2016-01-15 Michael ProkopEnsure keys for jimmy, bioxnix, mru + ch are absent production
2016-01-15 Michael ProkopRevert "Remove ssh keys of alumni users bionix, ch...
2016-01-15 Alexander WirtRemove mcollective
2016-01-15 Alexander WirtFix nsswitch.conf
2016-01-15 Alexander WirtMerge branch 'production' of ssh://
2016-01-15 Michael ProkopNew SSH key for mika
2015-08-17 Alexander WirtUpdate to sssd
2013-11-27 Michael ProkopRemove ssh keys of alumni users bionix, ch, jimmy ...
2013-11-09 Alexander WirtDon't allow root logins with password
2013-10-10 Alexander WirtInstall mcollective package agent
2013-10-10 Alexander WirtMerge branch 'production' of
2013-10-10 Alexander WirtAdd submission and smtps ports to Ferm::smtp
2013-10-07 Alexander WirtMove packages to hiera
2013-10-07 Alexander WirtMerge branch 'production' of ssh://
2013-10-07 Alexander WirtAdd inital package class
2013-10-07 Alexander WirtCleanup site.pp
2013-10-07 Alexander WirtRemove obsolete stuff
2013-10-07 Alexander Wirtfix puppi path
2013-10-07 Alexander WirtMake hosts special
2013-10-07 Alexander WirtAdd puppi
2013-10-07 Alexander WirtRemove resolver stuff from site.pp
2013-10-06 Alexander Wirtwe will use the resolver class
2013-10-06 Alexander WirtMake it portable
2013-10-06 Alexander WirtIt makes more sense to ship the file via facter
2013-10-06 Alexander WirtFix location
2013-10-06 Alexander WirtAdd missing host
2013-10-06 Alexander WirtFix location fact
2013-10-06 Alexander WirtFix libname
2013-10-06 Alexander WirtAdd custom facter lib for location
2013-10-06 Alexander WirtAdd locations.yaml file
2013-10-06 Alexander WirtInstall locations.yaml on clients
2013-10-06 Alexander WirtAdd foreman support
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtMove firewall definitions from monitoring to hiera
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtMove r10k into puppet
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtMore stuff for hiera
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtReadd empty default stub
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtStart to use hiera as ENC
2013-10-05 Alexander Wirtenhance readme
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtInstall r10k mcollective application
2013-10-05 Alexander Wirtpsk is done via automatic variable lookup
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtAdd missing }
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtFix syntax
2013-10-05 Alexander Wirtrepos is a client, but not a middleware host
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtMake repos an mcollective client and install puppet...
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtFix introduced typo
2013-10-05 Alexander Wirtwe will have our own prerun command
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtThis is now supposed to work
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtAnother stupid typo
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtUpdate is not really working well
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtFix typo
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtUse boolean
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtDisable until hiera is working properly
2013-10-05 Alexander Wirtuse hiera instead of trocla
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtFix typo
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtFetch hiera git from github
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtRemove trocla from site.pp
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtAdd git module
2013-10-05 Alexander WirtRemove trocla
2013-10-01 Alexander WirtJust include trocla::config
2013-10-01 Alexander WirtUse modified trocla
2013-10-01 Alexander WirtMore tests
2013-10-01 Alexander WirtTest
2013-10-01 Alexander WirtWe don't want gems
2013-10-01 Alexander WirtInclude trocla config
2013-10-01 Alexander WirtUse trocla to store mcollective psk
2013-10-01 Alexander WirtFix mcollective definition
2013-10-01 Alexander WirtInstall trocla
2013-10-01 Alexander Wirtmcollective everywhere
2013-10-01 Alexander WirtWe want deps too
2013-10-01 Alexander WirtAdd puppetlabs repo
2013-10-01 Alexander WirtAdd puppet module from puppetlabs
2013-10-01 Alexander WirtUse fixed r10k module
2013-09-30 Alexander Wirtuse mcollective module from our git
2013-09-30 Alexander WirtUse git version of r10k puppet module
2013-09-30 Alexander WirtInstall r10k mcollective agent
2013-09-30 Alexander WirtInstall mcollective client
2013-09-30 Alexander WirtInstall client
2013-09-30 Alexander WirtAdd another dep
2013-09-30 Alexander WirtAdd datacat mdule
2013-09-30 Alexander WirtAdd stdlib
2013-09-30 Alexander WirtInstall mcollective
2013-09-30 Alexander WirtAdd mcollective module
2013-09-30 Alexander WirtAdd needed module
2013-09-30 Alexander WirtBootstrap r10k
2013-09-30 Alexander WirtAdd puppetfile for r10k
2013-09-30 Alexander WirtRename modules directory
2013-09-29 Alexander WirtTest mirror
2013-09-23 Alexander Wirtsupport puppet 2.7 und 3.3
2013-09-23 Alexander WirtFix puppet path
2013-09-23 Alexander Wirtpuppetd is no more
2013-09-23 Alexander WirtAnother fix
2013-09-23 Alexander WirtFix manifest
2013-09-23 Alexander WirtSome ruby compat fixes
2013-09-23 Alexander WirtFix linebreak
2013-09-23 Alexander WirtDistribute the file
2013-09-23 Alexander WirtAdd version check for check_mk
2013-02-22 Alexander WirtAdd ncurses-term to standard packages
2013-02-21 Alexander WirtFirewall for redmine
2013-02-21 Alexander WirtAdd bionix
2013-02-21 Alexander Wirtpuppetlint cleanup