2010-08-12 Ulrich DangelSwap position of pre-2009.05 and post-2009.05. [Closes...
2010-08-12 Ulrich DangelFixed typo in manpage
2010-08-08 Frank TerbeckFix config_debs() and make sure config_debnet() does...
2010-08-02 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.9.13. v0.9.13
2010-08-02 Michael ProkopAdd eend call to random hostname info message.
2010-07-30 Ulrich DangelAdded random hostname support. Thanks to Gregor Perner...
2010-07-21 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.9.12. v0.9.12
2010-07-21 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.0.
2010-07-21 Michael Prokopconsole setup: provide fallback if no tty was specified...
2010-07-21 Marc Habermake config_console handle multiple console=-settings...
2010-06-25 Ulrich DangelDocumented debnet parameter
2010-06-01 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.9.11. v0.9.11
2010-06-01 Michael ProkopDo not check for bootoption console=ttyS as this might...
2010-05-31 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.9.10. v0.9.10
2010-05-31 Michael Prokopconsole/serial bootoption: allow manually specifying...
2010-03-04 Michael ProkopImprove way how we start X via bootoption startx. v0.9.9
2010-02-27 Michael ProkopFurther cosmetic tuning for serial console mode. v0.9.8
2010-02-27 Michael Prokopsave-config: search for modified files and symlinks...
2010-02-27 Michael ProkopDrop mgetty specific code and improve chvt code for... v0.9.7
2010-02-26 Michael ProkopDeprecate home bootopion, drop mkpersistenthome. v0.9.6
2010-02-26 Michael ProkopUse Lat15-Terminus16 instead of lat1-16/lat10-16.
2010-02-03 Michael Prokopdmraid: add check for "no block devices found".
2010-02-03 Michael ProkopDrop unnecessary keyword for redirecting stdin to ...
2010-02-03 Michael ProkopFix usage of eend in config_cpu() if execution fails.
2010-02-02 Michael ProkopBootoption hostname: use grml-hostname to adjust config... v0.9.5
2010-01-10 Michael ProkopIf there's no lang=... bootoption present default to... v0.9.4
2009-12-29 Ulrich DangelAdded shunit2 as build dependency, removed shipped...
2009-12-15 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for release 0.9.3. v0.9.3
2009-12-15 Michael ProkopAdd support for dmraid.
2009-12-12 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for release 0.9.2. v0.9.2
2009-12-12 Michael ProkopAdd VNC support. [Closes: issue781]
2009-11-21 Ulrich DangelRun config_config befor config_scripts. [Closes: issue776]
2009-11-14 Michael ProkopEnable cpu frequency scaling on all hardware by default. v0.9.1
2009-11-14 Michael ProkopUse lang=en as default (instead of lang=us).
2009-10-29 Michael ProkopAdd note regarding configuration settings into grml... v0.9.0
2009-10-29 Michael ProkopDrop usage of $UID in scripts
2009-10-24 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for release (0.8.40). v0.8.40
2009-10-24 Ulrich DangelUpdated changelog.
2009-10-24 Ulrich DangelLoad Lat15-Terminus16 console font if no framebuffer...
2009-10-23 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for release 0.8.39 v0.8.39
2009-10-23 Marc Haberfix: set only DCSMP to /mnt/grmlcfg if a GRMLCFG fs...
2009-10-22 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for release 0.8.38 v0.8.38
2009-10-22 Marc Haberfix wrong behavior if no is found
2009-10-21 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for release 0.8.37 v0.8.37
2009-10-21 Marc Haberfix bug: / and /config.tbz on a GRMLCFG file...
2009-10-18 Michael Prokopset-hostname: fix missing quotes (thanks mrud) v0.8.36
2009-10-18 Michael Prokopetc/grml/pump-scripts.d/set-hostname: drop unnecessary...
2009-10-18 Michael Prokop/etc/grml/pump-scripts.d/set-hostname: use busybox...
2009-10-18 Michael ProkopRevert "unicode_start command: do not redirect stderr... v0.8.35
2009-10-17 Michael Prokoppump hostname script: run in live mode only and use... v0.8.34
2009-10-17 Ulrich DangelReworked and grmlfied patch from Andreas Thienemann
2009-10-17 Andreas ThienemannAdd a dhcphostname option to grml which will set the...
2009-10-14 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for release v0.8.33
2009-10-14 Ulrich Dangelconfig_mixer now uses amixer instead of aumix for setti...
2009-09-28 Michael Prokopunicode_start command: do not redirect stderr to debug... v0.8.32
2009-09-28 Michael Prokopconfig_finddcsdir: some minor message display improvements
2009-09-21 Michael ProkopFix wrong changelog version v0.8.31
2009-09-21 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog
2009-09-21 Julian Langschaedelconfig_x_startup() locate /bin/X
2009-09-21 Michael ProkopMerge debian/changelog
2009-09-12 Ulrich DangelUpdated changelog for 0.8.28
2009-09-12 Ulrich DangelSplitted documentation for grml-autoconfig.1 in 2 diffe...
2009-09-12 Ulrich DangelAdd support for overriding values via autoconfig.local
2009-09-12 Ulrich DangelAllow passing sources with variables to get_remote_file
2009-09-12 Ulrich DangelAdd arch to predefined variables in autoconfig.functions
2009-09-12 Ulrich DangelAdded unittest for test_finddcsdir
2009-09-12 Ulrich Dangelrefactored unit tests
2009-09-12 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for release (0.8.30) v0.8.30
2009-09-11 Ulrich Dangeladded new bootparameter netscript
2009-09-11 Ulrich Dangelrefactored config_netconfig
2009-09-10 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for release (0.8.29) v0.8.29
2009-09-10 Ulrich Dangelmodify wget parameter to only try once to download...
2009-09-09 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for release v0.8.28
2009-09-09 Marc HaberDCSDIR default value is /live/image issue #730, if...
2009-09-09 Frank TerbeckRun test suite from debian/rules
2009-09-09 Frank Terbeckdoc/Makefile: fix non posix shell syntax
2009-09-09 Frank TerbeckFix a bug in checkbootparam()
2009-09-09 Ulrich Dangelsimple unit tests for {get,check}bootparam
2009-09-09 Frank TerbeckFix a bug in getbootparam()
2009-09-08 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for release (0.8.27) v0.8.27
2009-09-08 lianfix config_x_startup()
2009-08-18 Michael ProkopFix typo in grml-autoconfig(1)
2009-08-17 Michael ProkopFix syntax error in checkbootparam() v0.8.26
2009-08-17 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for release v0.8.25
2009-08-17 Michael ProkopRework: merge in grml-saveconfig scripts + docs package...
2009-08-12 Michael ProkopBuild-Depends-Indep on asciidoc, docbook-xsl and xsltproc
2009-08-12 Michael ProkopMove grml-autoconfig.txt to doc/grml-autoconfig.txt...
2009-08-12 Marc Haberadd grml-autoconfig.txt
2009-08-11 Michael Prokopcleanup: drop some helper functions + rework getbootpar...
2009-08-11 Michael ProkopSet $CMDLINE in $BOOTDEBUG part only if it is not avail...
2009-08-11 Marc Haberdrop $CMDLINE from grml-autoconfig; it's initialized...
2009-08-11 Marc Haberdon't print the "debs/config/scripts" message if no...
2009-08-11 Marc Haberstreamline calls of bootparams-functions, single quotes...
2009-08-11 Michael Prokopconfig_finddcsdir(): Use the correct device for GRMLCFG
2009-08-05 Michael ProkopAdd placeholder functions for start/restart/reload... v0.8.24
2009-08-05 Michael ProkopAdjust copyright file
2009-08-05 Michael ProkopAdd LSB header to init script grml-autoconfig.strace
2009-08-05 Michael ProkopUse invoke-rc.d for starting network
2009-08-05 Michael ProkopAdjust Build-Depends and Standard-Version
2009-08-05 Michael ProkopSwitch wording from 'CD' to 'live mode' where possible...