SW: drop firmware-linux-free + firmware-linux-nonfree from GRML_FULL
[grml-live.git] / debian /
2012-05-25 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.19.2 v0.19.2
2012-05-14 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.19.1 v0.19.1
2012-05-14 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.3.
2012-05-10 Evgeni GolovSwitch order of Depends from genisoimage | xorriso...
2012-05-08 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.19.0 v0.19.0
2012-01-29 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.18.1 v0.18.1
2012-01-16 Michael Prokopdebian/rules: add build-arch + build-indep to make...
2012-01-16 Michael ProkopUpdate lintian override entries to match current packag...
2012-01-16 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.18.0 v0.18.0
2012-01-14 Michael ProkopDepend on syslinux instead of syslinux-common
2012-01-11 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.17.4 v0.17.4
2012-01-09 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.17.3. v0.17.3
2011-12-23 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.17.2 v0.17.2
2011-12-22 Christian HofstaedtlerRelease new version 0.17.1. v0.17.1
2011-12-16 Christian HofstaedtlerMake it clear that squashfs-tools from bpo is fine
2011-12-15 Christian HofstaedtlerUpdate version in grml-live during Debian package build
2011-12-15 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove grml-live-buildd package
2011-12-11 Ulrich DangelRecommend imagemagick
2011-12-11 Ulrich DangelAdd graphicoreBitmapFont0-Light.otf to grml-live.
2011-12-09 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.17.0. v0.17.0
2011-12-09 Michael ProkopDepends: support xorriso as alternative to genisoimage.
2011-10-27 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.16.1. v0.16.1
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerLoose dependencies so we can be installed on squeeze
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove bsd4grml, freedos and grml-live-addons deb
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerUse memdisk and hdt from syslinux-common package
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerUse memtest binary from memtest86+ package
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove mkisofs from Depends:
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerUse pci.ids file from pciutils
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerUse ipxe.lkrn from ipxe package
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove grub1 (binaries and support for it)
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove wget dependency
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove bundled grub2
2011-08-18 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.15.1. v0.15.1
2011-07-27 Christian HofstaedtlerAdd debian/control headers Origin, Bugs
2011-07-08 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.15.0. v0.15.0
2011-07-08 Michael ProkopProvide debian/NEWS entry for release 0.15.0.
2011-07-08 Michael ProkopDrop patches directory from debian/grml-live.install.
2011-06-26 Michael ProkopImplement -D option to set configuration directory...
2011-05-31 Ulrich DangelAdd a script to update the grml-live version string
2011-05-29 Christian HofstaedtlerUpdate lintian overrides for grub 1.99-4 drop
2011-05-29 Michael ProkopMerge branch 'mika/release_0.14.1' v0.14.1
2011-05-29 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.14.1.
2011-05-11 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.14.0. v0.14.0
2011-05-11 Michael ProkopAdjust lintian overrides for new lintian and policy.
2011-05-11 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.2.
2011-05-09 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.13.3. v0.13.3
2011-04-20 Michael ProkopAddon: Replace gPXE with iPXE (see Debian BTS #474034).
2011-03-18 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.13.2. v0.13.2
2011-03-18 Michael Prokopbuildd/functions.sh: use mutt instead of nail again.
2011-03-17 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.13.1. v0.13.1
2011-03-17 Michael ProkopDepend on squashfs-tools (>= 1:4.2-1~grml00).
2011-03-17 Michael ProkopUpdate for kernel 2.6.38-grml[64], featuring LZMA/XZ...
2011-03-11 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.12.6. v0.12.6
2010-12-29 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.12.5. v0.12.5
2010-12-27 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.12.4. v0.12.4
2010-12-15 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.12.3. v0.12.3
2010-12-13 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.12.2. v0.12.2
2010-12-07 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.12.1. v0.12.1
2010-12-02 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.12.0. v0.12.0
2010-12-01 Michael ProkopMerge remote branch 'ch/issue926'
2010-12-01 Michael ProkopAdd script-not-executable ./usr/share/grml-live/scripts...
2010-11-24 Michael Prokopsupport for kernel 2.6.36-grml[64], drop backwards...
2010-10-01 Michael ProkopMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.grml.org/grml-live
2010-10-01 Thorsten GlaserUpdate to bsd4grml version 20100815.
2010-09-07 Ulrich DangelCheck version of grml-live against changelog before...
2010-09-04 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.11.0. v0.11.0
2010-09-04 Michael ProkopUpdate lintian overrides file to reflect current update...
2010-09-04 Michael ProkopUpdate gpxe.lkrn to version 1.0.1.
2010-09-01 Michael ProkopDo not build epub/pdf by default.
2010-09-01 Michael ProkopUpdate documentation according to recent squashfs-lzma...
2010-09-01 Michael ProkopUpdate squashfs binary and options handling to proberly...
2010-08-04 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.10.1. v0.10.1
2010-08-02 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.10.0. v0.10.0
2010-08-02 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.1.
2010-07-21 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.9.43. v0.9.43
2010-07-09 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.9.42. v0.9.42
2010-06-30 Michael ProkopRelease version 0.9.41. v0.9.41
2010-06-30 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.0.
2010-06-25 Michael Prokopdebian: Set Debian source format to 3.0 (native).
2010-06-25 Michael Prokopupdate templates/boot/grub/ to grub version 1.98+201006...
2010-06-01 Michael ProkopReplace Depends of grml-live-buildd on nail with heirlo...
2010-04-21 Michael ProkopUse 0.9.41[-pre1] as version number until release.
2010-04-06 Michael ProkopRelease version 0.9.40. v0.9.40
2010-03-22 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog and version number for pre-release...
2010-03-11 Michael ProkopLintian cleanups and release new version 0.9.39. v0.9.39
2010-03-01 Michael ProkopMove ia32-libs from Depends to Recommends. v0.9.38
2010-02-28 Michael ProkopRelease version 0.9.37. v0.9.37
2010-02-26 Michael Prokopbuildd/link_latest.sh: fix filename in md5 sum of lates... v0.9.36
2010-02-26 Michael ProkopAdd persistency feature to boot menu.
2010-02-26 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for new release.
2010-02-23 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.9.36.
2010-02-15 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog and version string for pre release.
2010-02-13 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.9.35. v0.9.35
2010-01-31 Michael ProkopProvide buildd as separate Debian package buildd, use...
2010-01-30 Michael ProkopUpdate for release 0.9.34. v0.9.34
2010-01-30 Michael ProkopAdd backwards compability for ZERO_LOGFILE and document...
2010-01-30 Michael ProkopAdd grml-live-db to Recommends.
2010-01-30 Michael ProkopSupport for logging to database via grml-live-db. Chang...
2010-01-04 Michael ProkopAdd ia32-libs [amd64] to Depends to make sure building...
2009-12-30 Michael ProkopUpdate version numbers for 0.9.34-pre1