Add ifenslave and cryptsetup to default package list [Closes: issue1293]
[grml-debootstrap.git] / packages
2014-03-20 Michael ProkopAdd ifenslave and cryptsetup to default package list...
2013-11-05 Michael ProkopAdd bridge-utils to default package list
2013-11-04 Michael ProkopAdd vlan package to default package list
2012-06-13 Michael ProkopAdd acpi-support-base to default package selection
2011-03-28 Michael ProkopInstall os-prober by default.
2011-01-30 Christian Hofstaedtleradd lsb-release to package list
2011-01-30 Christian Hofstaedtleradd rsync to package list
2009-10-28 Michael ProkopDrop support for Etch, simplify grub handling
2009-10-23 Michael ProkopAdjust grubdevice() handling and install grub-pc
2008-08-28 Michael ProkopAllow use of comments in file /etc/debootstrap/packages...
2007-06-04 Michael ProkopAdd console-common to /etc/debootstrap/packages, update...
2006-11-03 Michael Prokoprewrote kernel package version handling
2006-11-03 Michael Prokopit's lvm2 and not lvm of course
2006-11-03 Michael Prokopadded mdadm and lvm to package list
2006-11-03 Michael Prokop* Added support for:
2006-11-03 Michael Prokopinitial checkin