Update lintian overrides for modified lintian message
[grml-live.git] / debian / overrides.grml-live
2014-09-17 Michael ProkopUpdate lintian overrides for modified lintian message
2014-05-26 Michael ProkopAdd falls positive privacy-breach-generic to lintian...
2012-01-16 Michael ProkopUpdate lintian override entries to match current packag...
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove bundled grub2
2011-05-29 Christian HofstaedtlerUpdate lintian overrides for grub 1.99-4 drop
2011-05-11 Michael ProkopAdjust lintian overrides for new lintian and policy.
2010-12-01 Michael ProkopMerge remote branch 'ch/issue926'
2010-12-01 Michael ProkopAdd script-not-executable ./usr/share/grml-live/scripts...
2010-09-04 Michael ProkopUpdate lintian overrides file to reflect current update...
2010-06-25 Michael Prokopupdate templates/boot/grub/ to grub version 1.98+201006...
2010-03-11 Michael ProkopLintian cleanups and release new version 0.9.39. v0.9.39
2009-10-24 Michael ProkopUpdate templates/boot/grub to grub2 version 1.97~beta4-1
2009-08-17 Michael ProkopDrop deprecated entry from debian/overrides.grml-live
2009-06-03 Michael ProkopIntegrate grub2 for hybrid boot
2009-05-05 Michael ProkopSplit package into grml-live and grml-live-addons