2011-12-25 Ulrich DangelSW: Add hexedit to GRML_FULL [Closes: issue1119]
2011-12-24 Christian HofstaedtlerCheatcodes: clarify that vnc* doesn't work OOTB
2011-12-23 Michael ProkopSW: add wireshark to GRML_FULL [Closes: issue1115]
2011-12-23 Ulrich DangelSW: Add fsarchiver to GRML_FULL
2011-12-23 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.17.2 v0.17.2
2011-12-23 Ulrich DangelFix arch issue for 45-grub-images
2011-12-22 Christian HofstaedtlerRelease new version 0.17.1. v0.17.1
2011-12-22 Ulrich DangelBuild grub.img for loading grub from within syslinux
2011-12-22 Christian HofstaedtlerRework EFI file copy/moving
2011-12-22 Christian HofstaedtlerOptimized all PNGs with "optipng"
2011-12-22 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove unused grub background image
2011-12-22 Michael ProkopSW: replace version specific linux-image-* packages...
2011-12-22 Christian HofstaedtlerTrim spaces off of default DISTRI_INFO
2011-12-21 Christian HofstaedtlerRevert accidental addition of fat to grub2 core.img
2011-12-21 Ulrich DangelAdd beep to templates/boot/isolinux/vesamenu.cfg
2011-12-21 Christian HofstaedtlerInstall "GRML" files into GRML/$GRML_NAME/
2011-12-21 Christian HofstaedtlerMove squashfs into flavour-specific path
2011-12-21 Ulrich DangelAdd trailing whitespace to grub commandline
2011-12-21 Ulrich DangelPrint a message before loading kernel or initrd in...
2011-12-21 Christian HofstaedtlerUse sane paths for intermediate EFI files
2011-12-21 Michael ProkopSW: add python-urwid as depends next to targetcli in...
2011-12-20 Ulrich DangelEnsure that the file used for replacing the template...
2011-12-20 Michael ProkopSW: replace iscsitarget with open-iscsi + targetcli...
2011-12-19 Ulrich DangelTry to load regexp in grub.cfg
2011-12-19 Ulrich DangelPlay sound after the grub menu is shown.
2011-12-19 Ulrich DangelAdd basic grml theme to grub
2011-12-19 Ulrich DangelIntroduce new config files for grub bootloader.
2011-12-19 Ulrich DangelSupport template filenames in grml-live.
2011-12-19 Christian HofstaedtlerInstall netboot.cfg as pxelinux.cfg/default _file_
2011-12-19 Christian HofstaedtlerShorten, but don't totally rename kernel and initrd...
2011-12-19 Ulrich DangelUse gfxmode=auto instead of specifying manually resolutions
2011-12-17 Ulrich DangelSW: Add extundelete to GRML_FULL
2011-12-16 Christian HofstaedtlerMake it clear that squashfs-tools from bpo is fine
2011-12-16 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: remove explicit install of squashfs-lzma-tools
2011-12-16 Christian HofstaedtlerDon't suggest /dev/shm as a build location
2011-12-16 Michael ProkopGRMLBASE/44-grub: make sure directory /boot/grub exists
2011-12-15 Ulrich DangelReplace 1440x1050 with 1400x1050
2011-12-15 Ulrich DangelAdd additional resolution (1600x900) to grub.cfg.
2011-12-15 Christian HofstaedtlerUpdate version in grml-live during Debian package build
2011-12-15 Christian HofstaedtlerChange -A option to not build chroot.tar.gz anymore
2011-12-15 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove -T option
2011-12-15 Christian HofstaedtlerAdd -e option to unpack ISOs
2011-12-15 Michael ProkopSW: add rinse to GRML_FULL
2011-12-15 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove grml-live-buildd package
2011-12-15 Christian HofstaedtlerEnable fb for "graphical mode" boot option in isolinux
2011-12-15 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove comment about failsafe boot option
2011-12-15 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove 'failsafe' boot option, which wasn't really...
2011-12-12 Ulrich DangelUmount /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc before umounting /proc.
2011-12-12 Ulrich DangelRemove the default quiet boot parameter for a verbose...
2011-12-12 Michael ProkopUpdate docs to better match recent development
2011-12-11 Michael Prokopgenerate sha1 checksum file of netboot package
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerFix bugs in welcome splash asciiart
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerUpdate welcome splash ascii art
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerFix capitalization of project name in GRML/index.html
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerMerge initramfs scripts
2011-12-11 Ulrich DangelRecommend imagemagick
2011-12-11 Ulrich DangelUpdate wallpaper in fai scripts
2011-12-11 Ulrich DangelUpdate /etc/grml_version in GRMLBASE script instead...
2011-12-11 Ulrich DangelRemove old desktop.jpg with new desktop-bg.png
2011-12-11 Ulrich DangelAdd graphicoreBitmapFont0-Light.otf to grml-live.
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerMake sure USERNAME doesn't leak in from ENV
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerExpose (selected) config vars to fai scripts
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerMake username replacement in inittab more robust
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerUse premade LOGDIR var
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerDon't source grml-live.{conf,local} in scripts if not...
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerInternally, rename GRML_LIVE_LOCAL_CONFIG to LOCAL_CONFIG
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerEnsure all passed paths are absolute
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerTighten replacement operation for SNAPSHOT class
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerMatch startpage.html design to site
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerSimplify GRML/index.html template
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerModernize Windows AutoRun templates
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerStop disabling KMS for radeon
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: add firmware-linux-{free,nonfree} to GRML_FULL
2011-12-10 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: add vblade, aoetools to GRML_FULL [Closes: issue1092]
2011-12-10 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: add boot-info-script to GRML_FULL [Closes: issue1004]
2011-12-10 Michael Prokopgrml-cheatcodes.txt: fix typo
2011-12-10 Ulrich Dangelgrml-cheatcodes.txt: Add documentation about nostats...
2011-12-10 Michael Prokopgrml-cheatcodes.txt: document vnc bootoptions
2011-12-09 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.17.0. v0.17.0
2011-12-09 Michael ProkopDepends: support xorriso as alternative to genisoimage.
2011-12-09 Michael ProkopIntegrate netboot package generation
2011-12-09 Ulrich DangelFix typo (1200 instead of 1280) in grub.cfg
2011-12-08 Ulrich DangelAdd piwik tracking code to startpage.html
2011-12-08 Michael Prokop01-iceweasel: remove backup file in fcopy cmdline
2011-12-08 Michael Prokop98-clean-chroot: also get rid of symlinks of *.pre_fcop...
2011-12-08 Michael ProkopProvide DEBIAN_UNSTABLE sources.list config
2011-12-08 Christian HofstaedtlerHardcode i386-pc for grub path
2011-12-08 Christian HofstaedtlerUse grub from target
2011-12-08 Christian HofstaedtlerEmbed squash4 in efigrub
2011-12-08 Christian HofstaedtlerDon't hardcode wm-ng as window manager for X
2011-12-08 Christian HofstaedtlerTry to use a good gfx resolution by default
2011-12-08 Christian HofstaedtlerUpdate grub background picture
2011-12-08 Ulrich DangelUse prefix=($root) instead of prefix=$root in efi script
2011-12-07 Michael Prokoprework check for xorriso version and be more verbose...
2011-12-06 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: Add gparted to GRML_FULL
2011-12-06 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: add hfsprogs, hfsutils to GRML_FULL
2011-12-06 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: i386 kernels have been switched to 486 flavour
2011-12-06 Christian HofstaedtlerFix unpacking of existing chroot tarball
2011-12-05 Christian HofstaedtlerAlways enable grml-live distribution
2011-12-05 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: Update linux kernel version to 3.1.0-2