Remove unused grub background image
[grml-live.git] / remaster / grml-live-remaster
2009-10-29 Michael ProkopFix posix violation in grml-live-remaster
2009-10-24 Michael ProkopSupport mksquashfs-lzma and $MKSQUASHFS in remaster...
2009-06-13 Michael ProkopUpdate comment in remaster/grml-live-remaster
2009-06-13 Thorsten GlaserPad official ISOs to multiples of 256 KiB.
2009-05-20 Frank TerbeckSupport $VISUAL and fall back to 'vi' is EDITOR is...
2009-02-20 Michael ProkopDrop Latest change lines, add initial support for Debia...
2008-02-24 Michael ProkopAdjust grml-live-remaster for new file system layout 0.6
2007-12-28 Michael ProkopReally add remaster/grml-live-remaster