2010-01-07 Michael ProkopSW: Fix missing newline between ccze and ccrypt in...
2010-01-07 Michael ProkopSW: Disable fatback in GRML_FORENSIC as it is still...
2010-01-07 Michael ProkopSW: Disable bios-memimage in GRML_FORENSIC as it is...
2010-01-07 Michael ProkopSW: Drop aufs-tools from GRML_{FULL,FORENSIC} (deprecat...
2010-01-07 Michael ProkopSW: Drop firescope from GRML_{FULL,FORENSIC} - it is...
2010-01-04 Michael ProkopAdd ia32-libs [amd64] to Depends to make sure building...
2010-01-04 Michael ProkopFix architecture option in error message (-a instead...
2009-12-30 Michael ProkopSW: Move scsiadd from GRML_* to GRMLBASE.
2009-12-30 Michael ProkopUpdate version numbers for 0.9.34-pre1
2009-12-30 Michael ProkopAdd scripts/GRMLBASE/38-udev to get rid of automaticall...
2009-12-30 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog, release version 0.9.33. v0.9.33
2009-12-30 Michael ProkopAdd infiniband-diags to GRML_FULL
2009-12-30 Michael ProkopAdd lcrack to GRML_FORENSIC
2009-12-30 Michael ProkopAdd fsarchiver to GRML_FULL
2009-12-30 Michael ProkopUpdate MirOS bsd4grml version in debian/changelog
2009-12-30 Michael ProkopAdd modem-cmd to GRML_FULL
2009-12-30 Michael ProkopAdd gdisk to GRML_FULL
2009-12-28 Michael ProkopAdd script GRMLBASE/37-portmap to work around bug in...
2009-12-28 Michael ProkopUpdate to bsd4grml version 20091226.
2009-12-23 Michael ProkopAdd iptraf to GRML_MEDIUM
2009-12-23 Michael ProkopAdd kexec-tools to GRML_SMALL + GRML_MEDIUM
2009-12-23 Michael Prokopdocs: add /etc/grml/grml_live.cmdline to cmdline for...
2009-12-15 Michael ProkopDrop memtest86+ from Depends.
2009-12-13 Michael ProkopDrop grml-mercurial-utils from GRML_FULL and GRML_MEDIUM.
2009-12-12 Michael ProkopDrop dvi2tty from GRML_FULL.
2009-12-12 Michael ProkopMove package validator behind FAI
2009-12-12 Michael ProkopFix typo in /etc/grml/fai/config/scripts/GRMLBASE/01...
2009-12-12 Michael ProkopAdd support for EXIT_ON_MISSING_PACKAGES
2009-12-12 Michael ProkopDrop lomoco from GRML_FULL.
2009-11-25 Michael ProkopAdd nbd-server + nbd-client to GRML_FULL
2009-11-17 Michael ProkopAdd iscsitarget-module-2.6.31-grml64 to GRML_FULL
2009-11-15 Michael ProkopUpdate debian/changelog.
2009-11-15 Thorsten GlaserUpdate MirOS bsd4grml to 20091115 including eKey support
2009-11-14 Michael ProkopMove package_errors.log to the end.
2009-11-14 Michael ProkopDrop (unavailable) at76-usb-modules-2.6.31-grml from...
2009-11-14 Michael Prokoptemplates/boot/grub/menu.lst: drop bootoption lang=us
2009-11-14 Michael ProkopUse /sbin/mount.ntfs-3g as default handler for ntfs.
2009-11-14 Michael ProkopUpdate sources.list handling.
2009-11-14 Michael ProkopIntegrate 01-packages, meant as package validator.
2009-11-14 Michael ProkopAdjust GRML* classes: unify packages in GRMLBASE, drop...
2009-11-13 Michael ProkopWrite current date to last output line of grml-live.
2009-11-13 Michael ProkopSwitch order of mirror configuration in example config
2009-11-08 Michael ProkopSet FAI_CONFIGDIR=/etc/grml/fai/config in /etc/grml... v0.9.32
2009-11-04 Michael ProkopUpdate docs to reflect current FAI_CONFIG_SRC setup.
2009-11-04 Michael ProkopUpdate for release 0.9.31. v0.9.31
2009-11-04 Michael ProkopUpdate FAI configuration.
2009-11-04 Thorsten Glaserexperimental diff for issue757
2009-11-03 Michael ProkopDrop WIP from docs
2009-11-01 Michael ProkopFix the 'Memtest86+ bootentry doesn't work within GRUB2...
2009-11-01 Michael ProkopUpdate for release 0.9.30. v0.9.30
2009-11-01 Michael ProkopMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-11-01 Michael ProkopAdjust FAI_CONFIG_SRC variable in fai.conf
2009-11-01 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog
2009-11-01 Ulrich DangelRemove denglish phrase from help file. Thankts to Andre...
2009-11-01 Michael Prokopconfig/hooks/instsoft.GRMLBASE: drop insserv package
2009-11-01 Ulrich DangelRemove denglish phrase from help file. Thankts to Andre...
2009-11-01 Michael Prokopconfig/hooks/instsoft.GRMLBASE: force installation...
2009-10-30 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog
2009-10-30 Christian HofstaedtlerEnsure /etc/mtab is always present
2009-10-30 Michael ProkopAdd jfsutils to GRML_MEDIUM and GRML_SMALL
2009-10-29 Michael ProkopFix posix violation in grml-live-remaster
2009-10-29 Michael ProkopSupport new option '-d <date>'
2009-10-29 Michael ProkopAdjust stage2{,_eltorito} code in grml-live v0.9.29
2009-10-29 Ulrich DangelRenamed stage_eltorito to stage to get rid of name...
2009-10-28 Michael ProkopFix cosmetic typo in /etc/grml/fai/live-initramfs/grml...
2009-10-28 Michael Prokoptemplates/boot/isolinux/default.cfg: always use string...
2009-10-27 Michael ProkopUpdate for release 0.9.28. v0.9.28
2009-10-27 Michael ProkopUpdate bsd4grml to version 20091027
2009-10-27 Michael ProkopRevert adding templates/boot/isolinux/mboot.c32
2009-10-27 Michael ProkopAdjust label text for grub1 boot entry
2009-10-27 Michael ProkopUpdate isolinux/syslinux files to version 2:3.83+dfsg-1
2009-10-27 Michael ProkopUpdate memtest86+ binary to 4.00-2
2009-10-26 Michael ProkopAdjust grub variable in *all* /boot/isolinux/*.cfg...
2009-10-26 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog
2009-10-26 Michael ProkopAdd gcc to GRML_MEDIUM
2009-10-26 Michael ProkopAdd guymager to GRML_FULL
2009-10-26 Michael ProkopDrop grub from all classes and add grub-pc to GRMLBASE
2009-10-26 Michael ProkopUpdate for release 0.9.27 v0.9.27
2009-10-26 Ulrich DangelUpdated changelog.
2009-10-26 Ulrich DangelRefactored addon handlng for grml-live.
2009-10-26 Michael ProkopAdd ewf-tools to GRML_FULL and GRML_FORENSIC
2009-10-26 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog
2009-10-26 Michael ProkopAdd 'noquick' to the serial bootoption
2009-10-26 Michael ProkopAdd fio to GRML_FULL
2009-10-24 Michael ProkopAdjust grub variable in boot/isolinux/{addons,grub...
2009-10-24 Michael ProkopUpdate for release 0.9.26. v0.9.26
2009-10-24 Michael ProkopFix typo in label gpxe
2009-10-24 Michael ProkopDocument shortcut keys of vesamenu bootsplash; Add...
2009-10-24 Michael Prokoptemplates/boot/isolinux/{addons,syslinux}.cfg: Use...
2009-10-24 Thorsten GlaserUpdate MirOS bsd4grml to 20091024 and use it to chainlo...
2009-10-24 Michael ProkopAdd templates/boot/isolinux/ifcpu64.c32
2009-10-24 Michael ProkopUpdate templates/boot/grub to grub2 version 1.97~beta4-1
2009-10-24 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for release 0.9.25 v0.9.25
2009-10-24 Michael ProkopAdd pyneighborhood to GRML_FULL
2009-10-24 Michael ProkopAdd fbterm to GRML_FULL
2009-10-24 Michael ProkopDrop grml-ddcxinfo from GRML_FULL
2009-10-24 Michael ProkopUpdate for release 0.9.25
2009-10-24 Michael ProkopAdd parted to GRML_SMALL
2009-10-24 Michael ProkopSupport mksquashfs-lzma and $MKSQUASHFS in remaster...
2009-10-23 Ulrich DangelUpdated changelog.