Update docs regarding squashfs-lzma-tools
[grml-live.git] / docs /
2009-09-07 Michael ProkopUpdate docs regarding squashfs-lzma-tools
2009-09-03 Michael ProkopIntroduce support for squashfs-lzma-tools 4.0-1 and...
2009-09-02 Michael ProkopNew cmdline option: "-n" skips generation of the ISO...
2009-08-17 Michael ProkopReplace all references to ftp.de.debian.org with cdn...
2009-08-16 Michael ProkopUpdate reference to TODO file in grml-live.txt
2009-08-16 Michael ProkopSupport installation of local files through $CHROOT_INSTALL
2009-08-16 Michael ProkopIntroduce $NO_WINDOWS_BINARIES which replaces $WINDOWS_...
2009-08-04 Michael ProkopAdd TOC anchors to grml-live doc
2009-08-04 Michael ProkopUpdate documentation (FAQ, create TOC)
2009-06-29 Michael ProkopDrop LaTeX packages from GRML_FULL; provide LATEX class
2009-02-23 Michael ProkopUpdate docs regarding squeeze and apt-cacher-ng v0.9.9
2009-02-21 Michael ProkopClarify /etc/grml/fai/apt/sources.list in docs
2009-02-20 Michael ProkopDrop Latest change lines, add initial support for Debia...
2008-12-08 Michael ProkopFix typos, thanks wuehlmaus
2008-12-05 Michael ProkopFix typo, thanks wuehlmaus
2008-12-02 Michael ProkopUpdate current state section of documentation
2008-11-24 Michael ProkopSupport execution without touching the chroot at all...
2008-11-19 Michael ProkopAdd design.txt
2008-11-19 Michael ProkopSupport -q option to build the ISO without (re-)creatin... v0.9.6
2008-10-26 Michael ProkopRework locale handling
2008-10-24 Michael ProkopImprove current_state section in docs
2008-09-30 Michael ProkopUpdate docs, changelog and NEWS file
2008-09-27 Michael ProkopUpdate docs, depend on squashfs-lzma-tools
2008-08-22 Michael ProkopImprove section anchors in grml-live docs
2008-08-17 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog, docs and improve usage information...
2008-07-26 Michael ProkopDrop glimpse from GRML_FULL
2008-05-19 Michael ProkopUpdate docs
2008-05-11 Michael ProkopUpdate fai version in docs
2008-05-08 Michael ProkopAdd check for existence of -nolzma option
2008-02-24 Michael ProkopAdjust grml-live-remaster for new file system layout 0.6
2008-02-16 Michael ProkopRemoved hardcoded grml.squashfs
2008-02-15 Michael ProkopMake sure $GRML_NAME does not contain known problematic...
2008-02-15 Michael ProkopAdjust menu.lst + isolinux.cfg on the fly for new direc...
2008-02-13 Michael ProkopUpdate version number in docs 0.3
2008-02-09 Michael ProkopAnother doc update 0.2
2008-02-09 Michael ProkopUpdate docs - thanks to Ralf Moll
2008-01-13 Michael ProkopMerge branches
2008-01-11 Michael ProkopBump version number to 0.1, update docs
2008-01-11 Michael ProkopBump version number to 0.1, update docs
2007-12-28 Michael ProkopUpdate version information in docs 0.0.14
2007-12-28 Michael ProkopAdd manpage for grml-live-remaster
2007-12-16 Michael ProkopImplement -b option via use of FAI's skiptask
2007-12-16 Michael ProkopNew option -b for build-only
2007-12-09 Michael ProkopBump version number
2007-12-09 Michael ProkopAdjust docs for new version
2007-12-09 Michael ProkopNew option -z to use ZLIB instead of LZMA compression
2007-11-26 Michael ProkopMerged
2007-11-25 Michael ProkopAdd initial support for option -C
2007-11-25 Michael ProkopAdjust logfile handling for new FAI; support grml2ram...
2007-11-11 Michael ProkopFix typo in manpage
2007-10-30 Michael ProkopUse /var/log/grml-buildd.std{out,err} for buildd logging
2007-10-29 Michael ProkopUpdate docs; finalize work on update option
2007-10-17 Michael ProkopUpdate version information inside docs
2007-10-17 Michael ProkopUpdate docs; usage example and logic of $ARCH
2007-10-14 Michael ProkopUpdate docs
2007-10-13 Michael ProkopUpdate docs
2007-10-06 Michael ProkopRename -t option to -o; add iscsitarget, disable mdadm...
2007-10-06 Michael ProkopUse class GRML_MEDIUM by default
2007-09-29 Michael ProkopSupport GRML_NAME, drop character limits, unify files...
2007-09-26 Michael ProkopAdd approx to FAQ/documentation
2007-09-22 Michael ProkopUpdate documentation 0.0.2
2007-09-21 Michael ProkopUpdate TODO
2007-09-21 Michael ProkopUpdate TODO
2007-09-21 Michael ProkopAdded some patches against FAI for initial version...
2007-09-20 Michael ProkopUpdate documentation
2007-09-19 Michael ProkopSupport setting releasename, version number; renamed...
2007-09-19 Michael ProkopBugfix for REMOVE_DOCS class; implement log-check
2007-09-19 Michael ProkopUnify use of /etc/grml/fai/grml/grml_cleanup_chroot
2007-09-19 Michael ProkopFirst version of GRML_FALL; update docs
2007-09-18 Michael ProkopBig update of documentation; use sed -i instead of...
2007-09-18 Michael ProkopDepend on fai >=3.2, implement the suite handling for...
2007-09-18 Michael ProkopUpdate docs
2007-09-18 Michael ProkopUpdate docs
2007-09-18 Michael ProkopReplace /dev/shm with /grml/grml-live as default target
2007-09-18 Michael ProkopAdd mkisofs to depends; update docs
2007-09-17 Michael ProkopUpdate docs
2007-09-17 Michael ProkopUpdate documentation
2007-09-17 Michael ProkopRename class GRML into GRMLBASE and update all files...
2007-09-16 Michael ProkopSupport windows autostart feature; update doc
2007-09-16 Michael ProkopUpdate /etc/grml/fai/config/scripts/GRML_X/* and docs...
2007-09-15 Michael ProkopProvide dpkg --get-selections for different flavours
2007-09-15 Michael ProkopUpdate TODO list in docs
2007-09-15 Michael ProkopUpdate documentation (and finally use my real name...
2007-09-15 grml UserIntegrate feedback from Thomas Lange (thanks for the...
2007-09-15 grml UserUpdate doc, script and etc/grml/fai/live-initramfs...
2007-09-15 grml UserUpdate documentation, simplify TARGET layout, remove...
2007-09-15 grml UserUpdate of grml_cd stuff, several new files and features
2007-09-15 grml UserInitial support for grml_cd stuff
2007-09-15 grml UserFix path in etc/grml/fai/config/scripts/GRML/98-clean...
2007-09-15 grml UserMake grml-live script usable, update docs and config...
2007-09-15 grml UserAdd grml-live script
2007-09-15 grml UserUpdate of fai-configuration and documentation
2007-09-15 grml UserInitial configuration for FAI (work in progress)
2007-09-05 grml UserMove all stuff to old/ and add live-initramfs and initi...
2007-05-03 Michael Prokopimprove kernel check in create-scsi-mod-file.sh
2007-03-24 Michael Prokopadded docs/building-process
2007-02-08 Michael Prokopadd templates/, move grml-live.txt to docs/