2020-01-31 Michael Prokopdownload/mirrors/: mention grml-mirrors project master
2020-01-14 Michael Prokopfiles: include usage of signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings...
2020-01-14 Michael Prokopfiles: use https where possible
2019-12-31 Michael ProkopUpdate copyright header for 2020
2019-10-31 Michael ProkopUpdate grml-debootstrap website to latest v0.90 release
2019-09-02 Michael ProkopDrop trailing whitespace + replace tabs
2019-09-02 Michael ProkopMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/github/pr/26'
2019-09-02 WoetAdded Server Hunter to homepage
2019-09-02 WoetImproved sponsor styling
2019-08-28 Michael Prokopsponsors: provide sponsor URLs via logos
2019-08-28 Michael ProkopReplace serverhunter.png with a svg
2019-08-28 Michael ProkopAdd new Sponsor: Server Hunter
2019-06-23 Michael ProkopFix typoe: sponors -> sponsors
2019-01-28 Michael ProkopMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/github/pr/25'
2019-01-28 Florian Klienfaq: Gnackwatschn is not a facepalm
2019-01-11 Michael ProkopNews: announce BSP in Salzburg
2019-01-11 Michael Prokopcontact webpage: announce our team mail address+
2019-01-01 Michael Prokopdownload/mirrors: drop base href, breaking https site
2019-01-01 Michael ProkopUse https version for
2019-01-01 Michael Prokopdownload/mirrors: drop and bittorent sectio...
2019-01-01 Michael Prokoppress: distrowatch featuring Grml 2018.12
2018-12-31 Michael ProkopFix package information date for release notes 2018.12
2018-12-31 Michael ProkopUpdate copyright for new year, let's be prepared :)
2018-12-31 Michael ProkopUpdate release notes for stable release
2018-12-31 Michael ProkopUpdate download webpage for stable release
2018-12-31 Michael ProkopUpdate screenshots + symlinks in files/ for new stable...
2018-12-31 Michael ProkopUpdate for 2018.12 stable release
2018-12-23 Michael ProkopMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/github/pr/23'
2018-12-23 Darshaka PathiranaUpdate link to Linux kernel command-line parameters
2018-12-21 Michael ProkopSync download and prerelease webpages with each other
2018-12-20 Michael Prokopcontact/ drop link to old bug tracker and deprecated...
2018-12-20 Michael ProkopDrop 'Order a CD', no shops are active as such anymore...
2018-12-20 Michael ProkopUpdate release version for releasename
2018-12-20 Michael ProkopMention new release candidate on download webpage
2018-12-20 Michael ProkopUpdate grml-live webpage
2018-12-20 Michael ProkopUpdate grml2usb for v0.16.2 release + updated docs
2018-12-20 Michael ProkopUpdate ISO sizes for new release
2018-12-20 Michael ProkopFurther updates for 2018.12-rc1 release
2018-12-20 Michael ProkopGrml 2018.12-rc1, here we come
2018-09-29 Michael ProkopUpdate grml-zsh-refcard.pdf to latest grml-etc-core...
2018-08-23 Alexander WirtConvert missing links to ssl
2018-02-15 anarcatpull archive keyring out of global trust path
2018-02-14 Alexander WirtMerge pull request #13 from anarcat/patch-1
2018-02-14 Darshaka PathiranaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/github/pr/20'
2018-02-05 Darshaka PathiranaMerge branch 'master' into patch-1
2018-02-03 Darshaka PathiranaFix dead link of grml-zsh-config package for Archlinux
2018-01-01 Michael ProkopUpdate copyright information for 2018
2017-10-06 Michael ProkopAdd issues #65 + #76 to known...
2017-10-06 Michael ProkopClarify that we no longer support i586 but require...
2017-07-23 ooxiUpdate requirements to reflect release 2017.05
2017-06-23 Michael ProkopAnnounce Darshaka as new Grml developer
2017-06-23 Michael ProkopAdd Darsha as team member
2017-06-19 Michael Prokopzsh: update grmlzshrc to latest grml-etc-core version
2017-06-09 Michael ProkopDocument known bugs for Grml 2017.05 release
2017-06-08 Darshaka Pathiranafaq: typo -> add closing bracket
2017-06-06 Michael Prokopzsh: use https nowadays
2017-06-02 Michael Prokoppress: add URL
2017-06-02 Michael Prokoppress: add URL
2017-06-02 Michael Prokoppress: add linux-community URL
2017-06-01 Michael Prokoppress: add URL for new release
2017-06-01 Michael ProkopDownload page: yet another ISO size bugfix
2017-06-01 Michael ProkopDownload page: fix ISO size for grml-full flavours
2017-05-31 Michael ProkopUpdate startpage for new stable release
2017-05-31 Michael ProkopUpdate screenshots page for new stable release
2017-05-31 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog page for new stable release
2017-05-31 Michael ProkopUpdate download site for new stable release
2017-05-31 Michael ProkopFurther changelog improvements for 2017.05
2017-05-31 Michael ProkopFurther changelog improvements for 2017.05
2017-05-31 Michael ProkopRelease notes for 2017.05
2017-05-24 Michael ProkopRelease notes: add Thomas Stewart to thanks
2017-05-19 Michael ProkopFAQ: drop ISO sizes of flavors, tending to be out-of...
2017-05-19 Michael ProkopRelease notes: mention i386 CPU changes
2017-05-19 Thomas StewartUpdate qemu page to use 256M of RAM
2017-05-09 Michael ProkopFix download URL in release notes (thanks, Leonhard...
2017-05-08 Michael ProkopFinal polishing for 2017.05-rc1 release
2017-05-08 Michael ProkopUse actual dpkg.list of 2017.05-rc1 ISOs
2017-05-08 Michael ProkopDocument known bugs of 2017.05-rc1
2017-05-08 Michael ProkopFurther fine-tuning for new release candidate version
2017-05-08 Michael ProkopFurther adjustements for new rc1
2017-05-08 Michael ProkopDebian package files for 2017.05(rc1)
2017-05-08 Michael ProkopUpdate ISO sizes
2017-05-08 Michael ProkopMisc changes for 2017.05-rc1 release
2017-05-08 Michael ProkopFAQ: provide information about switch to systemd
2017-05-08 Alexander WirtFix mirmon detection
2017-05-07 Michael ProkopFurther improvements to 2017.05-rc1 release notes,...
2017-05-05 Michael ProkopRelease notes: up2date->up to date, add pointer WRT...
2017-05-05 Michael ProkopFurther release notes updates
2017-05-05 Michael ProkopList known bugs for 2017.05-rc1, further adjust release...
2017-05-05 Felipe SatelerAdd missing </li> closing tags
2017-05-05 Michael ProkopInitial release notes for 2017.05-rc1
2017-05-05 Michael ProkopNo longer announce for bug reports, mentio...
2017-04-19 Michael Prokopdaily: switch all URLs to https version
2017-03-14 anarcatfixup apt pinning
2017-03-14 anarcatadd workaround for keyring issue
2017-03-14 anarcatmore docs on preferences
2017-03-14 anarcatadd architectures and stable to .sources file
2017-03-14 anarcatadd signed-by and preferences directives
2017-02-15 Michael ProkopUpdate grml2usb to version 0.14.14
2017-01-27 Michael ProkopProvide redirects to zshrc, vimrc + screenrc via grml...
2017-01-03 Michael Prokop2016->2017