2009-10-18 Ulrich DangelChanged isolinux vesamenu layout to support better...
2009-10-18 Michael ProkopDrop ipset from GRML_FULL + GRML_FORENSIC
2009-10-18 Michael ProkopDrop lcap + isic from GRML_FULL/GRML_FORENSIC
2009-10-17 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog and script version
2009-10-17 Ulrich Dangelgrml-cheatcodes.txt: mention nodhcphostname
2009-10-17 Michael ProkopBig cleanup of deprecated packages; replace dvb-utils... v0.9.23
2009-10-17 Michael ProkopDrop openbsd-inetd from GRML_FULL (we are using xinetd)
2009-10-17 Michael ProkopDrop vim-python + vim-ruby from GRML_FULL
2009-10-17 Michael ProkopReplace postgresql-client-8.2 + postgresql-client-commo...
2009-10-17 Michael ProkopDrop defrag from GRML_FULL + GRML_FORENSIC
2009-10-17 Michael ProkopDrop mktemp from GRML_*
2009-10-17 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog
2009-10-17 Michael ProkopDrop timeout from GRML_* (it is part of coreutils nowadays)
2009-10-17 Michael ProkopUse menu hide in templates/boot/isolinux/prompt.cfg
2009-10-14 Michael ProkopMove grml-hwinfo, hostname, initramfs-tools, initscript...
2009-10-14 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog
2009-10-14 Michael ProkopMove file-rc, gawk, grep, gpm + gzip to GRMLBASE. Drop...
2009-10-14 Michael ProkopDrop eject from all grml classes as it is part of GRMLB...
2009-10-14 Michael ProkopBig update of GRML_FORENSIC (a-k)
2009-10-06 Michael ProkopReplace diff with diffutils and move it to GRMLBASE...
2009-10-06 Michael ProkopDrop ash and crack-common from GRML_FULL
2009-09-28 Michael Prokopscripts/GRMLBASE/15-initsetup: assume safe GRML_NAME...
2009-09-28 Michael ProkopAdd missing test call in $FORCE_ISO_REBUILD code
2009-09-21 Michael ProkopAdd extract and libextractor-plugins to GRML_FORENSIC
2009-09-21 Michael ProkopAdd febootstrap to GRML_FULL
2009-09-21 Michael ProkopAdd libnss-mdns to GRML_FULL
2009-09-20 Michael ProkopDrop libpam-krb5 from GRML_FULL
2009-09-15 Michael ProkopDrop replicator from GRML_FULL
2009-09-12 Michael ProkopDrop options=header from docs/grml-live.txt so it build...
2009-09-12 Michael ProkopDrop mysql-client-5.0 from GRML_FULL
2009-09-12 Michael ProkopAdd guymager to GRML_FORENSIC
2009-09-12 Michael ProkopAdd iw to GRMLBASE
2009-09-12 Michael Prokopgrml-cheatcodes.txt: mention availability of bootoption...
2009-09-12 Ulrich Dangelmention netscript in grml-cheatcodes
2009-09-12 Michael ProkopDisplay Forcing rebuild message only if ISO does not...
2009-09-12 Michael ProkopDrop trailing dot char in FAI build log message (for...
2009-09-11 Michael ProkopDrop rt2[45]00 and rt73 modules
2009-09-11 Michael ProkopFix simple typos in usage information dialog
2009-09-11 Michael ProkopUpdate docs (new build time info)
2009-09-11 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog and program version for new release...
2009-09-11 Michael ProkopUpdate documentation and changelog
2009-09-11 Michael ProkopUse blocksize of 256 when running mksquashfs-lzma binary
2009-09-09 Michael ProkopAssume 'lenny' as default SUITE
2009-09-09 Michael ProkopDocument bootfrom=removable[-usb] in cheatcodes
2009-09-07 Michael ProkopUpdate to kernel 2.6.31-grml[64]
2009-09-07 Michael Prokop33-aptsetup: add backwards compability check for old...
2009-09-07 Michael ProkopUpdate docs regarding squashfs-lzma-tools
2009-09-07 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for new release (0.9.22) v0.9.22
2009-09-07 Michael ProkopCompletely remove /lib/modules/${KERNEL}/kernel/drivers...
2009-09-07 Michael ProkopDisplay "Finished execution of stage 'WINDOWS_BINARIES...
2009-09-07 Michael Prokoptemplates/boot/isolinux/grml.cfg: add 'pci=nomsi' to...
2009-09-07 Michael ProkopModify update-initramfs call
2009-09-03 Michael ProkopUpdate debian/changelog
2009-09-03 Michael ProkopIntroduce support for squashfs-lzma-tools 4.0-1 and...
2009-09-03 Michael ProkopAdd xmount to GRML_FULL
2009-09-03 Michael ProkopDrop deprecated firmware-ipw3945 + ipw3945d
2009-09-02 Michael ProkopNew cmdline option: "-n" skips generation of the ISO...
2009-09-02 Michael ProkopAdd comgt to GRML_FULL
2009-08-31 Michael ProkopMove dmidecode from GRML_SMALL, GRML_MEDIUM and GRML_FU...
2009-08-29 Michael ProkopDrop lanmap
2009-08-28 Michael ProkopAdd fatattr to GRML_FULL
2009-08-26 Michael ProkopTemporarly move /etc/apt/sources.list.d/grml.list in...
2009-08-26 Michael ProkopAdd wicd configuration to /etc/grml/fai/config/debconf...
2009-08-26 Michael ProkopFix usage of /etc/runlevel.conf in 15-initsetup
2009-08-26 Michael ProkopAlways remove temporary squashfs stderr file
2009-08-26 Michael ProkopFix usage of exclude option in $SQUASHFS_OPTIONS
2009-08-26 Michael ProkopUse /etc/debian_version as chroot existence check
2009-08-25 Michael ProkopReplace nessus with openvas packages in GRML_FULL
2009-08-25 Michael ProkopAdd libsmbios-bin to GRML_FULL
2009-08-25 Michael ProkopAdd qla-tools to GRML_FULL
2009-08-19 Michael ProkopSend 'Find FAI build logs at' message to grml-live...
2009-08-18 Michael ProkopDrop edac-utils from GRML_FULL
2009-08-17 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for release and restructure items... v0.9.21
2009-08-17 Michael ProkopUpdate copyright file (make lintian happy)
2009-08-17 Michael ProkopDrop deprecated entry from debian/overrides.grml-live
2009-08-17 Michael ProkopRegister grml-live html docs using doc-base
2009-08-17 Michael ProkopReplace all references to with cdn...
2009-08-17 Michael ProkopDrop lang=de which from grml.cfg
2009-08-17 Michael ProkopFix MirOS boot entry in addons.cfg (thanks Thorsten)
2009-08-17 Michael ProkopDrop package grml-saveconfig
2009-08-17 Michael ProkopApply patch from Marc Haber (thanks!) for new grml...
2009-08-16 Michael ProkopBump to Standard-Version 3.8.3; Improve long description
2009-08-16 Michael ProkopFix path of MirOS bsd4grml file
2009-08-16 Thorsten GlaserFix going back to GNU GRUB from via alternati...
2009-08-16 Michael ProkopDrop live-media-path=/live/grml from grml.cfg
2009-08-16 Michael ProkopDisplay path of FAI logs during execution of grml-live
2009-08-16 Michael ProkopUpdate reference to TODO file in grml-live.txt
2009-08-16 Michael ProkopAdd TODO file
2009-08-16 Michael ProkopFix usage of GRML_NAME in grml.cfg
2009-08-16 Michael ProkopIntegrate memtest86+ binary
2009-08-16 Michael ProkopCheck whether rebuild of ISO is needed even though...
2009-08-16 Michael ProkopSupport installation of local files through $CHROOT_INSTALL
2009-08-16 Michael ProkopIntroduce $NO_WINDOWS_BINARIES which replaces $WINDOWS_...
2009-08-16 Michael ProkopNew graphical boot menu; New configuration variable...
2009-08-16 Michael ProkopUnify variable checks; always run $SUITE checks; replac...
2009-08-16 Michael ProkopImprove check for architecture
2009-08-16 Michael ProkopRemove icedax from GRML_FULL; reformat changelog
2009-08-14 Michael ProkopAdd scsitools to GRML_MEDIUM
2009-08-14 Michael ProkopAdd several packages to GRML_FORENSIC
2009-08-13 Michael ProkopClose issue708 in changelog