...
2011-12-25 Ulrich DangelExport environment variables for submenues.
2011-12-22 Ulrich DangelBuild grub.img for loading grub from within syslinux
2011-12-22 Christian HofstaedtlerOptimized all PNGs with "optipng"
2011-12-22 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove unused grub background image
2011-12-22 Christian HofstaedtlerTrim spaces off of default DISTRI_INFO
2011-12-21 Ulrich DangelAdd beep to templates/boot/isolinux/vesamenu.cfg
2011-12-21 Christian HofstaedtlerMove squashfs into flavour-specific path
2011-12-21 Ulrich DangelAdd trailing whitespace to grub commandline
2011-12-21 Ulrich DangelPrint a message before loading kernel or initrd in...
2011-12-19 Ulrich DangelTry to load regexp in grub.cfg
2011-12-19 Ulrich DangelPlay sound after the grub menu is shown.
2011-12-19 Ulrich DangelAdd basic grml theme to grub
2011-12-19 Ulrich DangelIntroduce new config files for grub bootloader.
2011-12-19 Christian HofstaedtlerShorten, but don't totally rename kernel and initrd...
2011-12-19 Ulrich DangelUse gfxmode=auto instead of specifying manually resolutions
2011-12-15 Ulrich DangelReplace 1440x1050 with 1400x1050
2011-12-15 Ulrich DangelAdd additional resolution (1600x900) to grub.cfg.
2011-12-15 Christian HofstaedtlerEnable fb for "graphical mode" boot option in isolinux
2011-12-15 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove comment about failsafe boot option
2011-12-15 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove 'failsafe' boot option, which wasn't really...
2011-12-12 Ulrich DangelRemove the default quiet boot parameter for a verbose...
2011-12-09 Michael ProkopIntegrate netboot package generation
2011-12-09 Ulrich DangelFix typo (1200 instead of 1280) in grub.cfg
2011-12-08 Christian HofstaedtlerDon't hardcode wm-ng as window manager for X
2011-12-08 Christian HofstaedtlerTry to use a good gfx resolution by default
2011-12-08 Christian HofstaedtlerUpdate grub background picture
2011-11-16 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove grml2hd boot options
2011-10-13 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove unmaintained accessibility support
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerUse ifcpu64.c32, vesamenu.c32, isolinux.bin from syslin...
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove bsd4grml, freedos and grml-live-addons deb
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerUse memdisk and hdt from syslinux-common package
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerUse memtest binary from memtest86+ package
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerUse pci.ids file from pciutils
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerUse ipxe.lkrn from ipxe package
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove grub1 (binaries and support for it)
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove bundled grub2
2011-06-13 Michael Prokopsyslinux configuration: use localboot -1 to boot from...
2011-05-25 Christian HofstaedtlerRevert "isolinux f5: fix layout."
2011-05-21 Christian HofstaedtlerUpdate bsd4grml to version 20110521
2011-05-21 Christian HofstaedtlerUpdate shipped grub2 to 1.99-4
2011-05-18 Michael Prokopisolinux f5: fix layout.
2011-05-15 Christian HofstaedtlerFix name of SQUASHFS_NAME var in templates
2011-04-20 Michael ProkopAddon: Replace gPXE with iPXE (see Debian BTS #474034).
2010-12-28 Michael Prokoptemplates/boot: Use persistent=nofiles as default,...
2010-12-28 Michael Prokoptemplates/boot: set nodmraid and grml2hd accordingly...
2010-12-28 Michael Prokopisolinux/grml.cfg: disable KMS in "Disable Framebuffer...
2010-12-28 Michael Prokopisolinux/grml.cfg: use vga=791 by default for "disabled...
2010-12-01 Michael ProkopProvide nokms bootoption and according menues in the...
2010-12-01 Michael ProkopMerge remote branch 'ch/issue926'
2010-12-01 Michael Prokoptemplates/boot/grub/grub.cfg: drop insmod part_{msdos...
2010-11-30 Michael ProkopDrop qemu and vmware bootoptions as they are not necess...
2010-11-28 Christian Hofstaedtlerupdate grub to 1.98+20100804-8
2010-11-28 Christian Hofstaedtlergrub: memdisk is a "linux16"-style kernel
2010-11-06 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: remove mgetty
2010-10-02 Michael ProkopRevert templates/boot/grub/loopback.cfg to version...
2010-10-02 Michael ProkopUpdate to bsd4grml v20101001 (thanks to Thorsten Glaser).
2010-10-01 Michael ProkopMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.grml.org/grml-live
2010-10-01 Thorsten GlaserUpdate to bsd4grml version 20100815.
2010-09-04 Michael ProkopUpdate templates/boot/grub to grub version 1.98+20100804-4.
2010-09-04 Michael ProkopUpdate isolinux.bin and vesamenu.c32 to 4.02 debian...
2010-09-04 Michael ProkopUpdate chain.c32 and menu.c32 to Debian's syslinux...
2010-09-04 Michael ProkopUpdate memdisk from 3.83 to 4.02 debian-20100803.
2010-09-04 Michael ProkopUpdate memtest to memtest86+ version 4.10.
2010-09-04 Michael ProkopUpdate hdt.c32 to version
2010-09-04 Michael ProkopUpdate gpxe.lkrn to version 1.0.1.
2010-09-04 Michael ProkopUpdate pci.ids to version 2010.08.27.
2010-07-21 Michael ProkopUpdate isolinux files to ISOLINUX 4.01 debian-20100712.
2010-07-08 Michael Prokopupdate hdt.c32 from version 0.3.4 to 0.3.6
2010-06-30 Michael ProkopUpdate isolinux.bin to "ISOLINUX 4.00 debian-20100628".
2010-06-25 Michael Prokopupdate templates/boot/grub/ to grub version 1.98+201006...
2010-04-21 Ulrich DangelAdd loopback.cfg
2010-04-02 Michael ProkopUpdate bsd4grml to version 20100328 (thanks, Thorsten).
2010-04-02 Ulrich DangelSupport automatic findiso command and fixed gfxpayload...
2010-04-02 Ulrich DangelFix Boot OS of first partition entry for grub. Thanks...
2010-04-02 Michael ProkopDrop wrongly merged failsafe bootoptions.
2010-03-11 Michael ProkopUpdate grub configuration.
2010-03-11 Michael ProkopDrop bootfrom=removable from bootoptions.
2010-02-27 Michael ProkopAdd grml as default to default.cfg. [Closes: issue761]
2010-02-27 Michael ProkopDrop noquick bootoption from serial console boot entry.
2010-02-26 Michael ProkopAdd persistency feature to boot menu.
2010-02-26 Michael ProkopDrop debug from bootoptions and use debug=vc only.
2010-02-23 Michael ProkopDrop duplicate boot=live from grub.cfg.
2010-02-23 Michael ProkopSimplify syslinux.cfg, update failsafe bootoption,...
2010-02-01 Michael ProkopSupport conf/bootid.txt and use bootoption bootfrom...
2009-12-28 Michael ProkopUpdate to bsd4grml version 20091226.
2009-11-15 Thorsten GlaserUpdate MirOS bsd4grml to 20091115 including eKey support
2009-11-14 Michael Prokoptemplates/boot/grub/menu.lst: drop bootoption lang=us