Added support for Norsk environment, thanks to Arnt Karlsen!
[grml-autoconfig.git] / debian / changelog
2006-11-14 Michael ProkopAdded support for Norsk environment, thanks to Arnt... 0.5-24
2006-11-09 Michael Prokop * The "we need a cleanup" release. 0.5-23
2006-11-07 Michael Prokopconfig_swraid: use mkconf for generation of mdadm.conf
2006-11-06 Michael Prokopreplace clear command with echo to avoid flickering... 0.5-21
2006-11-02 Michael Prokop* config_swraid: add usage info how to disable it,... 0.5-20
2006-11-02 Michael Prokopadded config_swraid for sw-raid support on live-cd 0.5-19
2006-10-31 Michael Prokopconfig_cpu: beautify "Detecting CPU" for SMP systems. 0.5-18
2006-10-31 Michael Prokopconfig_mixer: beautify error output of aumix. 0.5-17
2006-10-23 Michael Prokopupdate debian/changelog for new package version 0.5-16
2006-10-22 Michael Prokop* initial checkin 0.5-15