SW: Drop xlockmore from GRML_FULL.
[grml-live.git] / buildd /
2010-01-31 Michael ProkopProvide buildd as separate Debian package buildd, use...
2009-08-07 Michael Prokopbuildd: drop GRML_LIVE_ARCH and use default ARCH instead
2009-08-04 Michael Prokopadjust permissions of buildd/cronjob.sh
2009-08-03 Michael Prokopbuildd: update rsync options, use FAI timestamp style
2009-08-03 Michael ProkopMention cleanup and link_latest in cronjob.sh
2009-08-03 Michael Prokopbuildd: add cronjob based on what the grml team is...
2009-08-03 Michael Prokopbuildd: add support for building squeeze based ISOs
2009-02-24 Michael ProkopAdd shebang line to buildd/[execute|functions].sh to...
2009-02-24 Michael Prokopbuildd: send_mail() - do not add /var/log/grml-buildd...
2009-02-23 Michael Prokopbuildd: create logs for adding to mail, but only if...
2009-02-23 Michael ProkopUpdate buildd/ setup
2009-02-20 Michael ProkopAdd support for sha1sum
2009-02-20 Michael ProkopDrop Latest change lines, add initial support for Debia...
2009-02-19 Michael ProkopRework buildd for lenny
2008-02-26 Michael Prokopbuildd: use RELEASE-class in all build scripts
2007-12-22 Michael ProkopUse --copy-links for rsync in upload_logs()
2007-12-22 Michael ProkopFix umask of upload_logs in buildd/functions.sh
2007-12-22 Michael ProkopAdjust buildd/functions.sh for new logging
2007-12-16 Michael Prokopbuildd: use upload_logs() instead of create_logs() 0.0.13
2007-12-10 Michael ProkopMerged
2007-12-10 Michael Prokopsupport providing options via grml_live_run()
2007-12-09 Michael Prokopbuildd store_iso(): move md5sum file as well
2007-12-09 Michael ProkopDo not transfer dmesg.log file in upload_logs()
2007-12-09 Michael ProkopDo not install package 'grml' via GRMLBASE; generate...
2007-12-09 Michael ProkopUpdate buildd/
2007-11-26 Michael ProkopAdjust grml-buildd for new logdir structure
2007-11-11 Michael ProkopReally add remove_isos :)
2007-11-11 Michael ProkopQuote ${file} in buildd/upload_isos.sh
2007-11-11 Michael ProkopFix 'dependency problems' handling in buildd functions
2007-11-03 Michael ProkopUpdate /etc/grml/fai/config/scripts/GRMLBASE/25-locales... 0.0.7
2007-11-01 Michael ProkopUse "newest" kernel only if two kernels are present...
2007-10-30 Michael ProkopUse /var/log/grml-buildd.std{out,err} for buildd logging
2007-10-28 Michael ProkopAdjust buildd/functions.sh for new log-structure
2007-10-25 Michael ProkopProvide $FORCE_REBUILD in buildd
2007-10-25 Michael Prokopbuildd: do not re-execute grml-live is the target ISO...
2007-10-24 Michael ProkopProvide (unset) ISO_DIR in grml-buildd.conf
2007-10-24 Michael ProkopAnother logfile update (do not use ~log/fai/dirinstall...
2007-10-24 Michael Prokopbuildd/functions.sh: do not mv files if there was an...
2007-10-24 Michael ProkopUse version number; log to grml-buildd inside buildd
2007-10-22 Michael ProkopUpdate upload_isos.sh and config file
2007-10-22 Michael ProkopFix buildd/buildd typo
2007-10-22 Michael ProkopSet arch in grml64 files
2007-10-22 Michael ProkopBig buildd update
2007-10-17 Michael ProkopMerge branches
2007-10-17 Michael ProkopUpdate of buildd scripts
2007-10-13 Michael ProkopMerge branches
2007-10-10 Michael ProkopUpdate buildd scripts (better subject handling)
2007-10-07 Michael ProkopAdd new scripts to /usr/share/grml-live/examples/buildd/
2007-10-07 Michael ProkopAdd /usr/share/grml-live/examples/buildd/