2009-02-17 Michael ProkopAdd python to depends, add lintian-overrides file
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopAdd FAQ section to the docs
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopImprove lilo support
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopUpdate debian/
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopUpdate PROG_VERSION
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopImplement --skip-addons, add code for installing addons...
2009-02-16 Michael ProkopAdd debian/NEWS file, update changelog and adjust versi...
2009-02-16 Michael ProkopExtend docs, add support for lilo on i386 vs. amd64
2009-02-16 Michael ProkopDo not execute mkfs.fat without prompting; update docs
2009-02-16 Michael ProkopImplement --lilo (thanks Henning Sprang), add further...
2009-02-04 Michael ProkopInitial working version for multi ISO support
2009-02-04 Michael ProkopInitial working version
2009-02-03 Michael ProkopImplement mount and unmount handling
2009-01-20 Michael ProkopImplement handle_iso(), use logging()
2009-01-20 Michael ProkopImplement execute() logic
2009-01-20 Michael ProkopSome code cleanups to make pylint happier ;)
2009-01-20 Michael Prokop Implement install_mbr(device); add lilo stuff
2009-01-19 Michael ProkopAdd some further comments
2009-01-19 Michael ProkopImplement copy logic and syslinux/grub configuration
2009-01-18 Michael ProkopImplement prototype of copy_grml_files(), move f# files...
2009-01-17 Michael ProkopImplement search_file()
2009-01-09 Michael ProkopUpdate script
2009-01-09 Michael ProkopInitial checkin of [prototyp]
2009-01-09 Michael ProkopUpdate redesign docs
2009-01-08 Michael ProkopAdd images/
2009-01-08 Michael ProkopRedesign grml2usb
2008-11-29 Michael ProkopDrop .hgtags
2008-05-24 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.9.1 for changeset 55f9bd9d0e14
2008-05-24 Michael ProkopAdjust version number in the script itself 0.9.1
2008-05-24 Michael ProkopSome minor cleanups in Debian packaging
2008-05-24 Michael ProkopFix problem with comment chars in /etc/fstab
2008-02-24 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.9.0 for changeset ce247f005fbe
2008-02-24 Michael ProkopAdd ldlinux.sys to grml2usb.filelist 0.9.0
2008-02-23 Michael ProkopSupport new directory layout of different grml-flavours
2008-01-19 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.8.0 for changeset e517521397a10764991179891...
2008-01-19 Michael ProkopFix the grub issue 0.8.0
2007-11-16 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.7.8 for changeset e10c87f88ec9ef7ec99f9773b...
2007-11-16 Michael ProkopFix syntax error 0.7.8
2007-11-16 Michael ProkopAdjust grml2usb for a present grub directory
2007-09-12 Michael ProkopApply patch-bomb by ft, thanks a lot
2007-06-08 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.7.6 for changeset e5630ccbb905
2007-06-08 Michael ProkopThe "reworked grml2usb for JUXLALA"-release 0.7.6
2007-04-03 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.7.5 for changeset 8abb138d82b8
2007-04-03 Michael Prokopadjust grml2usb version in script itself 0.7.5
2007-04-03 Michael Gebetsroitherdoc fixes
2007-04-03 Michael Gebetsroithersupporting directories and direct blockdevices as sourc...
2007-03-16 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.7.4 for changeset 2c83a2fcbc53506a8e3668a9d...
2007-03-16 Michael Prokopadjust version number inside grml2usb 0.7.4
2007-03-16 Michael ProkopChange version schema from x.y-z to x.y.z
2007-03-16 Michael ProkopGet rid of bashism
2007-02-03 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.7-3 for changeset d0ae3e946ff326487ba11024f...
2007-02-03 Michael Prokopadd documentation to the manpage 0.7-3
2006-12-07 Michael ProkopAdded tag grml0.9 for changeset a006deba31476e5be96268e...
2006-11-11 Michael Prokop * Use 'Architecture: all' in debian/control so we... grml0.9
2006-11-06 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.7 for changeset 7a6d1686b8647661faaf4af7451...
2006-11-06 Michael Prokopbumb debian package version to 0.7 as well 0.7
2006-11-06 Michael Prokop * Use different exit codes for different code parts...
2006-11-06 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.6 for changeset ee51a119c8a3a363c4badf290a7...
2006-11-06 Michael Prokopinitial checkin 0.6