2012-01-27 Michael ProkopSW: add numactl to GRML_FULL
2012-01-23 Michael ProkopSW: add smbfs to GRML_FULL
2012-01-23 Michael ProkopSW: add cifs-utils to GRML_FULL
2012-01-19 Ulrich DangelSW: Remove grml-rescueboot from GRML_XL as it is not...
2012-01-19 Michael ProkopRevert "GRMLBASE/98-clean-chroot: get rid of /etc/mtab"
2012-01-19 Michael Prokopdocs: simplify and improve base.tgz instructions
2012-01-18 Michael ProkopGRMLBASE/98-clean-chroot: do not run apt-get update...
2012-01-18 Michael ProkopGRMLBASE/98-clean-chroot: get rid of /etc/mtab
2012-01-17 Michael ProkopGRMLBASE/98-clean-chroot: get rid of /etc/
2012-01-17 Michael ProkopGRMLBASE/98-clean-chroot: get rid of all lvm backup...
2012-01-16 Michael Prokopdebian/rules: add build-arch + build-indep to make...
2012-01-16 Michael ProkopUpdate lintian override entries to match current packag...
2012-01-16 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.18.0 v0.18.0
2012-01-16 Brad CableSW: Package removal for cleanup and stability in GRML_XL
2012-01-15 Michael ProkopPackage validation: also detect packages that failed...
2012-01-15 Michael ProkopSW: drop extundelete from IGNORE class
2012-01-15 Alexander WirtSW: Add locales to grml-live
2012-01-15 Alexander WirtSW: Remove jed
2012-01-15 Michael ProkopSW: add memtester to GRML_FULL
2012-01-15 Alexander WirtSW: Replace tofrodos with dos2unix
2012-01-14 Michael ProkopSW: add dos2unix to GRML_FULL
2012-01-14 Alexander WirtSW: Replace ncftp with lftp
2012-01-14 Alexander WirtSW: Remove login
2012-01-14 Michael ProkopSW: add lrzsz to GRML_FULL
2012-01-14 Michael ProkopSW: add ser2net to GRML_FULL
2012-01-14 Alexander WirtSW: remove deselect
2012-01-14 Alexander Wirtreplace dante-client with tsocks
2012-01-14 Alexander WirtSW: sync packages with with grml-full
2012-01-14 Michael ProkopSW: add dctrl-tools to GRML_FULL
2012-01-14 Michael ProkopSW: add bsdmainutils to GRML_FULL
2012-01-14 Alexander WirtSW: remove reptyr from grml-small
2012-01-14 Alexander WirtSW: Add cu to packagelist
2012-01-14 Michael ProkopDepend on syslinux instead of syslinux-common
2012-01-13 Michael ProkopSW: add exfat-fuse + exfat-utils to GRML_FULL [Closes...
2012-01-13 Michael ProkopRemove resolved/deprecated items from TODO file
2012-01-13 Michael ProkopRemove nowadays unused software-changes-schedule.txt
2012-01-13 Michael ProkopSW: add iftop to GRML_FULL
2012-01-13 Michael ProkopSW: add slurm to GRML_FULL
2012-01-13 Michael Prokopboot templates: add whitespace to end of line of kernel...
2012-01-13 Michael Prokoppersistency feature: do not use persistent=nofiles...
2012-01-13 Michael ProkopSW: add wvdial to GRML_FULL
2012-01-13 Michael ProkopSW: add usb-modeswitch to GRML_FULL
2012-01-13 Michael ProkopSW: add live-boot-grml-doc to GRMLBASE
2012-01-13 Michael Prokopgrml-cheatcodes: drop deprecated nodhcphostname option
2012-01-11 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.17.4 v0.17.4
2012-01-11 Michael ProkopUse /media instead of /mnt for default mount paths
2012-01-11 Michael ProkopSW: add buffer to GRML_FULL
2012-01-11 Michael ProkopGRMLBASE/25-locales: fix check for presence of localepurge
2012-01-11 Michael ProkopSW: add tcptraceroute to GRML_FULL
2012-01-11 Michael ProkopSW: add libiscsi-bin to GRML_FULL
2012-01-11 Michael ProkopSW: add irssi to GRML_FULL
2012-01-11 Michael ProkopSW: add firmware-netxen to GRML_FULL
2012-01-11 Michael ProkopSW: add firmware-myricom to GRML_FULL
2012-01-09 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.17.3. v0.17.3
2012-01-09 Michael ProkopGRML_SMALL/98-clean-chroot: remove "set -x" not suited...
2012-01-05 Michael ProkopProvide hint to user if netboot.cfg could not be found
2012-01-04 Michael ProkopSW: Add IGNORE class blacklisting extundelete
2011-12-31 Michael Prokopdocs: use --no-install-recommends instead of dpkg option
2011-12-30 Christian HofstaedtlerUpdate instrunctions for installing on squeeze
2011-12-30 Ulrich DangelDocument brltty boot options
2011-12-30 Michael ProkopUse isohybrid as default HYBRID_METHOD
2011-12-30 Michael ProkopSW: enable grub-efi-amd64-bin/grub-efi-ia32-bin in...
2011-12-30 Alexander Wirtefi stuff is now in GRMLBASE
2011-12-28 Alexander WirtUse metapackages for kernel
2011-12-28 Alexander WirtDon't purge locale
2011-12-28 Alexander WirtMerge branch 'master' of
2011-12-28 Michael ProkopSW: add firmware-qlogic to GRML_FULL
2011-12-28 Michael ProkopSW: add ipmitool to GRML_FULL
2011-12-28 Ulrich DangelAdjust RELEASE/98-clean-chroot to delete more files
2011-12-28 Ulrich DangelMove cleanup of package list cache from GRMLBASE to...
2011-12-28 Alexander WirtRemove worstest hacks from GRML_SMALL/98-clean-chroot
2011-12-28 Alexander WirtAdd EFI stuff to GRML_SMALL
2011-12-28 Michael ProkopSW: add comgt to GRML_FULL
2011-12-28 Ulrich DangelSW: Add lzop to GRML_FULL
2011-12-28 Ulrich DangelDo not enable tmpfs /tmp as / is backed-up by tmpfs...
2011-12-27 Ulrich DangelChange default SUITE from squeeze to testing
2011-12-27 Ulrich DangelAdd h to getopt list to support -h anywhere in paramete...
2011-12-27 Ulrich DangelRemove small from grml-cheatcodes as it does not work...
2011-12-27 Ulrich DangelSW: Remove apt-listchanges and apt-listbugs from GRML_XL
2011-12-26 Christian HofstaedtlerBuild netboot package checksum file with relative paths
2011-12-26 Ulrich DangelAdd additinal checks to make sure convert as well as...
2011-12-26 Christian HofstaedtlerRun apt-get update during softupdate
2011-12-26 Christian HofstaedtlerMake /run work for softupdate
2011-12-26 Christian HofstaedtlerUnconditionally reset resolv.conf in chroot
2011-12-25 Ulrich DangelExport environment variables for submenues.
2011-12-25 Ulrich DangelSW: Add hexedit to GRML_FULL [Closes: issue1119]
2011-12-24 Christian HofstaedtlerCheatcodes: clarify that vnc* doesn't work OOTB
2011-12-23 Michael ProkopSW: add wireshark to GRML_FULL [Closes: issue1115]
2011-12-23 Ulrich DangelSW: Add fsarchiver to GRML_FULL
2011-12-23 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.17.2 v0.17.2
2011-12-23 Ulrich DangelFix arch issue for 45-grub-images
2011-12-22 Christian HofstaedtlerRelease new version 0.17.1. v0.17.1
2011-12-22 Ulrich DangelBuild grub.img for loading grub from within syslinux
2011-12-22 Christian HofstaedtlerRework EFI file copy/moving
2011-12-22 Christian HofstaedtlerOptimized all PNGs with "optipng"
2011-12-22 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove unused grub background image
2011-12-22 Michael ProkopSW: replace version specific linux-image-* packages...
2011-12-22 Christian HofstaedtlerTrim spaces off of default DISTRI_INFO
2011-12-21 Christian HofstaedtlerRevert accidental addition of fat to grub2 core.img
2011-12-21 Ulrich DangelAdd beep to templates/boot/isolinux/vesamenu.cfg