2009-05-04 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog
2009-05-04 Michael ProkopCatch exception if copying files fails
2009-05-04 Michael ProkopExit if installing grub fails
2009-05-04 Michael ProkopAdd support for hdt (Hardware Detection Tool)
2009-05-04 Michael ProkopUse multiboot for booting MirOS BSD when using grub2
2009-04-21 Michael ProkopUse the normalized path for unmounting, patch by Peter...
2009-04-09 Michael ProkopMention the grml2usb.tgz in the docs, enable TOC
2009-04-09 Michael ProkopDisplay program version during execution
2009-04-09 Michael ProkopAdd for generating tarball of grml2usb
2009-04-09 Michael ProkopFix dashes of options in manpage
2009-04-08 Michael Prokopgrub2: move kernel commandline from initrd to kernel... v0.9.4
2009-04-07 Michael ProkopSome minor debian/ improvements v0.9.3
2009-04-07 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for new release
2009-03-24 Michael ProkopFix --quiet/--verbose option handling
2009-03-24 Michael ProkopAlso add specified bootoptions to default entry in...
2009-03-24 Michael ProkopSupport older kernel versions in check for removable...
2009-03-12 Michael ProkopMention the Debian package in the error message
2009-03-12 Michael ProkopMention grml-repository in the docs
2009-03-12 Michael ProkopFix comments section in manpage
2009-03-07 Michael ProkopUpdate failsafe bootoption
2009-03-06 Michael ProkopAdd dupes to TODO
2009-03-04 Michael ProkopRename --mbr-manager into --mbr-menu
2009-03-04 Michael ProkopUpdate mbr.S
2009-03-04 Michael ProkopDrop some leftover 'lang=us' references
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopAdd zsh completion for grml2usb
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopSimplify warning message for addons v0.9.2
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopDisplay flavour specific hint only if its not the default
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopMinor logging.warn adjustment, update FAT
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopUSe prefix="grml2usb" for tmpfiles (thanks gebi), do...
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopAdd /live/image as grml-iso to TODO
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopSome --dry-run fixes (thanks gebi), update TODO
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopEither depend on syslinux | grub2 | grub
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopUse /dev/sdx instead of /dev/sd{a,b} to prevent from...
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopSome minor fixes for installation in directory
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopUpdate doc/pycallgraph.png
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopSlightly improve mount error message
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopAdd grml2usb: unknown-section grml to debian/overrides
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopUpdate Build-Depends*
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopDrop 'Info: ' from; use live-media-path...
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopAdd TODO file to Debian package; update docs
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopUpdate FAQ
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopImprove usage information
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopAdd asciidoc, xsltproc and docbook-xsl to Build-Depends
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog, go into direction of 0.9.2 :)
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopSome minor updates in debian/
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopImprove comments/docs
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopCheck for FAT16 only when using --syslinux
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopAdd extra-license-file...lilo/COPYING to debian/overrides
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopDrop stage2_eltorito file
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopMake grub the default bootloader, add support for bsd4g...
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopAdjust grub1 handling
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopUpdate bootsplash for grub
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopAdd support for --mbr-manager
2009-03-02 Michael ProkopAdd mbr/ - update --grub handling
2009-03-01 Michael ProkopImplement --grub option (grub2 only so far)
2009-02-28 Michael Prokop Update changelog
2009-02-23 Michael ProkopAdd mbr docs
2009-02-23 Michael ProkopAdd --verify to TODO file
2009-02-23 Michael ProkopAdd vga=791 to syslinux.cfg
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopAdd support for memtest image
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopMove TODOs to extra file
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopDrop duplicated mkfs_fat16()
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopDrop deprecated --mbr option from docs
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopFinally rename to grml2usb
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopRefactoring
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopAdd python to depends, add lintian-overrides file
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopAdd FAQ section to the docs
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopImprove lilo support
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopUpdate debian/
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopUpdate PROG_VERSION
2009-02-17 Michael ProkopImplement --skip-addons, add code for installing addons...
2009-02-16 Michael ProkopAdd debian/NEWS file, update changelog and adjust versi...
2009-02-16 Michael ProkopExtend docs, add support for lilo on i386 vs. amd64
2009-02-16 Michael ProkopDo not execute mkfs.fat without prompting; update docs
2009-02-16 Michael ProkopImplement --lilo (thanks Henning Sprang), add further...
2009-02-04 Michael ProkopInitial working version for multi ISO support
2009-02-04 Michael ProkopInitial working version
2009-02-03 Michael ProkopImplement mount and unmount handling
2009-01-20 Michael ProkopImplement handle_iso(), use logging()
2009-01-20 Michael ProkopImplement execute() logic
2009-01-20 Michael ProkopSome code cleanups to make pylint happier ;)
2009-01-20 Michael Prokop Implement install_mbr(device); add lilo stuff
2009-01-19 Michael ProkopAdd some further comments
2009-01-19 Michael ProkopImplement copy logic and syslinux/grub configuration
2009-01-18 Michael ProkopImplement prototype of copy_grml_files(), move f# files...
2009-01-17 Michael ProkopImplement search_file()
2009-01-09 Michael ProkopUpdate script
2009-01-09 Michael ProkopInitial checkin of [prototyp]
2009-01-09 Michael ProkopUpdate redesign docs
2009-01-08 Michael ProkopAdd images/
2009-01-08 Michael ProkopRedesign grml2usb
2008-11-29 Michael ProkopDrop .hgtags
2008-05-24 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.9.1 for changeset 55f9bd9d0e14
2008-05-24 Michael ProkopAdjust version number in the script itself 0.9.1
2008-05-24 Michael ProkopSome minor cleanups in Debian packaging
2008-05-24 Michael ProkopFix problem with comment chars in /etc/fstab
2008-02-24 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.9.0 for changeset ce247f005fbe
2008-02-24 Michael ProkopAdd ldlinux.sys to grml2usb.filelist 0.9.0
2008-02-23 Michael ProkopSupport new directory layout of different grml-flavours
2008-01-19 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.8.0 for changeset e517521397a10764991179891...