2011-11-16 Christian HofstaedtlerDeploy /etc/
2011-11-16 Christian HofstaedtlerMove init-top/grml into hands of 42-branding
2011-11-16 Christian HofstaedtlerUpdate GRML Splash text to be neutral
2011-11-16 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove tsplash support
2011-11-16 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove 915resolution boot option doc
2011-11-16 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove duplicate mentions of nousb*
2011-11-16 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove noapm from boot options
2011-11-16 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove grml2hd boot options
2011-11-15 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: add zile as a "small emacs" to GRML_FULL
2011-11-15 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: split unlabeled block in GRML_FULL
2011-11-15 Christian HofstaedtlerRe-add multitail to GRML_FULL, disable iptstate
2011-11-14 Christian Hofstaedtlerbuildd: use $FLAVOURS to control which flavours are...
2011-11-14 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: switch to new-style kernels on GRML_FULL
2011-11-14 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: add the new GRML_FULL
2011-11-14 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: move GRML_FULL out of the way
2011-11-14 Christian HofstaedtlerMerge branch 'ch/installrescue'
2011-11-14 Christian HofstaedtlerAdd basic accessibility support to GRML_IR
2011-11-14 Christian Hofstaedtlerbuildd: use syslog for cleanup log
2011-11-13 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: remove emuga (gone) from GRML_FULL
2011-11-10 Christian Hofstaedtlerbuildd: configure $FLAVOURS
2011-11-10 Christian Hofstaedtlerbuildd: disable squeeze flavours in cleanup,link_latest
2011-11-09 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: Use linux-2.6-style kernels on GRML_MEDIUM
2011-11-09 Christian Hofstaedtlerbuildd: update sha1sums of base(64?).tgz
2011-11-08 Christian Hofstaedtlerbuildd/ use dash-compliant subtraction
2011-11-07 Christian Hofstaedtlerbuildd: remove REMOVE_DOCS from small ISOs
2011-11-07 Christian HofstaedtlerRename GRML_FULL buildd scripts to match that name
2011-11-07 Christian HofstaedtlerIgnore more cruft, add runtime to buildd emails
2011-11-07 Christian HofstaedtlerAutomatically start nfs client and avahi, dbus
2011-11-07 Michael ProkopSW: add gitk to GRML_FULL [Closes: issue1057]
2011-11-07 Michael ProkopSW: add imvirt to GRML_{SMALL,MEDIUM,FULL}
2011-11-06 Christian HofstaedtlerFix package names in GRML_IR
2011-11-05 Christian HofstaedtlerFurther split GRML_IR into sections
2011-11-05 Christian HofstaedtlerUpdate GRML_IR list
2011-11-05 Christian HofstaedtlerUpdate GRML_IR list based on comments by Ulrich Dangel
2011-11-04 Michael ProkopSW: drop bind9 from GRML_FULL
2011-11-04 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: remove ettercap-gtk (gone) from GRML_FULL
2011-11-04 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: remove aircrack-ng (gone) from GRML_FULL
2011-11-04 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: remove p3nfs from GRML_FULL
2011-11-04 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: remove tct from GRML_FULL
2011-11-04 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: switch from fbgrab to fbcat
2011-11-04 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: remove etpan-ng, perl-suid
2011-11-03 Christian HofstaedtlerAdd espeakup, brltty to GRML_MEDIUM for testing purposes
2011-11-01 Michael Prokop98-clean-chroot: do not fail with more than one kernel...
2011-11-01 Christian Hofstaedtleradd GRML_IR target
2011-10-30 Michael ProkopGRMLBASE/91-update-pciids: fix wrong log message
2011-10-30 Michael ProkopGRMLBASE/91-update-pciids: do not exit with error if...
2011-10-27 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.16.1. v0.16.1
2011-10-27 Michael Prokopfix kernel version detection: drop ${target} from kerne...
2011-10-27 Michael Prokopmark bootlocal scripts as executables
2011-10-27 Michael Prokopdo not zero out /var/spool in GRMLBASE/98-clean-chroot...
2011-10-27 Michael Prokopfix kernel version detection in config/scripts/
2011-10-27 Michael Prokop98-clean-chroot: fix typo (localepurg->localepurge...
2011-10-27 Michael ProkopSW: update to kernel version 3.1.0-grml
2011-10-14 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: remove C(++) compilers and linux headers
2011-10-14 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: remove libtool
2011-10-14 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: remove qpxtool
2011-10-14 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: remove pxfw
2011-10-14 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: remove guymager
2011-10-14 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: remove ophcrack
2011-10-14 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: remove jack server and clients
2011-10-14 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: remove supplemental emacs libraries
2011-10-14 Michael Prokopinittab configs: drop commented lines mentioning zsh...
2011-10-14 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: Add grml-scripts-core to GRMLBASE
2011-10-14 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: Remove e3
2011-10-14 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove spurious grml-small package from grml-medium
2011-10-13 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove unmaintained accessibility support
2011-10-13 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove grml-docs and install startpage with grml-live
2011-10-12 Christian HofstaedtlerInstall desktop wallpaper using grml-live, replacing...
2011-10-12 Christian HofstaedtlerOn GRML_FULL add Iceweasel "branding"
2011-10-13 Christian HofstaedtlerNo longer install packages that will be sunset on Oct30
2011-10-13 Christian Hofstaedtlerremove empty and unused GRML_POWERPC package config
2011-09-09 Michael ProkopUnify warning message for missing adddon file for bsd4grml
2011-09-09 Michael ProkopCheck for --format option support in grub-mkimage,...
2011-09-09 Michael Prokopcopy_addon_file(): do not be verbose to the user, but...
2011-09-09 Michael ProkopFix indention of memtest mv command
2011-09-09 Michael ProkopMake sure grub-mkimage exists, otherwise warn user...
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerLoose dependencies so we can be installed on squeeze
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerUse ifcpu64.c32, vesamenu.c32, isolinux.bin from syslin...
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove bsd4grml, freedos and grml-live-addons deb
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerUse memdisk and hdt from syslinux-common package
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerUse memtest binary from memtest86+ package
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove mkisofs from Depends:
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerUse pci.ids file from pciutils
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerUse ipxe.lkrn from ipxe package
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove grub1 (binaries and support for it)
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove wget dependency
2011-09-09 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove bundled grub2
2011-08-29 Michael ProkopSW: Add reptyr to GRML_SMALL, GRML_MEDIUM and GRML_FULL
2011-08-25 Michael Prokop90-update-alternatives: do not set vim as alternative...
2011-08-25 Michael Prokop90-update-alternatives: do not set alternative for...
2011-08-21 Christian HofstaedtlerUse grml-runtty to run our ttys
2011-08-18 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.15.1. v0.15.1
2011-08-18 Michael Prokop25-locales: make sure the localepurge package exists...
2011-08-18 Michael Prokop90-update-alternatives: check for available alternative...
2011-08-16 Christian HofstaedtlerSW: Remove svn-ssh-wrappers from GRML_FULL
2011-08-10 Michael ProkopFix typo in log message for isolinux includes.
2011-08-10 Michael ProkopDo not complain about missing addons_list.cfg file.
2011-07-30 Christian Hofstaedtlerusersetup: Fixup path to inittab after f3b335ea landed
2011-08-03 Michael ProkopSW: replace git-core with git package in GRML_FULL.
2011-07-29 Christian Hofstaedtlerdocs: don't download DTDs when building docs