Drop 10_support_ethdevice.dpatch (applied upstream).
[live-initramfs-grml.git] / grml /
2010-04-01 Michael ProkopAddress aufs2/kernel 2.6.33 issue through 05mountpoints. v1.177.1-1grml.02
2010-02-20 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for new release. v1.173.3-1grml.01
2010-02-20 Michael ProkopAdd 10validateroot to validate root device before acces...
2009-09-04 Michael Prokopgrml/23networking: add support for bootoption noudev
2009-06-01 Michael ProkopApply PXE patch on our own networking script; readonly... v1.157.1-1grml.07
2009-01-08 Michael ProkopSync with Debian 1.154.4-1; some config/script updates v1.154.4-1grml.01
2008-11-24 Michael ProkopInstall live-bottom/08persistence_excludes
2008-11-20 Michael ProkopDeactivate NOPERSISTENT=Yes by default
2008-11-14 Michael ProkopAdjust spacing in grml/05mountpoints
2008-11-14 Michael ProkopDisplay "Mounted live system on ..." during bootup
2008-08-16 Michael ProkopReadd scripts/live-bottom 1.136.3-2_grml.03
2008-08-16 Michael ProkopResync and remove scripts/live-bottom via debian/rules