Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.7
[grml-debootstrap.git] / config
2015-06-17 Paul MenzelUse official redirector address httpredir.debian.org [1]
2015-06-05 Michael Prokopconfig: change from GPL-2 to GPL-2+
2015-06-04 Michael ProkopProvide new option --remove-configs to delete grml...
2015-06-04 Michael ProkopRename --scripts to --post-scripts for consistency
2015-06-03 Michael ProkopDrop contrib + non-free from default COMPONENTS, suppor...
2015-05-08 Michael ProkopMerge remote-tracking branch 'hartwork:one-more-umount...
2015-05-08 Sebastian PippingAdd support for installation of Debian stretch (issue...
2015-05-08 Sebastian PippingFix current release-related texts before adding stretch...
2014-10-13 Michael ProkopDo not use fixed disk identifiers by default
2014-10-13 Michael Prokopconfig: use uuidgen tool for DISK_IDENTIFIER usage...
2014-10-13 Patrick SchleizerUse UUIDs in /boot/grub/grub.cfg for VM builds rather...
2014-10-13 Michael ProkopMake disk identifier configurable via DISK_IDENTIFIER...
2014-10-13 Michael ProkopSupport MKFS_OPTS variable + use -F option in mkfs...
2014-07-29 Patrick SchleizerAdjust locale handling (LANG/LANGUAGE) to match with...
2014-04-18 Michael ProkopClarify usage of default hostname ($HOSTNAME is considered)
2014-04-15 Michael ProkopSwitch default filesystem from ext3 to ext4
2014-03-07 Patrick SchleizerSupport FIXED_DISK_IDENTIFIERS option, useful for repro...
2013-11-07 Michael ProkopFix description of SCRIPTS variable in config file
2013-10-15 Michael ProkopSupport $DEFAULT_LOCALES to enable specified locales...
2013-02-07 Markus RekkenbeilAdd new feature "backportrepos" (trigger: --backportrepos )
2013-02-04 Michael ProkopUse http.debian.net as default mirror
2012-12-31 Michael ProkopMerge branch 'mika/wheezy_release'
2012-12-17 Michael ProkopSet wheezy as the new default release [Closes: #688234]
2012-05-14 Michael ProkopDrop --insecure/SECURE option + instead depend on debia...
2012-01-27 Michael ProkopRun upgrade procedure by default (disable via UPGRADE_S...
2011-10-13 Michael Prokopdrop enabled config variables from config file and...
2011-10-13 Michael Prokopdisable filesystem check by default
2011-10-13 Michael Prokopsupport --grmlrepos command line option
2011-03-11 Michael ProkopIntegrate Debian/squeeze and Debian/wheezy proberly.
2010-02-22 Michael ProkopFix minor typo in config file comment.
2010-02-22 Michael ProkopSupport config variable RM_APTCACHE.
2010-02-22 Michael ProkopRevert "Updated grml-debootstrap parameter handling"
2010-01-30 Tong SunUpdated grml-debootstrap parameter handling
2009-12-14 Michael ProkopMerge branch 't/pre_scripts'
2009-12-05 Michael Gebetsroitheradd default config and activate pre_scripts there
2009-11-14 Ulrich DangelSupport and enable per default --keyring option. [Close...
2009-10-28 Michael ProkopDrop support for Etch, simplify grub handling
2009-10-24 Michael ProkopAdjust grub handling and support INSTALL_NOTES
2009-10-24 Michael ProkopUse cdn.debian.net as default mirror
2009-05-08 Michael ProkopSupport setting aptitude/apt-get options through $DPKG_...
2009-05-08 Michael ProkopSupport setting Debian mirror components
2009-03-04 Michael ProkopDrop $CHROOTMIRROR variable v0.24
2009-03-04 Michael ProkopDrop sarge from interface, docs and script
2009-03-04 Michael ProkopAdd initial support for Debian/lenny; update VCS headers
2008-11-20 Michael ProkopDrop locales from RECONFIGURE list
2008-11-20 Michael ProkopMerge branch 'chrootscripts'
2008-11-20 Michael ProkopSupport execution of further scripts
2008-11-12 Michael ProkopMerge commit 'origin/t/tong'
2008-10-20 Tong Sunto close Issue555, Make --confdir=path works as expected.
2008-10-05 Michael ProkopApply several patches by Tong Sun, update changelog
2008-10-05 Tong Sunupdate config file to reflect my recent patches
2008-08-28 Michael ProkopUpdate config file
2008-08-26 Michael ProkopProvide interactive configuration dialog, several bugfixes
2007-06-05 Michael ProkopUpdate documentation and config file
2007-04-28 Michael ProkopFix EXTRAPACKAGES comment in config
2007-04-22 Alexander WirtUpdate TODO
2007-04-22 Alexander WirtAdd extrapackages feature
2007-04-21 Alexander WirtIntroduce BOOT_APPEND also to grml-debootstrap
2007-04-16 Michael ProkopSupport setting password for user root
2007-04-16 Michael ProkopSet DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive in config file
2007-04-12 Michael ProkopUpdate manpage, depends 0.6
2007-04-12 Michael ProkopSupport setting variables inside chroot system via...
2007-04-09 Michael ProkopSupport stages, update manapge for lenny
2007-04-09 Michael ProkopAlways assume architecture of the running system
2006-12-05 Michael Prokopupdated TODO file; remove grml-stuff from config by... 0.4
2006-11-18 Michael Prokopadd intial support for grml-repos
2006-11-17 Michael Prokopinitial version of support for installation into a...
2006-11-10 Michael Prokopnotice architecture related configuration of $KERNEL...
2006-11-09 Michael ProkopInitial support for $ARCH.
2006-11-06 Michael Prokopupdate notes regarding grub in config file; add grml... 0.2
2006-11-06 Michael Prokopadded variable $GRUB for installation of grub in MBR...
2006-11-06 Michael Prokopupdate config file for new release
2006-11-06 Michael Prokopdeprecate $MBR and use $GROOT instead everywhere
2006-11-06 Michael Prokopstop mdadm in chroot
2006-11-03 Michael Prokopfix initrd stuff for sarge
2006-11-03 Michael Prokoprewrote kernel package version handling
2006-11-03 Michael Prokopfix use of chrootmirror
2006-11-03 Michael Prokopreorder some variables in config
2006-11-03 Michael Prokop- support setting locales through /etc/debootstrap...
2006-11-03 Michael Prokoprun grub-install ; added TODO file ; remove debian...
2006-11-03 Michael Prokopsupport tune2fs
2006-11-03 Michael Prokopdo not use savedefault in menu.lst, support fsck
2006-11-03 Michael Prokopdo not support lilo but just grub
2006-11-03 Michael Prokopclarify use of GROOT and BOOT
2006-11-03 Michael Prokopsome more grub updates + fixes
2006-11-03 Michael Prokopuse
2006-11-03 Michael Prokopsupport
2006-11-03 Michael Prokopsome bugfixes, run first tests...
2006-11-03 Michael Prokopinitial checkin