Bump Standard Version to 3.8.1 and Compat Version to 5
[grml-autoconfig.git] / autoconfig.functions
2009-04-08 Michael ProkopUse "speakup_..." for speakup bootoption. v0.8.20
2009-04-06 Michael ProkopAdd support for speakup.synth=... bootoption v0.8.19
2009-02-12 Michael ProkopApply code by Thomas Lehmann to improve timezone handling v0.8.17
2009-02-12 Ulrich DangelRefactored config unpacking config parameter will now...
2009-02-12 Ulrich DangelGet always the right boot parameter
2008-11-18 Michael ProkopSome updates in config_time()
2008-11-15 Michael ProkopSupport tohd=... bootoption v0.8.16
2008-11-03 Michael ProkopUpdate locales/language handling
2008-10-05 Michael ProkopRework config_swspeak once more, move code to script...
2008-09-27 Michael ProkopRework /proc stuff of speakup
2008-09-27 Michael ProkopWrap flite calls through a wrapper function.
2008-09-27 Michael ProkopRework check for speakup
2008-09-27 Michael ProkopRework config_swspeak, add config_hwspeak
2008-09-25 Michael ProkopUpdate random password code
2008-09-25 Michael ProkopUse random password if bootoption 'ssh' doesn't have...
2008-08-27 Michael ProkopMove noautoconfig hint from floppy part to top level 0.8.11
2008-08-15 Michael ProkopUpdate cpufrequency handling - closes issue505 0.8.10
2008-07-17 Michael ProkopCheck for /dev/input/mice before starting GPM
2008-06-09 Michael ProkopMention job handling stuff when using debug=noscreen
2008-05-19 Michael Prokopconfig_mypath(): fix mkdir usage + writing to /etc... 0.8.7
2008-05-17 Michael Prokopconfig_mypath(): create directory if it does not exist yet 0.8.6
2008-05-17 Michael Prokopconfig_syslog(): support other syslog daemons than...
2008-03-21 Michael Prokopconfig_mypath(): allow setting additional $PATH 0.8.5
2008-02-18 Michael Prokopsupport old directory layout and new one (/live/image) 0.8.4
2008-01-20 Michael ProkopUpdate config_log() + config_debug() 0.8.3
2008-01-14 Michael ProkopSupport multiple modules in bootoption blacklist 0.8.1
2007-12-27 Michael ProkopSupport /etc/X11/xorg.conf.virtualbox in config_vmware()
2007-11-20 Michael ProkopDrop unused update_progress() + /etc/sysconfig/grml
2007-11-16 Michael Prokopswitch to the original tty when running consolechars 0.7.30
2007-11-15 Michael ProkopNew bootoption micvol 0.7.29
2007-11-15 Michael ProkopAdd bootoption noconsolefont 0.7.28
2007-11-15 Michael ProkopDrop the 'consolechars --tty=/dev/tty -d' stuff
2007-10-27 Michael ProkopReplace check for /var/run/acpid.socket 0.7.26
2007-09-30 Michael ProkopDrop skip of unicode_start for grml-small 0.7.24
2007-09-30 Michael ProkopAdjust look'n'feel of testcd and improve error handling...
2007-09-20 Michael ProkopDrop the logger stuff for acpid as does not seem to... 0.7.23
2007-09-20 Michael ProkopCheck for "none /sys sysfs" instead of sysfs only;... 0.7.22
2007-09-17 Michael Prokopconfig_lvm(): support Debian etch as well 0.7.18
2007-09-06 Michael ProkopDrop support for (deprecated) bootoption expert
2007-09-05 Michael Prokopconfig_language(): check for existence of /etc/sysconfi... 0.7.15
2007-09-04 Michael ProkopUpdate $INSTALLED check to fix syntax error 0.7.14
2007-09-04 Michael ProkopAdjust config_testcd and $INSTALLED for use with live... 0.7.13
2007-08-02 Michael Prokopconfig_timezone: added some more error handling and... 0.7.12
2007-07-25 Michael ProkopFix code regression of checkbootparam
2007-07-25 Michael ProkopAdd config_ipw3945() 0.7.10
2007-07-25 Michael ProkopSupport bootoption nogrmlacpi, inform user how to skip... 0.7.9
2007-07-12 Michael ProkopDo not automatically start sl-modem-daemon 0.7.8
2007-07-12 Michael ProkopInform users about CONFIG_DHCP=no when running from...
2007-07-11 Michael Prokopconfig_mixer: check for /proc/asound/cards 0.7.7
2007-07-11 Michael Prokopconfig_mixer(): Add 'no soundcard?' to aumix error... 0.7.6
2007-07-11 Michael Prokopconfig_cpu(): check for Virtual Box
2007-07-11 Michael Prokopconfig_lvm(): check for 'No volume groups found'
2007-07-04 Michael ProkopIntegrate /etc/init.d/loadcpufreq in config_cpu() ... 0.7.5
2007-07-01 Michael ProkopSupport LVM
2007-05-11 Michael ProkopAdd additional check for valid block device and if... 0.6.42
2007-04-22 Michael Prokopconfig_distri(): make sure /usr/share/grml/desktop... 0.6.41
2007-04-21 Alexander WirtAllow BOOT_APPEND (grml-debootstrap) via cmdline
2007-04-16 Michael ProkopFix small typo in config_debootstrap() 0.6.39
2007-04-16 Michael ProkopRename partition bootoption inside config_debootstrap... 0.6.38
2007-04-16 Michael ProkopImprove look and feel inside config_debootstrap() 0.6.37
2007-04-16 Michael ProkopImprove error handling in config_debootstrap()
2007-04-16 Michael ProkopSupport full automatic installation of Debian via grml...
2007-04-15 Michael ProkopFix tty6-check, thanks for the code review - Matthias... 0.6.36
2007-04-15 Michael ProkopMake sure tty6 is defined in /etc/inittab for xstartup 0.6.35
2007-04-15 Michael ProkopMove error output of unicode_start to $DEBUG. 0.6.34
2007-04-15 Michael ProkopCode rewrite of config_fstab()
2007-04-13 Michael ProkopDo not execute unicode_start on grml-small in live... 0.6.33
2007-04-09 Michael ProkopFix logical structure of config_vmware(). 0.6.32
2007-04-04 Michael Prokopadditional check in config_vmware, added config_distri() 0.6.30
2007-04-03 Michael Prokopconfig_language(): rework the way unicode_start and... 0.6.29
2007-03-29 Michael Prokopconfig_console(): support setting of bps via bootoption... 0.6.28
2007-03-27 Michael Prokopreintroduce cpufreq-detect.sh 0.6.26
2007-03-25 Michael ProkopImprove informational messages for VMware/Qemu 0.6.25
2007-03-25 Michael Prokopconfig_cpu(): use ondemand governor 0.6.24
2007-03-25 Michael Prokopconfig_cpu(): support x86 in cpufreq detection
2007-03-25 Michael Prokopconfig_vmware(): fix small syntax error
2007-03-25 Michael Prokopadded config_qemu() 0.6.23
2007-03-25 Michael Prokopconfig_time(): check for existing /dev/rtc, display... 0.6.22
2007-03-17 Michael Prokopupdate of config_language and config_local_net
2007-03-15 Michael ProkopRun the mount command inside config_fstab only if ... 0.6.16
2007-03-09 Michael ProkopExecute config_homedir() only if home-bootoption is set
2007-02-19 Michael Prokopfix startx bootoption 0.6.15
2007-02-17 Michael Prokopconfig_language(): activate unicode console if running... 0.6.14
2007-02-05 Michael Prokopadd check for /proc/xen in vmware-detection
2007-01-24 Michael Prokopdetection of CPUs with support for virtualization and... 0.6.12
2007-01-17 Michael Prokopfix handling of /etc/init.d/xstartup for grml-small
2006-12-18 Michael Prokopuse Uni3-Terminus16 instead of Uni3-Terminus14 as defau... 0.6.10
2006-12-16 Michael Prokopuse Uni3-Terminus14 as console font for utf8 support...
2006-12-03 Michael Prokop * config_time: make sure /etc/default/locale can... 0.6-8
2006-12-03 Michael Prokop * config_time: use option --directisa for hwclock...
2006-12-03 Michael Prokop * Display "not using swap partition" only in live... 0.6-6
2006-12-03 Michael Prokop * Adjust swraid bootoption information text, thanks... 0.6-5
2006-12-02 Michael Prokop * Do *not* autoassemble sw-raid arrays any more,...
2006-11-27 Michael Prokop * Extend 'Ignoring swap partition'-message for new...
2006-11-27 Michael Prokop * Use 'MDADM_MAILADDR__' for setting mailaddress... 0.6-2
2006-11-24 Michael Prokop * config_userfstab: use new CONFIG_FSTAB_USER variabl... 0.5-28
2006-11-16 Michael Prokopautoconfig.functions: make sure we can access /proc... 0.5-26
2006-11-16 Michael Prokop * grml-autoconfig script: deprecate CONFIG_KERNEL... 0.5-25
2006-11-09 Michael Prokop * The "we need a cleanup" release. 0.5-23
2006-11-07 Michael Prokopconfig_swraid: use mkconf for generation of mdadm.conf