2019-07-11 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1:20180603+grml.3 master debian/1%20180603+grml.3
2019-07-11 Michael ProkopEnsure locating libnss* files doesn't fail on merged...
2019-02-08 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1:20180603+grml.2 debian/1%20180603+grml.2
2019-02-08 Michael ProkopDo not generate dhcp entry for loopback interface
2018-12-14 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1:20180603+grml.1 debian/1%20180603+grml.1
2018-12-14 Michael display Grml info, update...
2018-12-14 Michael ProkopSupport debian_networking boot option to use Debian...
2018-12-14 Michael ProkopMinimize delta to Debian's upstream/master
2018-12-13 Michael ProkopMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-06-03 Raphaël HertzogPrepare new release to unstable debian/1%20180603
2018-04-30 Benjamin DrungDouble quote to prevent globbing and word splitting
2018-04-30 Benjamin DrungFix resolving FQDN given by DHCP
2018-03-29 Luca BoccassiRemove --paralle from dh to fix Lintian Warning.
2018-03-29 Luca BoccassiMark live-boot-doc as Multi-Arch: foreign
2018-03-28 Luca BoccassiUpdate changelog for 1:20180328 release, upload to... debian/1%20180328
2018-03-28 Luca BoccassiAdd myself to Uploaders.
2018-03-28 Luca BoccassiBump Standards-Version to 4.1.3, no changes.
2018-03-28 Luca BoccassiRemove dead link to from debian/copyright.
2018-03-28 Luca BoccassiUse HTTPS in debian/copyright (policy 4.0.0).
2018-03-23 Luca BoccassiFix typos in recently added changelog and manpage changes
2018-03-22 Luca BoccassiClarify FROMISO documentation in live-boot manpage
2018-03-22 Erik Ziegenbalgfromiso: add support for local ISO (ONIE)
2018-03-16 Luca BoccassiAdd backward compatibility rbind mount /lib/live/mount...
2018-03-15 Benjamin DrungSupport live-{top,premount,bottom} hooks
2018-03-15 Benjamin DrungRemove sourcing /scripts/functions in components
2018-03-15 Benjamin DrungFix overlay mount after switch to /run/live
2018-03-13 Luca BoccassiFix fromiso after switch to /run/live
2018-03-13 Luca BoccassiFix custom mounts after switch to /run/live
2018-03-13 Charles (Chas... Remove workaround for ipconfig issues
2018-03-13 Raphaël HertzogUpdate changelog
2018-03-12 Luca BoccassiUse true|false instead of y|n for environment variables
2018-03-12 Chas WilliamsAdd back persistance fsck option
2018-03-12 Sameer AgrawalFix ifconfig parsing
2018-03-07 raizo62Update DNSFILE even if DNSFILE contains only commented...
2018-02-24 Raphaël HertzogUse low urgency as we really want a longer test period
2018-02-24 Raphaël HertzogUpdate changelog
2018-02-24 Raphaël HertzogStrip comments from checksums files passed to "shaXsum -c"
2018-02-23 Raphaël HertzogUpdate changelog for 1:20171121 release
2018-02-23 Daniel ReicheltUse klibc's mount again for fuse mounts
2018-02-23 Benjamin DrungAdd configuration variables to build a stripped down...
2018-02-23 Benjamin DrungSimplify mount point handling by using /run/live instea...
2018-02-23 Benjamin DrungSupport setting upperdir tmpfs size with overlay-size...
2018-02-23 Benjamin DrungAvoid double slashes in some paths
2018-02-23 Benjamin DrungDon't replace busybox's wget by the true wget
2018-02-09 Steve McIntyreRepo moved to salsa
2017-12-21 Raphaël HertzogAdd a small warning in the long description
2017-11-21 Ronny StandtkeFix read-only persistence mode with overlayfs
2017-06-23 Raphaël HertzogFix spelling errors in live-boot(7). debian/1%20170623
2017-06-23 Raphaël HertzogBump Standards-Version to 4.0.0.
2017-06-23 Raphaël HertzogBump debhelper compat to 10.
2017-06-23 Raphaël HertzogAdd myself to Uploaders.
2017-06-23 Raphaël HertzogPrepare for release
2017-06-23 Raphaël HertzogTake into account the fact that udevadm is now in ...
2017-06-15 Raphaël HertzogDo not duplicate files in /lib/live/boot/ and /bin...
2017-03-26 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1:20170112+grml.1 debian/1%20170112+grml.1
2017-03-20 Michael BüchlerMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2017-01-12 Raphaël HertzogOnly copy /etc/live/boot if it exists debian/1%20170112
2017-01-12 Raphaël HertzogPrepare release to unstable
2017-01-12 Raphaël HertzogMultiple cleanups to appease lintian.
2017-01-12 Raphaël HertzogImprove removable_dev() in when...
2017-01-12 Evgeni Golovfix nodhcp option to actually force DHCP off
2017-01-12 Raphaël HertzogAdd missing changelog entries
2017-01-12 Raphaël HertzogFix typo in nls_ascii module (nls_asci -> nls_ascii)
2016-09-26 Kristian KlausenAdd FAT ascii iocharset support
2016-07-05 Kristian KlausenCheck /etc/live/boot.conf exist before trying copy
2016-07-05 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1:20160511+grml.1 debian/1%20160511+grml.1
2016-07-05 Michael ProkopRevert "Copy /etc/live/boot{,.conf} to initramfs"
2016-07-05 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.8
2016-07-05 Michael ProkopAdjust permissions of backend/initramfs-tools/kms.hook
2016-07-01 Michael ProkopDrop dpkg trigger for update-initramfs
2016-07-01 Michael Prokopdebian/rules: drop dpatch workaround which is no longer...
2016-07-01 Michael Prokopdebian/rules: drop deprecated build target
2016-07-01 Michael ProkopDrop deprecated live-boot-grml init script
2016-06-28 Michael ProkopMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' mika/debian
2016-06-21 Kristian KlausenCopy /etc/live/boot{,.conf} to initramfs
2016-05-11 Raphaël HertzogPrepare for release debian/1%20160511
2016-05-11 Raphaël HertzogDrop debian/source/*options and dh_builddeb override
2016-05-11 Raphaël HertzogSome fixups to ensure we work with busybox/klibc-utils
2016-05-11 Raphaël HertzogNo longer modify PATH to point to /root
2016-05-11 Raphaël HertzogFix typo in variable name
2016-05-11 Raphaël HertzogUpdate build system to rely on "dpkg-parsechangelog...
2016-01-09 Evgeni Golovupdate manpages with default overlay filesystem
2016-01-07 Evgeni Golovfinalize changelog for upload debian/1%20151213+grml.1
2016-01-06 Evgeni GolovRevert "use auto instead of allow-hotplug in generated...
2016-01-06 Evgeni Golovmake package native as in Debian
2016-01-06 Evgeni Golovupdate changelog
2016-01-06 Evgeni Golovfix changelog after merge
2016-01-06 Evgeni Golovremove debian/patches
2016-01-06 Riccardo MurriAllow selecting boot eth dev by MAC address
2016-01-06 Evgeni GolovMerge branch 'debian'
2016-01-06 Evgeni GolovMerge tag 'debian/1%20151213' into debian
2016-01-01 Evgeni Golovfix detection of (no)persistence option in read-only...
2015-12-26 Russell Stuartdefault the host in fetch urls to be ROOTSERVER if...
2015-12-20 Evgeni GolovMerge remote-tracking branch 'grml'
2015-12-20 Wolfgang ScheicherEnable multiple lower layers for overlayfs
2015-12-13 Iain R. LearmonthUpdate changelog for release debian/1%20151213
2015-12-13 Iain R. LearmonthAdded myself to uploaders, updated Vcs-* and homepage
2015-12-13 Iain R. LearmonthSwitch to native source format
2015-12-13 Carlos ZuferriUsing 'Live Systems Project' as default project in...
2015-12-13 trebmuhAdding French translation for live-boot manpage and...