2019-03-21 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.7.0 master v1.7.0
2019-03-21 Michael ProkopBump debian/compat to 10 and adjust Build-Depends on...
2019-03-21 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 4.3.0
2019-03-21 Michael Prokopgrml-reboot: switch default mount point from /lib/live...
2018-05-25 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.6.3 v1.6.3
2018-05-25 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 4.1.4
2017-09-23 Michael ProkopFix typo (s/usefull/useful/)
2017-02-24 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.6.2 v1.6.2
2017-02-24 Michael ProkopUpdate debian/overrides + add debian/source/lintian...
2017-02-24 Michael ProkopBump debian/compat to 9
2017-02-24 Michael ProkopUse https for Homepage + Vcs-Browser entries
2017-02-24 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.8
2016-02-04 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.6.1 v1.6.1
2016-02-04 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.7
2016-02-04 Michael ProkopNo longer ship /etc/skel/.kshrc [Closes: issue2160]
2016-01-12 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.6.0 v1.6.0
2016-01-12 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.6
2016-01-12 Michael ProkopNo longer generate RSA1 SSH hostkey [Closes: issue2158]
2014-04-19 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.5.2 v1.5.2
2014-04-19 Michael Prokopssh init script: sync with Debian + generate ed25519...
2014-03-20 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.5.1 v1.5.1
2014-03-20 Michael ProkopRun wrap-and-sort -a on debian directory
2014-03-20 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.5
2014-02-10 Andreas "Jimmy... Fixed typo and replace "grml" with "Grml" in debian...
2013-01-10 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.5.0 v1.5.0
2013-01-10 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.4
2013-01-10 Michael ProkopAdapt grml-reboot init script for new live-boot live...
2012-12-19 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.4.2 v1.4.2
2012-12-19 Markus RekkenbeilAdd LSB headers to some init scripts (grml-home,grml...
2012-06-22 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.4.1 v1.4.1
2012-06-22 Michael Prokopssh init script: sync with Debian's 1:5.9p1-5 openssh...
2012-06-22 Michael Prokopssh init script: support key generation also with resta...
2012-06-22 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.4.0 v1.4.0
2012-06-22 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.3.
2012-06-22 Michael ProkopDebian packaging: drop Suggests, Replaces and Recommend...
2012-06-22 Michael Prokopgrml-reboot: use virt-what instead of imvirt for detect...
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerRelease new version 1.3.5. v1.3.5
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerUpdate motd text
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove code to unmangle inittab from postrm
2011-12-11 Ulrich DangelRemove deprecated IPython config.
2011-12-11 Ulrich DangelRemove trailing whitespace
2011-12-11 Ulrich DangelRemove permission fix for
2011-12-11 Ulrich DangelMove desktop related config files to grml-desktop.
2011-12-11 Christian HofstaedtlerUse fbsetbg to set wallpaper
2011-12-11 Ulrich DangelSlighty change colortheme for xterm
2011-12-08 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.3.4 v1.3.4
2011-12-08 Ulrich DangelUse terminus as font for xterm
2011-12-08 Ulrich DangelCleanup xresources and change colortheme to Tomorrow...
2011-12-06 Christian HofstaedtlerRelease new version 1.3.3. v1.3.3
2011-12-06 Christian HofstaedtlerAdd su-to-rootrc for running X11 programs as root
2011-11-26 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.3.2 v1.3.2
2011-11-16 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove bootsplash_{end,start}.sh
2011-11-08 Alexander WirtAdd support for vnc_connect feature (#877)
2011-11-07 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.3.1 v1.3.1
2011-11-07 Michael Prokopgrml-reboot: detect virtual machines + assume noprompt...
2011-11-07 Christian HofstaedtlerReduce killall wait time to previous amount
2011-11-02 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove _very_ old Conflicts
2011-10-13 Christian HofstaedtlerRelease version 1.3.0. v1.3.0
2011-10-13 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove obsolete config file diversions
2011-10-13 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove samba config, as Debian ships a useful one nowadays
2011-10-13 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove muttng user configuration
2011-10-13 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove old dillo user config
2011-10-13 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove kismet and pcmcia config files
2011-10-13 Christian HofstaedtlerRefresh Debian packaging
2011-10-13 Christian HofstaedtlerUpdate overrides for current lintian version
2011-10-13 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove irssi/scripts/ symlink
2011-10-13 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove autostart of grml-info / browser
2011-07-30 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove unused inittab.grml, inittab.small
2011-07-28 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove removed packages from Suggests
2011-07-27 Christian HofstaedtlerAdd debian/control headers Origin, Bugs
2011-07-27 Christian HofstaedtlerNo longer depend on grml-usleep
2011-05-26 Christian HofstaedtlerRelease new version 1.2.13 v1.2.13
2011-05-26 Christian HofstaedtlerAlso enable allowFontOps for UXTerm
2011-05-26 Christian HofstaedtlerRelease new version 1.2.12. v1.2.12
2011-05-26 Christian HofstaedtlerAllow fontOps for xterm
2011-05-25 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove dillo from Recommends, it's gone from Debian
2011-05-25 Christian HofstaedtlerRelease new version 1.2.11. v1.2.11
2011-05-25 Christian HofstaedtlerResync ssh initscript with Debian
2011-05-25 Ulrich DangelGenerate ECDSA key if necessary
2011-05-25 Ulrich DangelSupport SSHD_OPTS option
2010-12-28 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.2.10. v1.2.10
2010-12-28 Michael ProkopReally fix the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace.
2010-12-28 Michael ProkopMove setxkbmap to end of .xinitrc.d/grml_keyboard again...
2010-12-28 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.2.9. v1.2.9
2010-12-28 Michael Prokop/etc/inittab*: use grml-screen instead of grml-init...
2010-12-26 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.2.8. v1.2.8
2010-12-26 Ulrich DangelUpdated Xmodmap.neo.
2010-12-26 Ulrich DangelFix outstanding keycode chanes for .Xmodmap as well...
2010-12-14 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.2.7. v1.2.7
2010-12-14 Michael ProkopRemove .mrxvtrc (we do not ship mrxvt any longer).
2010-12-14 Michael ProkopRemove outdated rawdog configuration (use newsbeuter...
2010-12-01 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.2.6. v1.2.6
2010-12-01 Michael Prokop/etc/skel/.xinitrc.d/grml_keyboard: Ctrl+Alt+Backspace...
2010-11-26 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.2.5. v1.2.5
2010-11-26 Michael GebetsroitherXmodmap: superseed keycode 92 up to 120 with updated...
2010-11-25 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.2.4. v1.2.4
2010-11-23 Christian HofstaedtlerFix grml-usleep dependency
2010-11-08 Michael ProkopRelease new version 1.2.3. v1.2.3
2010-11-08 Michael ProkopDrop all /etc/runlevel.conf.* files, deployed via grml...
2010-11-06 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove mgetty support.