Rename grml-debootstrap.clp to cmdlineopts.clp
[grml-debootstrap.git] / grml-debootstrap.8.txt
2008-10-06 Tong SunReapply previous missing various patches for the issues...
2008-10-05 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog, improve docs
2008-10-05 Tong SunTo close Issue539
2007-10-24 Michael ProkopFixed some typos in the manpage; thanks Alexander Stein... 0.12
2007-06-05 Michael ProkopUpdate documentation and config file
2007-04-22 Alexander WirtUpdate TODO
2007-04-22 Alexander WirtReformat manpage
2007-04-16 Michael ProkopAdded zsh-completion (thanks, ft!), renamed asciidoc...