2010-06-30 Michael ProkopBump grml-live version string.
2010-06-30 Michael ProkopUpdate isolinux.bin to "ISOLINUX 4.00 debian-20100628".
2010-06-30 Michael ProkopRelease version 0.9.41. v0.9.41
2010-06-30 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.0.
2010-06-30 Michael StapelbergSW: Add i3-wm to GRML_FULL
2010-06-25 Michael Prokopdebian: Set Debian source format to 3.0 (native).
2010-06-25 Michael Prokopupdate templates/boot/grub/ to grub version 1.98+201006...
2010-06-15 Michael ProkopSW: Add ekeyd to GRML_FULL. Thanks to Peter Palfrader...
2010-06-14 Michael ProkopSW: Add grml-paste to GRML_MEDIUM + GRML_SMALL.
2010-06-09 Michael ProkopSW: Add socat to GRML_MEDIUM.
2010-06-01 Michael ProkopReplace Depends of grml-live-buildd on nail with heirlo...
2010-05-11 Ulrich Dangelimproved documentation for bootid param
2010-05-11 Michael ProkopSW: Add gddrescue to GRML_MEDIUM. (Thanks Antonio Diaz...
2010-05-11 Michael ProkopSW: Add uuid-runtime to GRMLBASE (thanks, Adriana Teixera).
2010-05-11 Michael Prokopgrml-cheatcodes.txt: document fetch= bootoption + add...
2010-04-21 Michael ProkopUse 0.9.41[-pre1] as version number until release.
2010-04-21 Ulrich DangelAdd loopback.cfg
2010-04-06 Michael ProkopRelease version 0.9.40. v0.9.40
2010-04-02 Michael ProkopUpdate bsd4grml to version 20100328 (thanks, Thorsten).
2010-04-02 Michael ProkopDrop home= bootoption from grml-cheatcodes.txt as it...
2010-04-02 Ulrich DangelSupport automatic findiso command and fixed gfxpayload...
2010-04-02 Ulrich DangelFix Boot OS of first partition entry for grub. Thanks...
2010-04-02 Michael ProkopDrop wrongly merged failsafe bootoptions.
2010-03-24 Michael ProkopSW: Drop bluez-audio (lack of space, requires ~17MB...
2010-03-24 Michael ProkopSW: Drop aria2 from GRML_FULL (lack of space).
2010-03-24 Michael ProkopUpdate grml-cheatcodes.txt.
2010-03-23 Michael ProkopSW: Add hwloc to GRML_FULL.
2010-03-23 Michael ProkopSW: Add lxc to GRML_FULL.
2010-03-22 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog and version number for pre-release...
2010-03-22 Michael ProkopSW: Add perf to GRML_FULL.
2010-03-11 Michael ProkopLintian cleanups and release new version 0.9.39. v0.9.39
2010-03-11 Michael ProkopUpdate grub configuration.
2010-03-11 Michael ProkopDrop bootfrom=removable from bootoptions.
2010-03-04 Michael ProkopSW: Drop ctapi-cyberjack.
2010-03-04 Michael ProkopSW: Update to grml kernel 2.6.33.
2010-03-04 Michael ProkopAdd support for /boot/isolinux/submenu*.cfg files.
2010-03-02 Michael ProkopSW: Add numactl to GRML_FULL (thanks, gebi).
2010-03-01 Michael ProkopSW: Drop sl-modem-daemon.
2010-03-01 Michael ProkopSW: Add mksh to GRML_SMALL and GRML_MEDIUM to allow...
2010-03-01 Michael ProkopMove ia32-libs from Depends to Recommends. v0.9.38
2010-02-28 Michael ProkopRelease version 0.9.37. v0.9.37
2010-02-27 Michael ProkopAdd grml as default to default.cfg. [Closes: issue761]
2010-02-27 Michael ProkopSW: Drop asleap from GRML_FULL.
2010-02-27 Michael ProkopSW: Drop tlswrap package from GRML_FULL.
2010-02-27 Michael ProkopSW: Move udev from GRML_* to GRMLBASE.
2010-02-27 Michael ProkopSW: Add usb-modeswitch to GRML_FULL. [Closes: issue424]
2010-02-27 Michael ProkopSW: Drop ded from GRLM_FULL.
2010-02-27 Michael ProkopSW: Add nginx. Thanks al4711. [Closes: issue704]
2010-02-27 Michael ProkopDrop noquick bootoption from serial console boot entry.
2010-02-26 Michael Prokopbuildd/ fix filename in md5 sum of lates... v0.9.36
2010-02-26 Michael ProkopAdd persistency feature to boot menu.
2010-02-26 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for new release.
2010-02-26 Michael ProkopDrop debug from bootoptions and use debug=vc only.
2010-02-25 Michael ProkopSW: Add zerofree to GRML_MEDIUM and GRML_FULL.
2010-02-24 Michael ProkopSW: Add xz-utils to GRML_FULL.
2010-02-23 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.9.36.
2010-02-23 Michael ProkopDo not abort if reading dpkg.list fails.
2010-02-23 Michael ProkopDrop duplicate boot=live from grub.cfg.
2010-02-23 Michael ProkopSimplify syslinux.cfg, update failsafe bootoption,...
2010-02-23 Michael ProkopRework addons handling (make sure to install boot addon...
2010-02-23 Michael ProkopForce creation of /sbin/mount.ntfs symlink.
2010-02-22 Michael Prokop90-update-alternatives: check for symlinks of iceweasel...
2010-02-20 Michael ProkopSW: move grml-docs from GRMLBASE to GRML_{SMALL,MEDIUM...
2010-02-19 Michael ProkopSW: Drop xlockmore from GRML_FULL.
2010-02-18 Michael ProkopDisable PDiffs by default via /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20pdiffs.
2010-02-16 Michael ProkopSW: Drop 3ware-cli-binary (license unclear).
2010-02-15 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog and version string for pre release.
2010-02-15 Michael Prokopscripts/GRMLBASE/39-modprobe: Make sure all modprobe...
2010-02-15 Michael ProkopSW: Add grml-quickconfig-standard to GRML_* classes.
2010-02-15 Michael ProkopSW: Add grml-quickconfig to GRMLBASE.
2010-02-15 Michael ProkopSW: Remove rar from GRML_FULL.
2010-02-13 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.9.35. v0.9.35
2010-02-13 Michael ProkopSW: Drop all packages from GRML_* classes that are...
2010-02-12 Michael ProkopSW: Move mgetty from GRML_* classes to GRMLBASE.
2010-02-12 Michael ProkopSW: Move module-init-tools from GRML_* classes to GRMLBASE.
2010-02-12 Michael ProkopSW: Drop mdadm from GRML_* classes as it is in GRMLBASE.
2010-02-12 Michael ProkopSW: Drop lvm2 from GRML_* classes at it is in GRMLBASE.
2010-02-03 Michael ProkopSW: Drop aufs-tools from GRML_MEDIUM.
2010-02-02 Michael ProkopMake sure to use sources.list of grml-live, even on...
2010-02-02 Michael ProkopSupport DEFAULT_BOOTOPTIONS via configuration file.
2010-02-02 Michael ProkopSupport NO_BOOTID.
2010-02-01 Michael ProkopUpdate documentation regarding bootid feature.
2010-02-01 Michael ProkopSupport conf/bootid.txt and use bootoption bootfrom...
2010-02-01 Michael ProkopStore package list on ISO. [Closes: issue779] [Closes...
2010-02-01 Michael ProkopIgnore $EXIT_ON_MISSING_PACKAGES if running a dirty...
2010-01-31 Michael Prokopscripts/GRMLBASE/38-udev: check for presence of config...
2010-01-31 Michael ProkopSW: Move diffutils + iw from GRMLBASE to GRML_* classes.
2010-01-31 Michael ProkopRename /etc/grml/fai/files to /etc/grml/fai/config...
2010-01-31 Michael ProkopProvide buildd as separate Debian package buildd, use...
2010-01-30 Michael ProkopUpdate for release 0.9.34. v0.9.34
2010-01-30 Michael Prokopgrml-live-db: Replace --db option with --database and...
2010-01-30 Michael ProkopClear logs *after* prompting for execution.
2010-01-30 Michael ProkopAdd backwards compability for ZERO_LOGFILE and document...
2010-01-30 Michael ProkopAdd grml-live-db to Recommends.
2010-01-30 Michael ProkopSupport for logging to database via grml-live-db. Chang...
2010-01-30 Michael ProkopDrop package config GRML_FORENSIC as it is developed...
2010-01-19 Michael ProkopSW: Add ufsutils to GRML{SMALL,MEDIUM,FULL,FORENSIC...
2010-01-17 Michael ProkopSW: Drop iputils-arping from GRML_FORENSIC (arping...
2010-01-17 Michael ProkopUpdate docs regarding squashfs-tools 1:4.0-1.
2010-01-17 Michael ProkopDrop keyword package from squashfs binary exit code.