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This is the place where the sources of Grml - the Linux Live system for sysadmins - live. A copy of the repositories is available at github for your service.

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Project Description Owner Last Change
grml-api.git API for the Grml live system 5 years ago
grml-autoconfig.git main bootup process of a Grml... 7 months ago
grml-buildd.git buildd related stuff 5 years ago
grml-constitution.git Constitution for Grml 3 years ago
grml-core.git core files for the Grml live... 4 years ago
grml-crypt.git wrapper arround cryptsetup... 17 months ago
grml-debian-keyring.git GnuPG archive key of the grml... 6 weeks ago
grml-debootstrap.git wrapper around debootstrap 3 weeks ago
grml-debugtools.git various debug related tools 4 years ago
grml-desktop.git configuration files for the... 8 weeks ago
grml-documentation.git specialised documentation... 4 years ago
grml-etc-core.git core configuration files of... 3 weeks ago
grml-etc.git etcetera files for the Grml... 15 months ago
grml-feedback.git feedback system for Grml 3 years ago
grml-gen-zshrefcard.git generate zsh reference card... 13 months ago
grml-git-doc.git Documentation of git at Grml 6 years ago
grml-git-tools.git Useful addons for work with git 3 years ago
grml-hwinfo.git collect hardware information 11 months ago
grml-infrastructure.git documentation of Grml infrastr... 2 years ago
grml-kernel.git patches, configuration and... 5 months ago
grml-live-grml.git grml-live bits that can't... 22 months ago
grml-live.git build system for creating... 3 weeks ago
grml-mirrors.git policies/guidelines/howto... 9 months ago
grml-network.git network related helper scripts 14 months ago
grml-paste.git command line interface for... 3 years ago
grml-policy.git the Grml policy documentation 5 years ago
grml-policyrcd.git wrapper for and around invoke... 2 years ago
grml-quickconfig.git fast access to some basic... 7 weeks ago
grml-rescueboot.git Bootloader integration of... 6 weeks ago
grml-scripts-core.git some important scripts which... 22 months ago
grml-scripts.git some small scripts which shoul... 3 weeks ago
grml-server-setup.git documentation of server setup... 2 years ago
grml-shlib.git generic shell library 21 months ago
grml-terminalserver.git terminalserver for Grml 16 months ago
grml-tips.git search for tips and hints... 16 months ago
grml-twitter-tips.git Grml related tips for http... 4 years ago
grml-udev-config.git custom udev configurations... 8 months ago
grml-unittests.git unittests for the Grml live... 4 years ago
grml-vpn.git wrapper around setkey / IPsec 4 years ago
grml-x.git X configuration tool for Grml 2 years ago homepage 5 weeks ago
grml2hd.git make a harddisk installation... 2 years ago
grml2usb.git install Grml system to usb... 8 weeks ago
gsa-puppet.git Infrastructure Puppet... 20 months ago
heirloom-sh.git Heirloom Bourne Shell - derive... 7 years ago
jenkins-scm.git scm configuration 5 weeks ago
kantan.git simple test suite for autotest... 3 years ago
live-boot-grml.git Grml's version of live-boot 7 months ago
live-initramfs-grml.git Grml's version of live-initramfs 5 years ago
mediakit.git media files 3 years ago web frontend 22 months ago
release-tools.git RM tools 3 years ago
teams.git Documentation of the different... 3 years ago
tuitest.git run automated tests of text... 6 years ago
zsh-lovers.git tips, tricks and examples... 8 weeks ago