Rework resolv.conf handling, error out on wrong symlinks. [Closes: issue984]
[grml-live.git] / etc / grml / fai / config / scripts / GRMLBASE / 96-apt-listbugs
2011-05-28 Michael ProkopRework resolv.conf handling, error out on wrong symlink...
2010-07-22 Michael ProkopMake all shell scripts using /bin/bash instead /bin...
2009-02-20 Michael ProkopDrop Latest change lines, add initial support for Debia...
2007-12-21 Michael ProkopConfigure apt-listchanges via new script 97-apt-listchanges
2007-12-16 Michael ProkopAnother resolv.conf update
2007-12-16 Michael ProkopImprove /etc/resolv.conf handling in 96-apt-listbugs
2007-11-26 Michael ProkopAdjust grml-buildd for new logdir structure
2007-11-26 Michael ProkopMerged
2007-11-25 Michael ProkopAdd initial support for option -C
2007-11-19 Michael ProkopMerge branches
2007-11-19 Michael ProkopDo not enable apt-listbugs if the binary is not available
2007-11-04 Michael ProkopConfigure (enable) apt-listchanges + apt-listbugs via...
2007-11-04 Michael ProkopUse $target/etc/resolvconf/run/resolv.conf
2007-11-04 Michael ProkopRemove FAI files on bailout
2007-11-04 Michael ProkopCopy /etc/resolv.conf to chroot for class RELEASE
2007-10-14 Michael ProkopDrop set -u from apt-listbugs
2007-10-14 Michael ProkopRun apt-listbugs only in class RELEASE
2007-10-13 Michael ProkopFix path of listbugs in 96-apt-listbugs
2007-10-13 Michael ProkopImprove apt-listbugs; re-add packages
2007-10-13 Michael ProkopAdd new scripts for retreiving bugs via apt-listbugs...