2019-10-22 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.102.2 master v0.102.2
2019-09-26 Michael Prokopaddon_*_bsd.cfg: don't try to modify if file doesn...
2019-08-13 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.102.1 v0.102.1
2019-08-13 Michael Prokopdefault_config: fix syntax error
2019-03-21 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.102.0 v0.102.0
2019-03-21 Michael ProkopRefresh Debian packaging, switching to minimal dh style
2019-03-21 Michael ProkopBump debian/compat to 10 and adjust Build-Depends on...
2019-03-21 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 4.3.0
2019-03-21 Michael ProkopUse https version for Homepage and Vcs-Browser fields
2019-03-21 Michael ProkopSwitch default mount point from /lib/live/mount/medium...
2015-09-23 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.101.2 v0.101.2
2015-09-23 Michael Prokopsyslinux(-common) no longer ships pxelinux.0, included...
2015-09-14 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.101.1 v0.101.1
2015-09-14 Michael Prokopwrap-and-sort debian directory
2015-09-14 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.6
2015-09-14 Michael ProkopSet Grml Team as Maintainer
2014-03-28 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.101.0 v0.101.0
2014-03-28 Michael Prokopgrub-pxelinux_config: use shell features for directory...
2014-03-28 Andreas "Jimmy... Remove old grub support
2014-03-28 Andreas "Jimmy... Get rid of code which breaks Multi-ISO boot [Testing...
2013-09-13 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.100.2 v0.100.2
2013-09-13 Michael ProkopFix usage of rpcinfo being available inside /usr/sbin...
2013-01-22 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.100.1 v0.100.1
2013-01-22 Michael ProkopMake sure we don't override live-media-path if /lib...
2013-01-10 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.100.0 v0.100.0
2013-01-10 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.4
2013-01-10 Michael ProkopAdjust live media path for new live-boot version
2012-09-13 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.99.20 v0.99.20
2012-09-13 Michael ProkopIf isolinux template directory is not present inform...
2012-09-11 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.99.19 v0.99.19
2012-09-11 Michael ProkopNAT setup: do not fail if local route is present
2012-09-11 Michael ProkopDrop outdated NOTES file
2012-09-11 Michael ProkopUse /live/image as default + vmlinuz/initrd.img to...
2012-01-11 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.99.18 v0.99.18
2012-01-11 Michael ProkopGet rid of grml2hd specific dialog and code [Closes...
2011-12-09 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.99.17 v0.99.17
2011-12-09 Michael Prokopgrml-terminalserver-config: fix syntax error
2011-12-06 Christian HofstaedtlerRelease new version 0.99.16. v0.99.16
2011-12-06 Michael Prokopgrml-terminalserver-config: use x.x.x.10 as starting...
2011-11-26 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.99.15 v0.99.15
2011-07-27 Christian HofstaedtlerAdd debian/control headers Origin, Bugs
2011-07-12 Michael ProkopReleasing new version 0.99.14. v0.99.14
2011-07-12 Michael ProkopDo not use "nodhcp" bootoption anymore, since recent...
2011-06-06 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.2.
2011-05-15 Christian HofstaedtlerRelease new version 0.99.13. v0.99.13
2011-05-15 Ulrich DangelSupport either portmap or rpcbind in grml-terminalserver.
2010-12-07 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.99.12. v0.99.12
2010-12-02 Michael GebetsroitherMerge remote branch 'origin/mru/issue733'
2010-11-07 Ulrich DangelAdjust live-media-path if /live/image is not the bootmedium
2010-11-07 Ulrich DangelUse config files instead of globbing, adjust indention
2010-11-07 Ulrich DangelSupport grml-terminalserver from no boot medium present...
2010-09-29 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.99.11. v0.99.11
2010-09-29 Michael ProkopMinor: Fix typo (witch/which) and indent one line of...
2010-09-29 Michael ProkopIterate over /var/lib/dhcp* directories for touch command.
2010-09-29 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.1.
2010-09-29 Michael ProkopDepend on isc-dhcp-server | dhcp3-server.
2010-09-29 Michael GebetsroitherMerge remote branch 'origin/mika/do-not-build-initrd'
2010-09-29 Michael GebetsroitherMerge remote branch 'origin/mika/iscserver'
2010-09-29 Michael ProkopUse find command for removing dhcpd.leases file.
2010-09-29 Michael Prokopgrml-terminalserver-config: always update minirtd26...
2010-09-29 Michael Prokopgrml-terminalserver-config: do not rebuild initrd but...
2010-09-29 Michael ProkopAdapt dhcp configuration to dhcp3-server -> isc-dhcp...
2010-04-21 Michael ProkopMinor packaging updates to make lintian happy. v0.99.10
2010-04-21 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.8.4 (no further changes).
2010-04-21 Michael ProkopRelease version 0.99.10.
2010-04-20 Ulrich DangelSupport multiiso cds
2009-10-29 Michael ProkopUpdate for release 0.99.9 v0.99.9
2009-10-28 Ulrich DangelUse rm -f instead of rm.
2009-10-27 Ulrich DangelUpdated changelog. v0.99.8
2009-10-27 Ulrich DangelAdjust bsd entry for network boot and drop grub entries...
2009-10-26 Michael ProkopAdd debian/NEWS v0.99.7
2009-10-26 Michael ProkopDrop all grub- and /linuxrc related stuff
2009-10-26 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog v0.99.6
2009-10-26 Michael ProkopUpdate overrides file
2009-10-26 Michael ProkopBuild-Depend on debhelper >=5
2009-10-26 Michael ProkopUpdate copyright file
2009-10-26 Michael ProkopBump to Standards-Version 3.8.3
2009-10-26 Ulrich DangelUpdated changelog.
2009-10-26 Ulrich DangelUse grml2usb to generate pxelinux menu.
2009-10-24 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog
2009-10-24 Michael ProkopDisable grub feature by default
2009-06-20 Michael ProkopExclude udev's persistent files from initrd v0.99.4
2009-05-16 Michael Prokopadd some additional newlines in startup messages, updat...
2009-05-16 Michael ProkopDrop .hgtags file
2009-05-16 Michael ProkopBump Compat version to 5
2009-05-16 Michael ProkopBump Standard Version to 3.8.1 (no further changes)
2009-05-16 Michael Prokopreplace wording 'give me' with 'specify'; drop 'Latest...
2009-05-16 Michael Prokopget rid of 'error retrieving current directory' messages
2009-05-16 Michael Prokopadd additional newline in front so text doesn't appear...
2009-05-16 Michael Prokopgrml-terminalserver-config: exit script if user selects...
2009-05-16 Michael Prokopgrml-terminalserver-config: fix typo and slightly impro...
2009-03-14 Michael ProkopAdjust configuration for new grml2usb layout; fix dirna...
2008-11-30 Michael Gebetsroitherfix create-netboot to work with new initrds v0.99.1
2008-11-29 Michael ProkopAdjust VCS headers v0.99
2008-11-29 Michael GebetsroitherFixed dependencies for grml-medium (added make and...
2008-09-25 Michael ProkopAdded tag 0.98 for changeset 7b957b5b0c56
2008-09-25 Michael ProkopBump Standard Version to 3.8.0 0.98
2008-09-25 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for new version
2008-09-18 Michael Gebetsroitherupdated README.Debian [Closes: issue500]
2008-09-16 Michael Gebetsroitherchange to /bin/bash [Closes: issue182]