Add option --vm to install VMs into LVs and such
[grml-debootstrap.git] / grml-debootstrap.8.txt
2014-04-26 Christian HofstaedtlerAdd option --vm to install VMs into LVs and such
2014-04-18 Michael ProkopSupport --nokernel option to skip installation of defau...
2014-04-18 Michael ProkopClarify usage of default hostname ($HOSTNAME is considered)
2014-04-18 Michael ProkopUpdate documentation WRT supported releases and some...
2014-04-18 Michael ProkopCopy /etc/network/interfaces from host system, unless...
2014-04-15 Michael ProkopSupport execution of --grub when installing to target...
2014-04-15 Michael ProkopProvide --debug option for very verbose execution
2014-04-15 Michael ProkopSwitch default filesystem from ext3 to ext4
2013-02-07 Markus RekkenbeilAdd new feature "backportrepos" (trigger: --backportrepos )
2013-02-04 Michael ProkopUse as default mirror
2012-12-31 Michael ProkopMerge branch 'mika/wheezy_release'
2012-12-17 Michael Prokopdocs: mention VM image and dialog based frontend support
2012-12-17 Michael Prokopdocs: clarify AUTOINSTALL is currently supported on...
2012-12-17 Michael Prokopdocs: fix outdated default mirror reference
2012-12-17 Michael ProkopSet wheezy as the new default release [Closes: #688234]
2012-12-17 Michael ProkopDo not hardcode squeeze as Debian/stable
2012-05-14 Michael ProkopDrop --insecure/SECURE option + instead depend on debia...
2012-04-20 Michael Prokopdocs: mention for lenny...
2011-10-13 Michael Prokopupdate release table (drop etch, add wheezy)
2011-10-13 Michael Prokopdocs: improve option formating, minor typo fixes
2011-10-13 Michael Prokopclarify usage of --arch option
2011-10-13 Michael Prokopsupport --grmlrepos command line option
2011-10-13 Michael ProkopSupport --nopassword option to not prompt for the root...
2011-05-30 Michael ProkopSupport --force option to skip user acknowledgement...
2011-05-30 Michael ProkopSupport --vmfile and --vmsize command line options...
2011-05-30 Michael ProkopUpdate package description and documentation to reflect...
2011-03-11 Michael ProkopIntegrate Debian/squeeze and Debian/wheezy proberly.
2010-12-28 Michael Prokopgrml-debootstrap.8.txt: Add Squeeze as alternative...
2010-10-18 Christian Hofstaedtlermdraids for lenny need to use metadata format 0.90
2010-02-27 Michael ProkopAdd support for specifying filesystem + provide /etc... v0.36
2010-02-22 Michael ProkopUpdate documentation regarding /etc/debootstrap/config. v0.34
2010-02-22 Michael ProkopIntroduce option --nopackages
2010-02-22 Michael ProkopRevert "Updated grml-debootstrap parameter handling"
2010-01-30 Tong SunUpdated grml-debootstrap parameter handling
2009-12-14 Michael ProkopMerge branch 't/pre_scripts'
2009-12-05 Michael Gebetsroitheradd doku about --pre-scripts
2009-11-14 Ulrich DangelSupport and enable per default --keyring option. [Close...
2009-10-28 Michael ProkopDrop support for Etch, simplify grub handling
2009-09-11 Michael ProkopUpdate documentation for --arch option
2009-07-08 Michael ProkopMinor doc improvements
2009-05-08 Michael Prokopuse '.. to the debootstrap command' in description...
2009-03-07 Michael ProkopProvide $MNTPOINT as environment variable
2009-03-04 Michael ProkopDrop $CHROOTMIRROR variable v0.24
2009-03-04 Michael ProkopDrop sarge from interface, docs and script
2009-03-04 Michael ProkopAdd initial support for Debian/lenny; update VCS headers
2008-12-10 Michael ProkopUpdate documentation
2008-11-20 Michael ProkopClarify cmdline option usage
2008-11-20 Michael ProkopUpdate docs and changelog
2008-11-12 Michael ProkopUpdate docs to reflect recent development
2008-10-06 Tong SunReapply previous missing various patches for the issues...
2008-10-05 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog, improve docs
2008-10-05 Tong SunTo close Issue539
2007-10-24 Michael ProkopFixed some typos in the manpage; thanks Alexander Stein... 0.12
2007-06-05 Michael ProkopUpdate documentation and config file
2007-04-22 Alexander WirtUpdate TODO
2007-04-22 Alexander WirtReformat manpage
2007-04-16 Michael ProkopAdded zsh-completion (thanks, ft!), renamed asciidoc...