2009-08-05 Michael ProkopAdd placeholder functions for start/restart/reload... v0.8.24
2009-08-05 Michael ProkopAdjust copyright file
2009-08-05 Michael ProkopAdd LSB header to init script grml-autoconfig.strace
2009-08-05 Michael ProkopUse invoke-rc.d for starting network
2009-08-05 Michael ProkopAdjust Build-Depends and Standard-Version
2009-08-05 Michael ProkopSwitch wording from 'CD' to 'live mode' where possible...
2009-08-05 Michael ProkopDrop config_cdrom_scripts(); some formating cleanups
2009-08-05 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog regarding issue715 and for new release
2009-08-05 Marc Haberre-work of debs, config, scripts handling, according...
2009-08-05 Michael ProkopNew bootoption 'nostartx'
2009-07-28 Michael ProkopCheck for space after bootoption 'fast'
2009-05-29 Michael ProkopUse /etc/modprobe.d/grml.conf; use config.tbz as defaul... v0.8.23
2009-05-20 Michael ProkopImprove ""Sorry, could not find file ..." message v0.8.22
2009-05-20 Michael ProkopFix bootoption ssh
2009-05-18 Michael ProkopBump Standard Version to 3.8.1 and Compat Version to 5 v0.8.21
2009-05-18 Michael ProkopDrop .hgtags
2009-05-18 Michael ProkopInstall haltlocal initscript in postinst script
2009-04-08 Michael ProkopUse "speakup_..." for speakup bootoption. v0.8.20
2009-04-06 Michael ProkopAdd support for speakup.synth=... bootoption v0.8.19
2009-02-23 Michael ProkopSmall update to changelog v0.8.18
2009-02-23 Michael ProkopFix typo in changelog
2009-02-20 Michael ProkopDrop support for /etc/grml/autoconfig.small; support...
2009-02-20 Michael Prokopdrop check for /etc/grml/autoconfig.small
2009-02-20 Michael ProkopChange forensic bootoption handling, as we add 'forensi...
2009-02-12 Michael ProkopApply code by Thomas Lehmann to improve timezone handling v0.8.17
2009-02-12 Ulrich DangelRefactored config unpacking config parameter will now...
2009-02-12 Ulrich DangelGet always the right boot parameter
2008-11-18 Michael ProkopSome updates in config_time()
2008-11-15 Michael ProkopSupport tohd=... bootoption v0.8.16
2008-11-03 Michael ProkopAdjust VCS headers v0.8.15
2008-11-03 Michael ProkopUpdate locales/language handling
2008-10-05 Michael ProkopRework config_swspeak once more, move code to script...
2008-09-27 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.8.13 for changeset 907e7dd5cc79
2008-09-27 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog 0.8.13
2008-09-27 Michael ProkopRework /proc stuff of speakup
2008-09-27 Michael ProkopWrap flite calls through a wrapper function.
2008-09-27 Michael ProkopRework check for speakup
2008-09-27 Michael ProkopRework config_swspeak, add config_hwspeak
2008-09-25 Michael ProkopUpdate random password code
2008-09-25 Michael ProkopUpdate swedish language settings, thanks again to Marti...
2008-09-25 Michael ProkopUse random password if bootoption 'ssh' doesn't have...
2008-09-24 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.8.12 for changeset 41ea27c5ef68
2008-09-24 Michael ProkopAdd support for swedish language settings. 0.8.12
2008-08-27 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.8.11 for changeset 79680052c097
2008-08-27 Michael ProkopMove noautoconfig hint from floppy part to top level 0.8.11
2008-08-15 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.8.10 for changeset 0b5ac3b7775a
2008-08-15 Michael ProkopUpdate cpufrequency handling - closes issue505 0.8.10
2008-07-17 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.8.9 for changeset c59127209f34
2008-07-17 Michael ProkopSome small cleanups to make lintian happy 0.8.9
2008-07-17 Michael ProkopCheck for /dev/input/mice before starting GPM
2008-06-09 Michael ProkopMention job handling stuff when using debug=noscreen
2008-05-19 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.8.7 for changeset 11182ab6df8f
2008-05-19 Michael Prokopconfig_mypath(): fix mkdir usage + writing to /etc... 0.8.7
2008-05-17 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.8.6 for changeset d715fb5a1a18
2008-05-17 Michael Prokopconfig_mypath(): create directory if it does not exist yet 0.8.6
2008-05-17 Michael Prokopconfig_syslog(): support other syslog daemons than...
2008-03-21 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.8.5 for changeset ec4b09935e1e
2008-03-21 Michael Prokopconfig_mypath(): allow setting additional $PATH 0.8.5
2008-02-18 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.8.4 for changeset 7e921edf9ccc
2008-02-18 Michael Prokopsupport old directory layout and new one (/live/image) 0.8.4
2008-01-20 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.8.3 for changeset 27bd0fd4dc2414eb34c9cd90a...
2008-01-20 Michael ProkopUpdate config_log() + config_debug() 0.8.3
2008-01-19 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.8.2 for changeset 3725a22b490eb3392cd943d91...
2008-01-19 Michael ProkopCheck for auto device in /etc/network/interfaces 0.8.2
2008-01-14 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.8.1 for changeset 10823821a88c1134136af4b0a...
2008-01-14 Michael ProkopSupport multiple modules in bootoption blacklist 0.8.1
2007-12-27 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.8.0 for changeset 64646232bb14acb33422fd669...
2007-12-27 Michael ProkopBump Standard-Version to 3.7.3 (no further changes) 0.8.0
2007-12-27 Michael ProkopSupport /etc/X11/xorg.conf.virtualbox in config_vmware()
2007-12-06 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.7.32 for changeset 59efdc12a7fe586902720d76...
2007-12-06 Michael ProkopFix typo in manpage 0.7.32
2007-11-20 Michael ProkopDrop unused update_progress() + /etc/sysconfig/grml
2007-11-16 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.7.30 for changeset 6bdd25bcff3abdc2558a5dc7...
2007-11-16 Michael Prokopswitch to the original tty when running consolechars 0.7.30
2007-11-15 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.7.29 for changeset c5b2308d9ff958738a6ef0a4...
2007-11-15 Michael ProkopNew bootoption micvol 0.7.29
2007-11-15 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.7.28 for changeset 1a63a1a053c41feda880315d...
2007-11-15 Michael ProkopAdd bootoption noconsolefont 0.7.28
2007-11-15 Michael ProkopDrop the 'consolechars --tty=/dev/tty -d' stuff
2007-11-03 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.7.27 for changeset 841020ec07bf0fd6217d446e...
2007-11-03 Michael ProkopIgnore /dev/.static/dev for /etc/mtab in live-mode 0.7.27
2007-10-27 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.7.26 for changeset abafae464699637bcdb1b7a0...
2007-10-27 Michael ProkopReplace check for /var/run/acpid.socket 0.7.26
2007-10-06 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.7.25 for changeset feb18f324031f3a3043b14f3...
2007-10-06 Michael ProkopMove syslog startup to the begin of grml-autoconfig 0.7.25
2007-09-30 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.7.24 for changeset 6660358d52c82271349afff6...
2007-09-30 Michael ProkopDrop skip of unicode_start for grml-small 0.7.24
2007-09-30 Michael ProkopAdjust look'n'feel of testcd and improve error handling...
2007-09-20 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.7.23 for changeset da2a77bcbaf48cfddefff19c...
2007-09-20 Michael ProkopDrop the logger stuff for acpid as does not seem to... 0.7.23
2007-09-20 Michael ProkopAdd acpi-support to Recommends and depend on console...
2007-09-20 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.7.22 for changeset 0b349f615f84247487d5e386...
2007-09-20 Michael ProkopCheck for "none /sys sysfs" instead of sysfs only;... 0.7.22
2007-09-17 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.7.21 for changeset 4f4005787aaf4714a42a0681...
2007-09-17 Michael Prokopget rid of the /dev/shm/resolvconf workaround 0.7.21
2007-09-17 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.7.20 for changeset 86a9a191e33ae97a15d854c0...
2007-09-17 Michael ProkopImprove check for presence of /dev/shm/resolvconf 0.7.20
2007-09-17 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.7.19 for changeset a26b01aa635885258e7ef871...
2007-09-17 Michael ProkopMake sure /dev/shm/resolvconf exists 0.7.19
2007-09-17 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.7.18 for changeset 8df10d2d590d6f3c42b868da...