2020-11-06 Michael Prokopips: add IPv6 address for master
2013-02-27 Alexander Wirtadd make_torrent example
2013-02-27 Alexander WirtFix some example blocks
2013-02-27 Alexander WirtAdd some docs for torrent creation
2013-02-27 Alexander WirtAdd some docs about removed isos
2013-02-21 Alexander WirtAdd foreman ip
2013-02-21 Alexander WirtMerge branch 'master' of
2012-05-20 Michael Prokopjenkins host: add imagemagick + ipxe
2012-05-06 Michael ProkopDocument extending a partition on LVM in LVM
2012-04-10 Ulrich DangelUpdate user managment documentation
2012-02-13 Ulrich DangelAdd text about encrypted password file
2012-02-13 Ulrich DangelFix typo
2012-02-13 Ulrich DangelAdd {backup,blog}
2012-02-12 Ulrich DangelAdd foreman vm
2012-02-11 Ulrich DangelAdd, Grml repository & identica/twitter...
2012-02-10 Ulrich DangelInitial documenation about necessary steps to remove...
2012-01-29 Ulrich DangelAdd SNelServer IPv6 information
2012-01-29 Ulrich DangelFix typo ( vs.
2012-01-29 Ulrich DangelAdd SnelServer ips
2012-01-26 Michael Prokopjenkins: add dnsmasq on host system
2012-01-18 Michael Prokopjenkins: install cowbuilder, cowdancer + pbuilder from...
2012-01-18 Michael Prokopjenkins: add scons + pristine-tar to Debian job setup
2012-01-18 Michael Prokopjenkins: add Debian package build jobs setup
2012-01-15 Michael Prokopjenkins: sudo + initial setup for daily ISOs
2012-01-14 Michael Prokopgrml-live Jenkins job setup
2012-01-13 Michael Prokopjenkins: add locks-and-latches plugin
2012-01-13 Michael ProkopDocument Jenkins deployment
2012-01-13 Michael ProkopInitial jenkins.asciidoc
2012-01-13 Ulrich DangelAdd info about IPv6 reverse DNS
2012-01-13 Ulrich DangelAdd ipv6 addresses
2012-01-13 Ulrich DangelFix ip plan
2012-01-13 Alexander WirtMerge branch 'master' of
2012-01-13 Alexander WirtFix description
2012-01-13 Ulrich DangelAdd grandfather
2012-01-13 Alexander WirtAdd a sentence about reverse dns
2012-01-13 Alexander WirtAdd ipplan
2012-01-02 Alexander WirtUpdate mirror documentation
2011-12-12 Christian HofstaedtlerUpdate BitTorrent docs
2011-12-09 Alexander WirtDocument bittorrent setup
2011-10-30 Michael Prokopadd documentation of setup
2011-07-26 Michael ProkopDocument cpu/wheel user management.
2011-07-25 Gerfried Fuchsstart of
2011-07-21 Michael ProkopFix apt-key add command.
2011-07-21 Michael ProkopDocument software installation on required...
2011-07-20 Alexander WirtAdd amavisd-new docs
2011-07-20 Alexander WirtAdd initial mailserver docs
2011-07-18 Ulrich DangelDocument grub serial console setup
2011-07-17 Alexander WirtReorder headlines
2011-07-17 Alexander WirtRemove trailing whitespace
2011-07-17 Alexander WirtAdd header
2011-07-17 Alexander WirtMove ksm into kvm section. Add puppet bootstrapping.
2011-07-17 Ulrich DangelDocument ksm
2011-07-16 Alexander WirtAdd user management
2011-07-16 Alexander WirtAdd ssl support to slapd
2011-07-16 Alexander WirtAdd documentation for network setup
2011-07-15 Ulrich DangelFix documentation about serial console
2011-07-15 Ulrich DangelFix layout
2011-07-15 Ulrich DangelAdd documentation about ipmi
2011-07-15 Ulrich DangelDocument serial console
2011-07-15 Alexander WirtAdd 3ware tools
2011-07-15 Alexander WirtAdd firewall config
2011-07-15 Alexander WirtUpdate listing descriptions
2011-07-15 Alexander WirtAdd ldap init
2011-07-15 Alexander WirtUpdate network stuff
2011-07-15 Alexander WirtI prefer asciidoc
2011-07-15 Alexander WirtUpdate to status quo (network,libvirt,lvm)
2011-07-15 Alexander WirtAdd initial skeletion
2011-07-15 Michael Prokopinitial checkin