Ensure that grub-pc/install_devices is pointing to the requested device
[grml-debootstrap.git] / packer /
2015-06-10 Michael Prokoppacker: improve support for testing local grml-debootst...
2015-06-05 Michael Prokoppacker: support different Debian + grml-debootstrap...
2015-03-10 Sebastian PippingFix packer/Makefile dependencies
2015-03-10 Sebastian PippingInitialize packer/.gitignore
2015-03-10 Sebastian PippingDelete binary packer/fake-uname.so (issue #49)
2014-07-03 Michael ProkopMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/zeha/grml...
2014-05-15 Michael ProkopImprove packer deployment for usage in Vagrant
2014-05-08 Michael ProkopInitial packer/vagrant/autotest setup mika/packer