Provide jessie support for systemd + recent kernel packages
[grml-live.git] / etc / grml / fai / config / files / etc / apt / sources.list.d / debian.list / DEBIAN_WHEEZY
2015-06-22 Michael Prokopsources.list: fix comments and drop unused entries
2015-06-22 Michael Prokopsources.list configs: enable contrib/non-free for backports
2014-10-27 Michael ProkopSwitch from to
2014-07-03 Krisztian VASASFixes to be able to build Grml based on Debian Wheezy
2013-12-11 Michael ProkopSwitch from to
2012-07-12 Michael ProkopRevert "Replace with"
2012-07-02 Michael ProkopReplace with
2011-11-26 Michael Prokopretrieve source packages via grml-live using SOURCES...
2011-07-08 Michael ProkopAdd to sources.list of lenny, squee...
2011-07-08 Michael ProkopRedesign sources.list handling. Get rid of /etc/grml...