Update debian/control headers Description, Origin, Bugs
[grml-unittests.git] / framework.sh
2010-05-17 Michael ProkopSupport DEBUG= to skip exit/bailout of kvm.
2010-05-17 Michael ProkopSupport VNC=1 to automatically start up a vnc viewer.
2010-05-17 Michael ProkopMake sure tests work with dash as well.
2010-03-25 Ulrich DangelGet rid of gatling, thanks to python ;0
2010-03-25 Ulrich DangelSupport for sending status message to server via http...
2010-03-25 Ulrich DangelCode cleanup, [ .. -o .. ] is not posix :/
2010-03-25 Ulrich DangelInitial code checkin