Move bootlocal.*, haltlocal.* to grml-live
[grml-autoconfig.git] / doc / grml-autoconfig.8.txt
2011-07-28 Christian HofstaedtlerMove bootlocal.*, haltlocal.* to grml-live
2011-05-22 Ulrich DangelUpdate asciidoc files to use correct link syntax.
2010-02-26 Michael ProkopDeprecate home bootopion, drop mkpersistenthome. v0.9.6
2009-09-21 Michael ProkopMerge debian/changelog
2009-09-12 Ulrich DangelAdd support for overriding values via autoconfig.local
2009-08-17 Michael ProkopRework: merge in grml-saveconfig scripts + docs package...