[grml2usb.git] /
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopRefactoring
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopImprove lilo support
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopUpdate PROG_VERSION
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopImplement --skip-addons, add code for installing addons...
2009-02-16 Michael ProkopAdd debian/NEWS file, update changelog and adjust versi...
2009-02-16 Michael ProkopExtend docs, add support for lilo on i386 vs. amd64
2009-02-16 Michael ProkopDo not execute mkfs.fat without prompting; update docs
2009-02-16 Michael ProkopImplement --lilo (thanks Henning Sprang), add further...
2009-02-04 Michael ProkopInitial working version for multi ISO support
2009-02-04 Michael ProkopInitial working version
2009-02-03 Michael ProkopImplement mount and unmount handling
2009-01-20 Michael ProkopImplement handle_iso(), use logging()
2009-01-20 Michael ProkopImplement execute() logic
2009-01-20 Michael ProkopSome code cleanups to make pylint happier ;)
2009-01-20 Michael Prokop Implement install_mbr(device); add lilo stuff
2009-01-19 Michael ProkopAdd some further comments
2009-01-19 Michael ProkopImplement copy logic and syslinux/grub configuration
2009-01-18 Michael ProkopImplement prototype of copy_grml_files(), move f# files...
2009-01-17 Michael ProkopImplement search_file()
2009-01-09 Michael ProkopUpdate script
2009-01-09 Michael ProkopInitial checkin of [prototyp]