2010-02-28 Michael Prokopdocument source-highlight issue in Makefile (issue... master
2009-04-07 Frank TerbeckVarious cleanups
2009-04-07 Frank TerbeckClearify the shell-style part
2009-04-07 Frank TerbeckMercurial -> git
2007-12-16 Michael ProkopApply grml-policy-backticks-source.txt by z3ttacht
2007-11-18 Michael ProkopApply patch from z3ttacht
2007-09-14 grml Userfix uppercase (thanks z3ttacht)
2007-09-14 grml UserUse tabstop=4
2007-09-13 Michael Gebetsroithertypo fixes
2007-09-13 grml UserFix typo (thanks, ft)
2007-09-13 grml UserProvide a first version of the grml-policy
2007-09-13 Michael Prokopinitial checkin