2008-11-20 Michael ProkopMerge branch 'chrootscripts'
2008-11-20 Michael ProkopMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-11-20 Michael ProkopSupport execution of further scripts
2008-11-14 Tong Sunmake sure additional packages get installed in chroot
2008-11-12 Michael ProkopDrop deprecated prog_real=...
2008-11-12 Michael ProkopAdjust /etc/postfix/ and /etc/network/interfaces
2008-11-12 Michael ProkopUpdate docs to reflect recent development
2008-11-12 Michael ProkopRename grml-debootstrap.clp to cmdlineopts.clp
2008-11-12 Michael ProkopMerge commit 'origin/t/tong'
2008-11-03 Michael ProkopDelete .hgtags
2008-10-20 Michael ProkopAdd THANKS file, update changelog and add grml-header...
2008-10-20 Tong Sunbug fix for --confdir
2008-10-20 Tong Sunto close Issue558 - Increase verbosity
2008-10-20 Tong SunTo close Issue556
2008-10-20 Tong Sunto close Issue555, Make --confdir=path works as expected.
2008-10-20 Tong SunRe-think the confdir logic
2008-10-20 Tong Sunfor Issue555
2008-10-20 Tong SunHandle the unrecognized options for getopt
2008-10-20 Tong Sunto finish Issue546
2008-10-20 Tong SunFully implement the optional parameters
2008-10-20 Tong SunDone adding the external command line parameter-process...
2008-10-20 Tong Sunadd "business-logic" to command line parameter-processing
2008-10-20 Tong Sunuse external command line parameter-processing script
2008-10-20 Tong Sunreplace help message with new format/content
2008-10-10 Michael Prokopallow symlinks when coping existing files to chroot...
2008-10-06 Tong SunReapply previous missing various patches for the issues...
2008-10-05 Michael ProkopApply several patches by Tong Sun, update changelog
2008-10-05 Tong Sunupdate config file to reflect my recent patches
2008-10-05 Michael ProkopCopy /etc/debootstrap/[s]bin as well to the chroot...
2008-10-05 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog, improve docs
2008-10-05 Tong SunTo close Issue539
2008-10-05 Tong Sunbug fix: allow symlinks when coping existing files...
2008-09-15 Michael ProkopImprove look'n'feel of partition error dialog.
2008-09-15 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.22 for changeset 7ac846ea00e4
2008-09-15 Michael ProkopDisplay meaningful information when no partitions could... 0.22
2008-09-02 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.21 for changeset c001c6c252d0
2008-09-02 Michael ProkopMake sure it works on target directories 0.21
2008-09-02 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.20 for changeset 7958ccec5868
2008-09-02 Michael ProkopBump version number 0.20
2008-09-02 Michael ProkopUse root=UUID=... by default, provide interface for...
2008-09-01 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.19 for changeset 6a56dee0dcb0
2008-09-01 Michael ProkopUse dialog with --separate-output option 0.19
2008-08-30 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.18 for changeset f25312c39c27
2008-08-30 Michael ProkopUpdate debian/rules 0.18
2008-08-30 Michael ProkopUpdate debian/ to make lintian happy
2008-08-29 Michael ProkopDisplay hostname in frontend configuration check; updat...
2008-08-29 Michael ProkopSupport raid1 only for now, update changelog and TODO
2008-08-29 Michael ProkopAdjust usage of sed
2008-08-29 Michael ProkopSupport setting hostname in interface and on cmdline...
2008-08-29 Michael ProkopFix grub-install usage, update devices.tar.gz
2008-08-28 Michael Prokopupdate TODO
2008-08-28 Michael ProkopRun grub-install using --no-floppy, as requested by...
2008-08-28 Michael ProkopRun aptitude with --without-recommends option
2008-08-28 Michael ProkopImprove passwords()
2008-08-28 Michael ProkopReplace initrd-tools with initramfs-tools
2008-08-28 Michael ProkopAllow use of comments in file /etc/debootstrap/packages...
2008-08-28 Michael ProkopInstall devices using our own device tarball
2008-08-28 Michael ProkopUpdate config file
2008-08-28 Michael ProkopMove stages to /var/cache/grml-debootstrap
2008-08-28 Michael ProkopFix configuration file handling inside chroot, support...
2008-08-27 Michael ProkopSeveral fixes for mdadm code
2008-08-27 Michael ProkopSome minor code cleanups
2008-08-27 Michael ProkopInitial support for SW-RAID
2008-08-27 Michael ProkopFix groot and grub handling
2008-08-27 Michael ProkopUpdate grub_device handling
2008-08-26 Michael ProkopProvide interactive configuration dialog, several bugfixes
2008-03-26 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.17 for changeset 6f2acca887dd
2008-03-26 Michael ProkopSupport -r option as well 0.17
2007-12-19 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.16 for changeset ddab329c4d8510c8b826122c27...
2007-12-19 Michael ProkopDrop the second passwd call 0.16
2007-12-16 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.15 for changeset 265190f0f12dacada0cd9c8293...
2007-12-16 Michael ProkopMake sure the passwd command succeeds 0.15
2007-12-13 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.14 for changeset f3c546d96fad9d232bdf72b719...
2007-12-13 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog (closes: issue352) 0.14
2007-12-09 Michael ProkopMake sure variable ISO is unset variable if not used
2007-12-06 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.13 for changeset 83b2e7794dc13c2ea7d4c078b5...
2007-12-06 Michael ProkopFix sed command for xsltproc workaround 0.13
2007-12-06 Michael ProkopFix manpage handling of xsltproc
2007-10-24 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.12 for changeset 3cb6a190a56b9e0694f010b4be...
2007-10-24 Michael ProkopFixed some typos in the manpage; thanks Alexander Stein... 0.12
2007-10-06 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.11 for changeset 196e0421b2483d8f96fb1a8d71...
2007-10-06 Michael ProkopBetter inform user about already executed stages 0.11
2007-09-12 Michael ProkopApply patch-bomb by ft, thanks a lot
2007-07-16 Michael ProkopAdd rinse to TODO
2007-06-23 Michael ProkopUpdate TODO
2007-06-17 Michael Prokopsupport adding own sources.list entries
2007-06-16 Michael ProkopUpdate TODO file
2007-06-05 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.10 for changeset 865abcbede65
2007-06-05 Michael ProkopUpdate TODO 0.10
2007-06-05 Michael ProkopExtend $ISODIR
2007-06-05 Michael ProkopFix /proc/mounts-check
2007-06-05 Michael ProkopSome more umount checks
2007-06-05 Michael ProkopUnmount loopback device at the end too
2007-06-05 Michael ProkopUpdate documentation and config file
2007-06-05 Michael ProkopUpdate version number and mention Thorsten in changelog
2007-06-05 Michael ProkopAdd $ISODIR for correct mounting
2007-06-05 Michael ProkopFix two syntax errors
2007-06-05 Michael ProkopSupport option -i/--iso: now it is possible to install...
2007-06-04 Michael ProkopAdd console-common to /etc/debootstrap/packages, update...
2007-04-28 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.9 for changeset 57b2f1bebe25