Set /etc/grml_version of live-system to the according value
[grml-live.git] / grml-live
2007-10-28 Michael ProkopSet /etc/grml_version of live-system to the according...
2007-10-28 Michael ProkopLog closing signs via bailout; improve $DATE handling
2007-10-28 Michael ProkopLog to /var/log/grml-live.log by default and support...
2007-10-26 Michael ProkopSwitch order of prompt display of logfile and verbose
2007-10-25 Michael ProkopFix grep usage inside pool automation
2007-10-25 Michael ProkopImprove grml-live pool automatism
2007-10-25 Michael ProkopTry to automate grml-live pool handling
2007-10-24 Michael ProkopAnother logfile update (do not use ~log/fai/dirinstall...
2007-10-24 Michael ProkopUnify logging of grml-live
2007-10-24 Michael ProkopAdd no space left error as comment to script
2007-10-24 Michael ProkopUse version number; log to grml-buildd inside buildd
2007-10-24 Michael ProkopImprove directory handling for $LOGFILE
2007-10-20 Michael ProkopLog executed grml-live command line; set $SECONDS to...
2007-10-17 Michael ProkopMerge branches
2007-10-17 Michael ProkopUse /var/log/fai/dirinstall/${HOSTNAME}/grml-live.log...
2007-10-17 Michael ProkopImprove $ARCH logic
2007-10-17 Michael ProkopUpdate docs; usage example and logic of $ARCH
2007-10-17 Michael ProkopFix stderr redirection in "/usr/sbin/fai already runnin...
2007-10-17 Michael ProkopNew option "-a" for setting architecture
2007-10-15 Michael ProkopLog executed grml-live command 0.0.5
2007-10-15 Michael ProkopMerge branches
2007-10-15 Michael ProkopNew class SID; warning only on /usr/src/linux/include...
2007-10-13 Michael ProkopMerge branches
2007-10-10 Michael ProkopSome more FAI error checking
2007-10-07 Michael ProkopImprove adjustment of suite for $FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP
2007-10-06 Michael ProkopUse a default TEMPLATE_DIRECTORY
2007-10-06 Michael ProkopRestore old behaviour: do not move but copy initrd...
2007-10-06 Michael ProkopCheck for presence of the initrd
2007-10-06 Michael ProkopFix syntax error
2007-10-06 Michael ProkopSupport TEMPLATE_DIRECTORY in config file
2007-10-06 Michael ProkopRename -t option to -o; add iscsitarget, disable mdadm...
2007-10-05 Michael ProkopUse /var/log/grml-live.log as log file
2007-10-05 Michael Prokopmove initrd instead of copying to save some MBs
2007-10-04 Michael ProkopCheck for /var/run/fai/FAI_INSTALLATION_IN_PROGRESS...
2007-09-30 Michael ProkopUse grml-live.log as logfile; Added vim to GRML_MEDIUM...
2007-09-30 Michael ProkopDisable md5sum check for isolinux.bin
2007-09-29 Michael ProkopFix variable handling of GRML_NAME
2007-09-29 Michael ProkopAlso display release name in prompt dialog
2007-09-29 Michael ProkopDisplay version and grml_name in dialog
2007-09-29 Michael ProkopSupport GRML_NAME, drop character limits, unify files...
2007-09-28 Michael ProkopMake sure $SECONDS is set
2007-09-21 Michael ProkopAdd fai_dirinstall_check.diff; wvdial preseeding
2007-09-21 Michael ProkopFirst working version for amd64
2007-09-21 Michael ProkopMake sure LOGDIR exists
2007-09-20 Michael ProkopShow boot-method in configuration summary
2007-09-20 Michael ProkopSupport grub as bootloader
2007-09-19 Michael ProkopSupport setting releasename, version number; renamed...
2007-09-19 Michael ProkopImplement template system for boot/isolinux
2007-09-19 Michael ProkopImprove error handling; make scripts re-executable
2007-09-19 Michael ProkopBugfix for REMOVE_DOCS class; implement log-check
2007-09-18 Michael ProkopBig update of documentation; use sed -i instead of...
2007-09-18 Michael ProkopSupport use of local mirror (like NFS) through mount...
2007-09-18 Michael ProkopDepend on fai >=3.2, implement the suite handling for...
2007-09-18 Michael ProkopMake sure $CHROOT_TARGET can be created
2007-09-18 Michael ProkopReplace /dev/shm with /grml/grml-live as default target
2007-09-18 Michael ProkopSmall update inside check for configuration stuff
2007-09-17 Michael ProkopCheck for /etc/grml_cd in fai dirinstall stage of grml...
2007-09-17 Michael ProkopUpdate usage information according to GRMLBASE
2007-09-17 Michael ProkopRemove /etc/grml/fai/config/package_config/DEFAULT
2007-09-16 Michael ProkopMention the b0rken suite on-the-fly heuristic
2007-09-16 Michael ProkopAdd initial zsh completion for grml-live.
2007-09-16 Michael ProkopSupport windows autostart feature; update doc
2007-09-16 Michael ProkopUse output of 'dpkg --print-architecture' instead of...
2007-09-16 Michael ProkopSupport $SUITE and fix usage of chroot in cmdline
2007-09-16 Michael ProkopFix stderr redirection in $ARCH
2007-09-16 Alexander WirtIts called powerpc not ppc
2007-09-15 grml UserUpdate doc, script and etc/grml/fai/live-initramfs...
2007-09-15 grml UserUpdate documentation, simplify TARGET layout, remove...
2007-09-15 grml UserUpdate of grml_cd stuff, several new files and features
2007-09-15 grml UserInitial support for grml_cd stuff
2007-09-15 grml UserUse GRML_FAI_CONFIG instead of FAI_CONFIGDIRl
2007-09-15 grml UserFix usage of GRML_LIVE_SOURCES
2007-09-15 grml Useruse C for LANG and LC_ALL
2007-09-15 grml UserMake grml-live script usable, update docs and config...
2007-09-15 grml UserAdd grml-live script