descriptionsimple test suite for autotesting using Grml and KVM
ownerMichael Prokop <>
last changeMon, 13 Feb 2012 12:50:08 +0000 (13:50 +0100)
2012-02-13 Michael ProkopUse live-media-path=/live/grml64/ as default live-media... master
2012-02-13 Michael ProkopSupport vmlinuz and initrd.img as kernel/initrd files...
2012-01-03 Michael ProkopFix typo in vde_switch socket message
2012-01-03 Michael Prokopsupport vmname in monitor socket name for server and...
2011-11-02 Michael Prokopread client.cfg by default in client mode if vmname...
2011-11-02 Michael Prokoperror out if specified iso file can not be read
2011-11-02 Michael Prokopprovide debug output
2011-11-02 Michael Prokopinitial client.cfg configuration file
2011-11-02 Michael Prokoprename CLIENT_MEMORY config to MEMORY
2011-11-02 Michael Prokoprename KVMSERVER_APPEND to KERNEL_CMDLINE, support...
2011-11-01 Michael Prokopsupport --no-console option to disable interactive...
2011-11-01 Michael Prokopuse termination_status.txt file in profile directory...
2011-11-01 Michael Prokopdrop usecases document
2011-11-01 Michael Prokopimprove usage information
2011-11-01 Michael Prokopdrop ipxe ISO, kvm supports PXE boot out of the box
2011-11-01 Michael Prokopslightly rework README
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