Support multiple devices (both manually as well as automatically) and timeout option...
[live-initramfs-grml.git] / hooks /
2009-11-13 Michael ProkopMerge Debian version 1.157.4-1.
2009-04-08 Michael ProkopSync with Debian git, incorporating 09_use_udevadm_info... v1.157.1-1grml.02
2009-02-20 Michael ProkopResync with Debian 1.156.1-1
2008-11-04 Michael ProkopResync with Debian 1.139.1-3
2008-08-16 Michael ProkopReadd scripts/live-bottom 1.136.3-2_grml.03
2008-08-16 Michael ProkopResync and remove scripts/live-bottom via debian/rules
2008-08-16 Michael ProkopResync with git version of Debian
2008-07-17 Michael ProkopGet rif of debian/patches/03_support_for_lzma.diff
2008-07-17 Michael ProkopRebase against version 1.136.2-2
2007-11-01 Michael ProkopInitial checkin